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  1. Life happened. LOL. I can't do smilies... I am on my iPad. DH is travelling a ton for work, I was taking care of my mom, end of school stuff, etc... Now I have to order curriculum like a mad woman, file our LOI and get back into the HS mindset again... I honestly got pretty lazy about thinking about it while PDG was in public school.
  2. After a long absence from the boards I am back! We just spent 6 weeks visiting my ailing mom in Washington state, and am back on the road again as a family. DH is doing well. His ankle is completely healed. He is riding his bike again, swimming and doing Crossfit regularly. We are bringing PDG home for second grade. HUZZAH!!! I am not sure how to start... I feel like I need to do some sort of evaluation as to where she is academically. She reading exceedingly well - almost 5th grade level per her first grade teacher, but her math is sorely lacking. How would you determine where she is? Th
  3. I was coming here to post this very question! we are bringing PDG back home :hurray: for second grade. I am thinking about integrating K12. Are the online portions Mac friendly? Does anyone like utilising the virtual school option?
  4. No, but hubby wants me together one just for him. I'm scared.
  5. Hi everyone! I've been out of it for a while. My Mom has been very ill and I'm in Seattle taking care of her. She's doing better. And DH is doing great, BTW! My mom (she is 81) wants me to give her a home perm. I haven't done one of these in years. I don't know if you can even buy them in stores anymore! Not that I've been looking, but are they available in drugstores? Any brand you would recommend? I went onto the Sally Beauty Supply website and it's all Greek to me... there is even a bit of an implication that they are only available for purchase for licensed stylists. Has there been som
  6. :thumbup1: But I think you probably already knew that :D
  7. According to various Tweets I've received this afternoon -- many of which are contradictory unfortunately -- there will be *some* episodes in 2012, but not a full season. It'll sort of be split between 2012 and 2013. I don't get it. It's more popular than it has ever been, and is finally getting some notice outside of the UK even. Why this move? {Confused} But I also did read that MS is signed up for that season for sure. Still not "my" Doctor though... he's a good actor, but I think I'm just not a fan of Moffat. Oh well... the worst Doctor Who is better than the best of almost any other s
  8. Thanks everybody! Great suggestions. I used to use vinegar in my rinse cycle in lieu of fabric softener. I think I'll go back to doing that...
  9. This is REALLY important. :tongue_smilie: We live in an older home that has rather poor ventilation. The bathrooms do not have ventilation fans, and the AC is not efficient. We live in a very humid climate. Our towels stink. I replace them often. I wash them with chlorine-free bleach, and dry them thoroughly in the dryer. I hang them up over the shower curtain rod, so they are in the middle of the room, air circulating freely all around. Is there any way to avoid stinky towel syndrome?
  10. Ha ha! I voted only open doors. But after reading your post, we are Time Lords and Ladies. We land our TARDIS wherever we please.
  11. I think I am hijacking my own thread... http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=264324&highlight=kilts http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=261748&highlight=kilts There are four pages of search results. We WTM women have an ahem... thing for kilts...
  12. What a wonderful "field trip"! And....he's right. It IS beautiful there!!!!!
  13. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Google men in kilts are FAR more dangerous. :lol: But Mama Anna below did bring up a good point... What ABOUT Austen, Gaskell, etc... Would this author have a problem with classics which have an element of romance in them??? JUST BECAUSE it is romance? and not the "genre" romance????
  14. I've enjoyed everyone's posts so much. You are all very smart and thoughtful women. I just love my WTM friends :) :grouphug: Big huggles to everyone
  15. On Friday, Tim Challies posted a link to an opinion piece, "Can Romance Novels Hurt Your Heart?" about "Christian romance novels." For the record, I don't read romance as a genre...Christian or otherwise. However, I do enjoy a rippin' good story that has the element of romance within the story. Christians, am I the only one who thinks the author is painting with a pretty broad brush? Critique me, please... Yeah, I get his assertion that reading romance can "hurt a woman's heart". So can a lot of stuff. If that is all someone does. But aren't women wired to crave an element of romance? Wha
  16. See? I go off the board for a few days and I miss ALLLLL OF THE FUN!!!! I certainly didn't post 'cuz I don't have the faintest idea what apoutine means or what you are all goin' on about! :lol:
  17. Ditto with social groups... which I think are part of the user control panel.
  18. I'm currently OBSESSED with Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulee. I won't say anymore.
  19. Stopped watching 'cuz Casey's gone :( although I do like James still...but the show is nothing without Casey. I will just check out James' performance on the web today.
  20. acne.org acne.org acne.org This is not spam. It's just little old BBB. A year ago last fall, when I turned 41, I developed the worst acne of my life. My skin had been flawless, and then WHAM! Almost overnight, I developed the worst acne. I counted 35+ major spots on my face on Christmas Day, quite a few were cystic. And then someone on this board recommended I go to acne.org and read up. Within a month of following the regimen suggested by the author of that website, my acne was under control. I did buy the products that he sells because they are very reasonable and much more effe
  21. I'm SO SO SORRY! Pregnancy heartburn was my least favorite symptom...worse than the nausea even. I got it almost every night.
  22. EXACTLY!!!! THAT'S IT!!! Alien tech. I never tried it once. Too chicken. The landlord didn't give us a manual, and I'm a RULE FOLLOWER, and I don't want to miss some special setting allowing for forbidden metal in a microwave.
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