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  1. Any neighbor with a big dog that needs walking? Like a German Shepard?
  2. I don’t think anyone is saying people are printing fake ballots. The bigger issue is mailing unrequested ballots to every single voter who may or may not still be living at that address or living at all gives plenty of extra real ballots floating around - Chicago has a long standing reputation for voter fraud on a large scale, dead people voting and such shenanigans. Add in the fact that the post office can barely get the regular mail delivered on time and without losing it - how are they suddenly going to be able to handle a massive influx of time sensitive material? I requested a petition by mail and it showed up a month after it was supposed to arrive...a month! The outcry will be that we found more ballots at the post office or they arrived late and it will just feed the fire of whether the election results for any office is valid. At a minimum, massive mail in voting will certainly delay the election results.
  3. This is my 14th year of homeschooling and I have my first senior. Yikes! That alone makes me feel like a newbie. Especially when you have taught the child since birth, this college admissions process feels like a personal critique of both parent and child for a homeschool mom. Still, I feel like I ceased to be a newbie when I quit having to decide every year if we were going to continue and just assumed we were continuing unless something big changed (like approaching high school). If I went by not tweaking and changing then I would still be a newbie...I get bored with the same thing every time I teach a grade. I don’t know how PS teachers deal with the same curriculum every.single.year.
  4. I think the saving grace is that most of these people won’t stick with it more than a year...some who were already wishing they could homeschool, but needed a push will stick around. Those aren’t the ones being described.
  5. When you spoke to admissions did you mention that she is dual enrolled and already taking college level classes? I would think that might put her in a slightly different category than a homeschool student with no outside grading.
  6. My daughter took two years to finish the algebra 2 & trig text. I have looked at several places that use the text and there doesn’t seem to be one single way to treat it. MWOB strongly suggests the precalculus book (quoted above). Veritas Press Online uses the text over two years for a credit of Algebra 2 and a credit of Precalculus. Kolbe awards a credit of algebra 2 for finishing a portion of the book and a credit of honors algebra 2 for finishing the whole book. Kolbe also offers a precalculus course, but they do state if you received and A in honors algebra 2 you can skip precalculus. My very long ago experiences with high school math are blurry, but I did intentionally opt out of honors math (my dad wasn’t a fan of things that were “harder than they needed to be” and he put honors stuff into that category). I remember about 4 things from precalculus- an exchange student from Barcelona sat next to me, the senior sitting in front of me wanted to be a forensic scientist (this was before CSI and I had never heard of it before), trigonometry was cool, and I didn’t care for the class. Except for some of the trig, everything was review and since we weren’t allowed to use a calculator and had never even seen a graphing calculator, the class was SO VERY tedious...look up trig functions in the table, plot points by hand for took forever. I didn’t like it at the time and then I was super offended when I got to Calculus and realized with not too much effort we could have looked at the equation and sketched the graphs of all those functions that I had spent so much busywork plotting the year before. It was like reading the instruction manual after doing the work and realizing there was a much easier way. With a younger kid, I would be very likely to do a year of precalculus. If a student struggled at all in the Algebra 2 & trig book, I would do a year of precalculus. If you didn’t actually finish the whole book, I would do a year of precalculus. If you did the whole book and the student did well and you did it diligently over two years, I think there is enough material there to designate it as algebra 2 and precalculus.
  7. I really like my kitchen aid tilt head mixer that I purchased before I got married and I haven’t tried others. The problem is the tilt head style I have is probably a smaller capacity than you are looking for. I don’t particularly like the larger sizes where the bowl sits on the arms.. For one thing it won’t store under an upper cabinet.
  8. I think a lot of it has to be, I am home now so what could be so hard about chickens? I know I don’t have much generational knowledge about poultry except I do know they belong outside and aren’t cuddly pets like a puppy dog. Not that I want one of those either on a suburban lot.
  9. On the transcript and course description, what do those of us do who aren’t super sure what our exact plan is? My daughter is considering taking a couple of DE classes in the winter term, but hasn’t decided for sure. Can we just say calculus and then for the final transcript possibly label it differently? I assume it is always ok to do more than was stated in the fall.
  10. I agree with quill that if you ever want to talk to her again, then invite the son. He isn’t the one at fault and your daughter likes him. I assume the invite would go out as a group email and she is just one person on the list. Make sure the class has a solid start and end time. The age bracket is too young in my opinion for a chat box, so disable that and you don’t have to worry about parents chatting during class. She may truly be a piece of work or she have other things going on in her life, but you can take the high ground and act like everything is ok...don’t apologize and don’t expect one, just move on. You aren’t trying for friendship, just civility. Maybe make the first session quite short so everyone (including you)can see if it works. If she is a pain in the rear and can’t let him just enjoy the class, then don’t invite him for the next session.
