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I usually get up about now (5am East Coast)' date=' but I haven't been sleeping lately. Too much family stuff going on and also medication issues....

I should be cleaning or something.[/quote']


I did some lesson planning but cleaning would make too much noise at 2am. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. ;)

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Been up since about 4am. I've gotten into the habit of waking up after dh leaves for work around 3:30 - 4AM. (He's noisy.) I get up, take the dog out, read a while, and sometimes go back to bed for a while. But it's Saturday and I found his air card. :D


I have no clue what that is but you sound happy. LOL. :D

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I should have come by earlier! I've been awake since about 3.30 but I was listening to BBC -- groaning about that second spill that may come out of Hungary but rejoicing at how close their getting to the Chilean miners -- and only got up and got the computer when the alarm, that I forgot to turn off b/f bed last night, went off.

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My kiddos are camping in the backyard, so I'm awake because I'm secretly watching them;)

I did go out there and had a cup of coffee with them for a while. It was fun :D

I'm actually gonna go to bed now :glare:


Oh, I hate when my kids sleep in the backyard. It is impossible to sleep. They have a blast and I'm miserable. LOL.


I did finally get about 4 hours worth of sleep so I'll be able to function today.

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Daisy, you are so funny! I always have to click on your "random" posts to see what you are laughing about now. I bet you'd be fun to know IRL.


It's a little thing that plugs into the computer and lets you get the internet. We don't have land lines or internet in our house. So when dh is home, we use his work air card to renew books, order things, etc. Hope you're able to get some sleep.


Aha! I wondered what it was, too! :)

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