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  1. My 2nd and 4th graders just did SSL in half a year. It wouldn't work for every child but it was a good fit for them. I let them skip over the tracing. The music in SSL 2 is so. much. better. I keep hoping they will revise level 1.
  2. Should I get the PDF or the printed workbook for a 6 year old doing level A? I'm mainly wondering if the workbook is easy for little hands to write in. (Not as concerned about re-usability for this particular book.) TIA
  3. Multi-digit addition and subtraction are covered in 2D.
  4. My 7th grader is currently using Introduction to Algebra. I see that they recommend the Counting + Probability book next, but I'm wondering if we can go straight to Intro to Geometry for 8th grade instead? She is probably going to PS for high school and I'm wondering what will serve her better in preparation for that.
  5. I love this Grace and Frankie for a good laugh. It does have language and a lot of sex talk.
  6. No, but I am very curious how others are liking it. It's one of my top contenders for high school.
  7. My oldest will be in 7th. BYL 7 - this is our first time to use a program like this but we are looking forward to it Writing and Rhetoric - finish book 6, start 7 Fix-it Grammar - finish book 2, start 3 Vocabulary from Classical Roots - B + C Latin Alive - A AOPS Intro to Algebra Logic puzzles - Mind Benders 6, Pattern Explorer 2 Chemistry - homemade program (still working on this!) SOTW vol 4 - with family - I'm not having her do the logic stage extensions this year Art of Argument - outsourced class Piano lessons, Girl Scouts
  8. I agree with this. The actual songs in book 1 are honestly kind of lame and my kids roll their eyes a lot. Having the DVD really helps and you could use that on it's own. The music in book 2 is much better.
  9. I have my middle schooler do either a list of facts or an outline, but not both. She doesn't revise the summaries, aside from the occasional spelling error. She is a pretty strong writer though - I might consider a revision with a struggling writer.
  10. I have the 3rd edition and still had that section bookmarked, starting on page 278. We take a more simplified approach compared to what is in the book, but we do SOTW (plus maps and review questions) as a family and then my middle schooler does research, outlining and writing later in the week.
  11. The logic stage history chapter of TWTM explains how to expand SOTW for that age.
  12. - All About Reading, when she shows readiness (I don't think she's quite there) - HWOT - Right Start Math A - tag along for history and science
  13. I have a layered system too. - zippered/encased waterproof allergen cover - we have never had to take these off - fitted waterproof mattress pad - I found some at Target that are very nice and affordable. We even got one for our bed. - waterproof pads - the best seller hospital grade pads found on Amazon. They make one that covers the whole length of a twin bed, but for our needs the smaller size works well and is less bulky to wash.
  14. We have really liked Fix-It Grammar.
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