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  1. If I had the space to store them I would, especially if they are on clearance.
  2. I definitely saw this sometimes in the rural area where I grew up - compounded with the fear of kids moving away. They know that a STEM etc career is unlikely to bring them back home.
  3. Today I opened a paint-your-own mug kit from MIL - straight from the kids craft section at Joanns. 😄 (There were zero expectations for this gift. I knew in advance that it would probably be something for the Goodwill bag.)
  4. My MIL wanted to give my lingerie at my bridal shower and asked my soon-to-be dh about sizes. (we were not intimate prior to marriage) Thankfully he told her that he was pretty sure it would make me uncomfortable so she gifted me money for lingerie shopping instead. Honestly, something for the kitchen would have been preferable lol.
  5. I came in the garage one evening and didn't know that the cat had jumped up on top of the open garage door. When I closed it I thought the screeching I heard was the door having issues and it was the cat. I got it open quickly while screaming for my husband. I thought the cat would be seriously injured but thankfully he was fine. I am far from a screamer normally and Dh thought someone was attacking me.
  6. I don't think I've tried that particular pen, but maybe I will since it is recommended by a fellow lefty.
  7. I have the Brother cs6000i and it's a fabulous starter machine. It has an extension table, a walking foot and several other feet. One of the reasons I chose it was because I found a number of good instructional videos for it on Youtube.
  8. I had my very much wanted youngest at 40, 5 years after #4. I don't regret it for a moment and I had a fairly uneventful pregnancy and birth, but it's been exhausting. (and he is hands down my very best sleeper) We were already looking at sending my oldest to ps for high school, but having a new little one pushed that over the edge. We did not consider having a "buddy" for him. I don't think that would have been good for my mental health - and that would have negatively affected the entire family. (Anecdotally, our babies have alternated between good sleepers and not so good sleepers - so we will stop here thank you!) I used to be unable to name a specific # of children I wanted and figured that I would never feel "done" but I did very quickly after he was born. Slightly different because of divorce/remarriages, but my youngest sibling is almost 18 years younger than me (oldest) and she got a better version of our dad than any of the rest of us did. Her gushy posts about him are part of the reason I avoid Facebook on Father's Day. I don't blame her for it, but I think she is kind of blissfully unaware about how different it is for her older siblings.
  9. We use it for some things, but I do go in and adjust the shipping dates each month. We have had 2-3 things not ship to us since the pandemic started, but they sent an email in advance. Another option for household goods and non perishables that doesn't require subscribing is ordering from Walmart or Target. In my experience there are more choices for generics and small quantities than on Amazon. Most things ship in 2 days if you spend $35.
  10. I've always liked Breath of Heaven a lot more than Mary Did You Know. At least everyone is in agreement that Christmas Shoes is THE WORST.
  11. Last week at Aldi, I noticed a few items missing - heavy cream, almond milk, most of the bacon. They were back to limits on paper products and several other items. I can't find Minute tapioca but I'm not sure if that is pandemic related. Canned green chilis were missing a couple of months ago but I have seen them since.
  12. Thank you! I do usually grind a larger amount (9-10 cups of grain) so it's definitely a consideration. I should watch a few more videos.....
  13. How is the speed compared to the Nutrimill? I was looking at this comparison chart and the milling rate (ounces per minute) of the Mockmill 100 was listed as quite a bit slower than the Nutrimill Classic.
  14. UPDATE! The Mockmill 100 came today and it's great! Thank you for answering my questions. ----------------------- I bought a second-hand Nutrimill a little over a year ago and today it completely stopped working. Dh looked it over and tried resetting the circuit switch, but no luck. That's fine, it was an extremely inexpensive way to give it a try. Now I am looking at replacement options...... - I could get the same model, the Classic, and just not think more about it. This model was commonly recommended and on my wishlist for years. Now there are more options to consider..... - I could get the Plus model, which is supposedly a little quieter but would have a small learning curve for the assembly etc. - I could get the Harvest model or something like the Mockmill, which is a stone/burr grinder. It would also be slightly quieter and not heat the grain as much. Smaller footprint, but mine would be stored in a closet regardless. Thoughts? I tend to use mine about once a week and come close to filling my Classic.
  15. We have a big belgian waffle maker, but I picked up this one second hand a few years ago and like it so much better. It's MUCH faster and my kids like the thinner waffles. In my ideal world I would have two of these and ditch the belgian.
  16. I have one child in virtual public high school (would be in person if not for covid) and they have a regular full school day from 9-4, plus homework. It seems to be the norm for most districts in this area. I don't know much about how it's working with the younger grades, except that they aren't online the whole day. But yeah, I can barely handle reading the advice in online hs groups right now. Mostly I just mind my own business as usual. I've had one friend in the neighborhood contact me with curriculum questions.
  17. There is a Robin Williams movie called "World's Greatest Dad" that is truly awful. I think I finished it but I'm not sure why.
  18. No, I said that I DO use the slow cook feature sometimes. I previously owned two slow cookers and I got rid of the one that was similar in size to the IP. I use the slow cook feature for a few recipes that I prefer cooked that way. You can buy a separate air fryer lid for the 6 quart IP. The model that comes with the air fryer lid is 8 quarts. I have not used one, as I have a separate air fryer, so I can't speak for them. There are a lot of reviews on YouTube.
  19. This, though I would change "gorgeous" to "available" because in the marriages I have known that had infidelity, looks had little to do with it. And by available I don't mean single.
  20. I like my IP more than my air fryer, so that would be my preference. I have limited kitchen space, so I do understand that aspect. I'm still hoping to fit a second IP at some point lol. I got rid of one of my slow cookers and I do use the slow cook feature on the IP sometimes. The basic 6 quart IP usually goes on sale for Prime day in July. Personally I would get try that and then add the separate air fryer lid at a later date.
  21. OP, as an aunt, if you haven't talked to the parents-to-be much I would try to get an idea of what they like based on their baby registry. You don't have to buy from it, but their preferences might inspire you. If they don't have a registry, you can't go wrong with classic board books or pajamas in bigger sizes. Sleepers that zip from the bottom are popular. (and wonderful) I've purchased them at Target and Old Navy but there are probably other stores that also carry them. Homemade blankets are lovely. I had my kids' baby quilts on the floor for playing before they were crawling.
  22. I am looking for a grammar option to do together for my 4th and 6th graders. They have not had formal grammar, just lighter exposure through Mad Libs and a simple Scholastic workbook they did last year. My oldest child has done Fix-it, but I know for sure that it will not be a good option for my 6th grader at this point. I've looked at a bunch of options over the weekend but I'm not sure I want to turn this into a full blown Curriculum Research Project lol so I'm looking at these two..... FLL? Could they start at level 4? Or level 3 at a faster pace? I'm only familiar with levels 1-3 but it's been a while and I just don't remember it much. Easy Grammar? What level would I put them in? I haven't used this before but I know it's been around forever.
  23. My 2nd and 4th graders just did SSL in half a year. It wouldn't work for every child but it was a good fit for them. I let them skip over the tracing. The music in SSL 2 is so. much. better. I keep hoping they will revise level 1.
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