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  1. If I had the space to store them I would, especially if they are on clearance.
  2. I definitely saw this sometimes in the rural area where I grew up - compounded with the fear of kids moving away. They know that a STEM etc career is unlikely to bring them back home.
  3. Today I opened a paint-your-own mug kit from MIL - straight from the kids craft section at Joanns. 😄 (There were zero expectations for this gift. I knew in advance that it would probably be something for the Goodwill bag.)
  4. My MIL wanted to give my lingerie at my bridal shower and asked my soon-to-be dh about sizes. (we were not intimate prior to marriage) Thankfully he told her that he was pretty sure it would make me uncomfortable so she gifted me money for lingerie shopping instead. Honestly, something for the kitchen would have been preferable lol.
  5. I came in the garage one evening and didn't know that the cat had jumped up on top of the open garage door. When I closed it I thought the screeching I heard was the door having issues and it was the cat. I got it open quickly while screaming for my husband. I thought the cat would be seriously injured but thankfully he was fine. I am far from a screamer normally and Dh thought someone was attacking me.
  6. I don't think I've tried that particular pen, but maybe I will since it is recommended by a fellow lefty.
  7. I have the Brother cs6000i and it's a fabulous starter machine. It has an extension table, a walking foot and several other feet. One of the reasons I chose it was because I found a number of good instructional videos for it on Youtube.
  8. I had my very much wanted youngest at 40, 5 years after #4. I don't regret it for a moment and I had a fairly uneventful pregnancy and birth, but it's been exhausting. (and he is hands down my very best sleeper) We were already looking at sending my oldest to ps for high school, but having a new little one pushed that over the edge. We did not consider having a "buddy" for him. I don't think that would have been good for my mental health - and that would have negatively affected the entire family. (Anecdotally, our babies have alternated between good sleepers and not so good sleepers - so
  9. We use it for some things, but I do go in and adjust the shipping dates each month. We have had 2-3 things not ship to us since the pandemic started, but they sent an email in advance. Another option for household goods and non perishables that doesn't require subscribing is ordering from Walmart or Target. In my experience there are more choices for generics and small quantities than on Amazon. Most things ship in 2 days if you spend $35.
  10. I've always liked Breath of Heaven a lot more than Mary Did You Know. At least everyone is in agreement that Christmas Shoes is THE WORST.
  11. Last week at Aldi, I noticed a few items missing - heavy cream, almond milk, most of the bacon. They were back to limits on paper products and several other items. I can't find Minute tapioca but I'm not sure if that is pandemic related. Canned green chilis were missing a couple of months ago but I have seen them since.
  12. Thank you! I do usually grind a larger amount (9-10 cups of grain) so it's definitely a consideration. I should watch a few more videos.....
  13. How is the speed compared to the Nutrimill? I was looking at this comparison chart and the milling rate (ounces per minute) of the Mockmill 100 was listed as quite a bit slower than the Nutrimill Classic.
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