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  1. Just called, and the representative said when the new edition came out they made a new instructor guide so the only option is to repurchase the whole guide.
  2. No, but I probably should. Thanks!
  3. I am borrowing Sonlight D and E from a friend who is building a new house and needed somewhere to store stuff. We completed most of Core D last year and moved into Core E this fall. The problem is her instructor guides are two different ages. Core D used the newer 2 volume Landmark History along with the DK Children’s Encyclopedia of American History which my friend included both books. The Core E guide references the older one volume edition, but she loaned me the second half of the two volume edition. Any ideas on how to generally line the two up? Thanks!
  4. I bought my dad a little framed peanuts cartoon thing from the hallmark store years ago. It shows Linus trying to making a snowman and failing...in the last frame he is sprawled over the bottom snowball fast asleep. The saying is “if at first you don’t succeed, try taking a nap”. My father’s answer to just about everything in college that I was complaining about was “go to bed”. I usually complained that I didn’t have time, but he was always right. I could think more clearly and was more efficient and in a much better frame of mind after a good night’s sleep.
  5. I wouldn’t worry about “the board”....it is made of strangers from all over the world and it is far from unanimous on what is safe in any particular situation. At some point in this whole mess we all need to find a balance that we can live with. That point is going to look different for different people and it doesn’t make one better or more intelligent, just different people with different circumstances. It sounds like your MIL has made her decision to not live in isolation from members of her family who are out doing other things. It sounds like you are living more cautiously so I am a b
  6. What ever happened to that promise of a paperless society with the advent of computers??? It never happened over here.
  7. Do you have a safe deposit box at a bank? Mine are in a Manila folder (everyone has their own) with SS card, passport, notarized birth certificate. Good luck! I really hate it when I lose stuff. My best advice, sit down and take a break and think about something else for a bit and it might come to you. When I get in a frenzy, I don’t find things well.
  8. Do you know anyone who sells them in a store - I can only find their website. I have a gut feeling that they will be too wide for my foot, but I really want to try a pair. The colors are so cute!
  9. My daughter swims a lot and we get her suits from swim outlet or the shop right behind us. She likes Dolfin for a one piece suit to swim in. Most suits geared at teens are not generally what I am looking to put on my daughter. I do like the Lands End suits from the catalogue, but never have tried them. If swimming in a pool, I like the suits with Lycra instead of spandex...they last so much longer in the chlorine.
  10. I love the Merry Janes from soft star shoes. They are zero drop, soft, and customizable. They are also hand sewn in Oregon.
  11. These look so cute! I actually like the strap shoes in all the different colors, but do you know how they fit. A wide toe box is good, but overall I have a narrow food. I love my dansko’s, but can only wear a couple styles that come in narrows. I don’t like that danskos are now made in China, but I do like that these are made in Poland.
  12. I have had my share of post office issues, but I have been wondering if some of the package delivery issues lately have to do with reduced airline flights these days. FedEx and UPS have their own planes, but USPS sends packages on commercial carriers.
  13. I am sure the teachers are paid somewhat less in Catholic vs. public schools because our PS teachers are unionized. I don’t think they are significantly less paid than than the independent private school teachers. The people I have known who teach at them do so for the tuition discount, not the money. Most Catholic schools are willing to run larger class sizes (thinking non-Covid days here) than public or the exclusive private schools. When I taught religious education pre-children I counted 33 desks in the middle school classroom that I was using. Generally. the parish will subsidize sch
  14. We all get a pass on foggy brain every now and then 😉 I have no idea exactly where this guy lives (friend of my brother’s) so I looked up the pk-8 parish right by our house. For active members tuition is $6600 with 34% discount for 2nd, 41% discount for 3rd, 56%discount for 4th, 100% discount for 5th. For reference, private, independent elementary schools here are about 25,000-30,000/child so Catholic education is a good value around here if that is what you are looking for as it is subsidized by the parishes.
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