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Sigh. Can't say she's not imaginative.


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So we're doing dd11's R&S English 6 lesson a few minutes ago. She was to make a fragment into a complete sentence.


The fragment: At noon Clara and Janice


Her sentence: At noon Clara and Janice will turn into harpies and kill us all.


:glare: Not sure that fits with the whole R&S religious theming. :001_huh:



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Make her diagram it.




Oooh that's a great idea!



:lol: school's pretty entertaining at your house, huh?


Well, today was, anyway! I just about busted a gut when she came out with that sentence (we were doing it orally). I'm still laughing.

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My son does the same thing with his R&S 6. It helps break up the monotony eh?


I'm sure that was the motivation (whether conscious or not).



Been reading Percy Jackson books, hasn't she?


How did you know? :tongue_smilie: Over and over and over...


Just as an aside, her brother came upstairs before dinner and proudly showed me the "cyborg assault crocodile" that he built from Legos. :blink:


Never a dull moment around here, that's for sure.

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