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  1. I am in Massachusetts, sorry, and know nothing about the areas you are referring to. Good luck with your move!
  2. Hi, My son is looking for a snail mail pen pal, boy or girl, to correspond with. He is 13 and his interests include making cosplay accessories, participating in ninja warrior events at the local gym, biking, hiking, role-playing games similar to DnD, and playing the ukulele. If you have a son or daughter that might be interested, please give a shout out. We live in New England, USA, and he'd love to have an international pen-pal or someone from the US. Thanks, Cathy
  3. Count down to Christmas boxes. Put the numbers 1-25 on them and a little something in each one for the kids to do or eat or add to the tree if you have a small tree and want them to add an ornament to it. Dot to dots, mazes, a little note, all could be out in the boxes.
  4. Audiobooks or playaways from the library with headphones so he isn't so distracted by others or can listen to the book and not want to move so much, little figurine he can hold and make move and talk - maybe a Lego guy or a Star Wars figure for example, a new stuffie that is small in size to hold, finger puppets, a flashlight to point around, a bell to ring if he needs something instead of yelling, some cool rings to wear as he might just sit and stare at his hands... Good luck.
  5. My breakfast menu isn't set but here is what we have each week - one or two days of eggs and toast, oatmeal or cereal, pancakes or waffles, French toast, and finally bagels and cream cheese. I usually cook three breakfasts during a typical week and then yes, we cook again on the weekends, but then it is my husband usually at the stove. For lunch I make pizza once a week, paninis or sandwiches with carrots and chips, stuff from Trader Joes, and spaghetti with frozen meatballs... We eat a lot of leftovers for lunches too.
  6. My washer is 18 years old and I have a family of 6. I have had service in twice and it cost $100 to come in the door but when he needed a part or when the work he did was not successful, he came back both times without an extra charge. I personally would have service come out and while he is there ask him if it breaks again, what would he do? My service guy said the way I treat my washer, it would work for another 20 years. That said, he suggested if it leaked from the right back area to just get another machine. I have a Kenmore, not front. You can't soak things in a front washer, did you know that?
  7. I think it depends on what your goal of the graphing experience. Is it to learn how to make a graph? are you serious about the weather? You could just pick a time of day, like breakfast and graph what it is at that point of the day. Or do two graphs, one at breakfast and one at lunchtime. There really is no one right way to do this kind of activityl
  8. My husband has diabetes and one of his favorite recipes is chicken Caesar salad. The kids love it too so we eat it every other week, if not more often.
  9. My boys are part of a fife and drum Corp. They play at Sturbridge Village, musters, and in parades. They love it and have learned so much about history!
  10. If he can wear jeans to church, I think he has enough clothes. My sons have about the same amount of clothing that you wrote - I used to buy more but then realized that they wore their favorites over and over and just started to buy a lot lot less. And we survived and they are happy. And maybe it hels because they are not clothes horses at all and are so into comfort.
  11. I didn't read all the poste but I do know from nursing my own four kids, some until they were 3, others younger, that the fingering the other nipple helped more milk to be produced. Just so you know, though it drove me nuts! Some of my boys weaned on their own, others I negotiated when it was ok to nurse and when it wasn't. I had a dress that was not possible to nurse in and I wore it part of each day for a while. LOL When I waned at night, oh that was hard but I really had to listen to my inner voice saying that i needed more sleep more than he needed to nurse, I wore a bra to bed and clothes that we ere impossible to nurse in. Hard, hard week on both of us by dh was so supportive and it paid off, especially since my son slept in our bed still at that point. Good luck with it.
  12. Here is one that I have made - an envelope that is... http://www.boltneighborhood.com/2010/06/envelope-it-a-tutorial.html I have made this a few times and all different sizes. Snaps, Velcro, and buttons have been what I used to close the envelope. Good luck with your new budget system!
  13. My husband gets home at 5 on the night he doesn't exercise on the way home at the gym or he comes home and exercises by riding his bike. We eat once he has completed his exercise then we eat at 6. Sometimes I feed the littles earlier at 5 and then we can have some great talks with the older kids at dinner. We use dinner to catch up with eveyones' days and plan our evening together...
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