  11. My feeling is a comment like that would go over their heads. It takes two to argue, so I would just ignore it. If she keeps it up, as the meeting host you can always mute her 😉
  12. Erase my memory all you want if I can come home with blue bell ice cream with snickers on top! I miss blue bell from college as it isn’t sold up
  13. At first I was a little skeptical of the situation being solely cheating until you said that signups had to be in before the whole Covid mess started. I figured you had more people test since they didn’t have to find a place to take it. These numbers present a very different picture. The number of perfect papers is startling. I assume most little kids are not really able to handle an online test by themselves and mom says are you sure that’s what you meant? Or Sweetie, think about that some doesn’t seeeem like cheating, but it is. It would be interesting to know how kids did this year compared to their scores last year. I think that would be telling. I think it is pretty widely accepted that there is more cheating online than when in a proctored in person situation. You can proctor online tests, but the college board chose not to make AP exams be proctored. I would really love to know the numbers on cheating on those exams. My daughter did not do well on her AP Latin test this year. While it was free response it wasn’t an essay like the literature exams or anything where you had to show work, it was like the multiple choice questions, but with far fewer questions. I could easily see how a group of kids could work on it together without much trouble and it would be nearly impossible to prove.
  14. No help here, but it is something I would love to do!
  15. SE Michigan only cases of people I know were in late March/April - first two had definite ties to Detroit when things were taking off here priest my daughter was working with for a service project at his downtown parish- he was in hospital for a bit, seems to be doing fine family at our church - just retired, 6 college/young adult kids. He tested negative, sent home, wife believes she caught it from caring for him-he was in bad shape already from cancer treatments and pain medications. By the time they went back about 4 days later to the hospital he was almost immediately put on a ventilator and passed away a few days later. Not sure if they admitted her at the same time, but she was given hydroxy, Zinc, and z pack...maybe steroids as well, not sure about that. She was in the hospital for about a week, very weak and not hungry. She has celiac and is petite - she really didn’t have any weight to lose and I would never have described her as high energy, but she seems back to normal at this point. I don’t believe the kids were tested, but it is a small house and they think they had mild cases. friend’s MIL and FIL had confirmed cases - FIL has ALS so they were very worried about him, but I was told they are both recovered.
  16. Never seen them before, but they are very pretty! I would need to learn how to write as beautifully as the example pages to do it justice.
  17. Jesus and an open church where we can celebrate Mass My husband and children My husband on has to go into work 2days/week, every other week and there is almost no one there - maybe 200 people in the size of a shopping mall. No talk at all yet about sending more people back. Homeschooling - so glad that we already do it and like a previous poster said I don’t have to be involved in the back to school drama Air conditioning My dishwasher/washer/dryer Electricity - our power went out a few weeks ago
  18. I like lemon tea or some of the tevana flavors like youth berry in the afternoon. My pick me up of choice in college when working all night on lab reports was a Route 44 (the big one) cherry lime-aid from sonic. Sugar!!! I actually don’t have to drink it, just thinking about it makes me jump. I believe much of it is the action of drinking it and attitude. Caffeine never kept me up except when pregnant, but my cup of coffee in the morning makes me happy mostly because of the routine created around it.
  19. I would agree with AirBnB in most situations, but she said SIL broke a leg and is in a wheelchair. I think most house rentals are not going to be set up for that as well as a hotel. I would go with rooms 2 and 3 if you can afford it. As you said, it is your vacation and you are taking on a lot as tour director. You need your sleep!
  20. I bought mine on Etsy, but I have seen them on various sites. Frankenmuth woolen mill makes some here in Michigan. Our wool dryer balls are our newest addition, 100% all natural and made-at-the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill. Pop three in your dryer, reduce static and cut back on drying time. Our dryer balls are made without chemicals from wool roving. These are meant as laundry aids that replace chemical dryer sheets. Wool dryer balls are an excellent alternative to dryer sheets, plus they last for 1000 washes! Each box includes three dryer balls. (Sorry I cant figure out how to post a link.)
  21. Ditch the dryer sheets and try out dryer balls. I love them! I have wool dryer balls, but I think some are made of other materials. Sometime I will put a few drops of peppermint oil on them and the towels smell really fresh.
  22. Can you link to any recent articles? The most recent articles from a week or so ago. The pictures of new vs current don’t look good. My concern is even if it doesn’t break now, what can they really do to repair it? I don’t think all that concrete is just going to revert back to normal when the water recedes. That dam is controlling so.much.water that it is just scary.
  23. Yet we also need to remember that those countries who supposedly have it under control probably really don’t unless they want to stay in isolation for a long time. Also, most European countries as I assume you are referring to are about the size of a state in the US with the ability to control their borders.
  24. Here on my side of the state they keep talking about “spikes”, but the hospitals are all advertising for people to please come back and schedule all the stuff they put off back in March/April. Flattening the curve was never elimination, but postponement. Some people seem confused and want to change the definition.
  25. Well, when you have two viable parties and many, many millions of voters in this country, the odds that you are going to agree with either side completely are pretty darn slim. I have some non-negotiable items and I vote accordingly. The candidate does not have to be someone I “like”, that I would want to have dinner with, or even be around. For the most part, very few of the presidents were probably people I would have wanted for a friend or neighbor....the people I like would rarely make effective politicians. I agree about voting for who will uphold the Constitution and would add maintain the rule of law.
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