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So what would you cook for a pregnant mama with gestational diabetes?

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She also has a toddler and preschooler...hubby is deployed. I offered to help out and bring her supper tomorrow night...but not sure what to bring.


She doesn't like mushrooms or beans and pasta is a no...So any thoughts on a healthy, diabetic friendly meal?


Thank you in advance! Your suggestions are greatly appreciated:)

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Did you ask her what she would like?

I made a lasagna type meal using brocolli and cauliflower as the "noodles" when I was pregnant with diabetes. It did not affect my BS hardly at all. Just make it like regular lasagna.

Stirfrys are a great way to fill up with very few carbs.

I could not stand poultry while I was pregnant. If she can eat poultry a roasted chicken would be good with some veggies.

Maybe a chef's salad?

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I'd suggest a soup with either a lean meat and lots of tasty vegies, there are plenty in season right now, or a bean soup. Just remember to leave the pasta out of both and don't get to wild with the spicier seasonings or the preschooler may not eat it. A 2nd option would be a lean meat and roasted vegetables.


Hope that helps.




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Some grilled chicken, a salad with no 'shrooms, some brown rice (she can have some grains but they should be whole grain and she's probably been told to only give herself a small amount).


This is what I was going to say. Grilled chicken, big leafy green salad, brown rice and some cut fruit (like canteloupe). Grilled hamburger patties or maybe even a grillled steak if your budget allows, most would consider that a treat.


For the diabetic, just think "pure" foods, no casseroles, sauces or gravies. She needs to be able to easily gauge the portion size of each food item.


You are a nice friend and I'm sure she will appreciate anything you send.

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I had gestational diabetes with my 2nd child. A sweet friend brought me chicken and beef fajitas with the tortillas. DH and ds1 got the tortillas to go with the fajitas. I ate the fajita filling. It was delicious. She used only half of a seasoning packet and loaded it with onions, peppers, zuchinni, and squash. I can still taste it 2 1/2 years later. Oh it was such a treat since I would never had mad it for just me but having someone else do it was a treat. Plus, ds1 could take out the onions and eat everything else. He thought it was fun to eat with his fingers. She went heavy on the veggies since they were cheaper so we actually got a supper and 2 lunches (for me) out of it.

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