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  1. Jumping in here. I know a fair amount of couples that were involved in affairs, that did not end the marriage. I also know a fair amount of couples that one or both spouses had an affair, and the marriage ended. With that being said, the affair was not necessarily the defining moment when the marriage had ended. Many, many other issues were involved, the affair was just a part of the decision to divorce. I've seen strong marriages, have' weak moments," in difficult times. This does not = divorce whatsoever. Everyone's story is different. In my world having an affair is not automatic grounds for a divorce. When a divorce happens, many, many issues were involved long before the affair. Clear as mud? ;)
  2. I just keep getting the same message about the camera possibly being temporarily unavailable.
  3. I think the kids and I need an intervention. We have spent the last week staring at the backside of a giraffe! I dunno maybe they need to let Walter over to "help" things progress?;)
  4. I have used this. My oldest had the whole kit...five children later I am down to just the blue books. I think they are great, and helped my children reading quickly. I made up games with the words in each section of the book, had them as spelling words, wrote on white boards, etc.
  5. I conceived my fifth dc, while nursing my 11 mos ds. He was eating solid foods at this point. I also conceived my sixth dc, while nursing my 6 mos dd. I hadn't started my cycle, and she hadn't been introduced to solids, yet.
  6. How would you pronounce this name? Is it like "pear", "peer", "purr" ?? Or maybe none of those are correct...Thank you, for your help!
  7. My daughter is Annabel :) Of the choices you gave I would choose Anabelle.
  8. I am looking for some insight on homeschoolers that have participated in ps sports. My son would like to play football again this fall, and he is too old for the youth league. From my understanding he can participate with the middle schoolers? Any other information about homeschooling in Fl, would be greatly appreciated!
  9. I am currently 6 mos into a year long deployment (also our 4th deployment). I have six children ages 11-2....so I can offer some suggestions that have worked for us:001_smile: This year I am using Calvert for school. I know this isn't a terribly popular curriculum on these boards, but it has worked great for us. It keeps us on track, everything is laid out for me and I know what has to accomplished for the day. We have a routine and our sports schedule is a bit lighter. I may be the odd one out on this too, lol. I like our schedule not so rushed when I am the only one taking kids places! Having a cleaning lady come once a week or even monthly is amazing. Take the kids to the park, a field trip, and come home to a clean house is re-energizing. I think Mrs. Mungo suggested this, is having a friend unrelated to the military. Someone you can vent to without repercussions. I call them a "safe" friend...this is a especially nice if you are inclined to have a glass of wine with them. ;) I have always ordered a book, new curriculum, something that I can look forward to arriving after my dh has left. We have done this with the kids as well. My dh ordered new lego sets for them before he left. It gave them something to do and work through some of their emotions after Dad left. We do lots of talking, but naturally the kids sometimes just like to work on something alone for a couple days. This has just been my experience. I can tell you that time has flown by. It is hard to believe that we are 6 mos into this tour! I always plan on getting in great shape during deployments. This helps time go by faster because I procrastinate on my running program!:tongue_smilie: I wish you the very best.
  10. Jumping in here also! My dh has been active duty army for 9 1/2 years. We have moved 6 times and we are 6 mos. (halfway!!) into his 4th deployment. We homeschool for a plethora of reasons...mainly continuity in education, and flexibility. It also gives us the ability to spend more time together when dh is actually home. He is also frequently tdy...the few occasions he has been at school we have been able to tag along (white sandy beaches for us, class for him):D I suggest a housekeeper. With homeschooling six kids, this has been the number one sanity saver for me!
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