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  1. I am so, so sorry for your loss... :grouphug: OR with anesthesia. I've had to undergo a D&C after a miscarriage at 10 weeks. It was the last thing I wanted to recall. I really can't imagine having it done in an OB's office.
  2. In reference to something that is really fantastic, "That's made of win!" "SRSLY" when used outside of texting; for example on a message board. I understand the usefulness of contractions while texting, but really now, how hard it is to type a full word? "That's golden." Again, in reference to something really fantastic.
  3. We are fine. DH went out and took a few pictures and short videos around 6:30 this morning. Lots of downed trees, including a crushed car about a block away. No flooding where we are. Our electricity flashed a bit, but that was it. The wind and rain kept me awake some last night. I think I was just on edge.
  4. Thanks... that's all I needed to know. Turning it off now... I guess I'll braise the chicken French-style on the stovetop instead of oven roasting.
  5. I buy the season pass on iTunes and download onto computer. We bought an AppleTV a few weeks ago. It is $99. It allows us to watch anything we have in iTunes on a computer on our television. You can also stream Netflix and rent movies from Apple TV. Episodes are usually made available for download around midnight Eastern time after it airs in the US. season Six part II cost $16.99. Once you buy it is yours. It is not a rental.
  6. If I turn my gas oven on, and keep it on really low, if the power goes out, will it stay on? We have an electric ignition, so I can't manually light it.
  7. OK so far. Few electrical flickers, one big enough to take computer offline. Obviously back online now. Bit of rain, a bit windy, not much else. Oh yeah. We are near Mt. Vernon in VA.
  8. While we still have power, the girls are watching Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone. I'm online with my fellow Doctor Who friends obsessing over tonight's Season 6 Part II premiere, even though I probably won't be able to download it from iTunes as I assume the power will go out sometime overnight. We have already had several flickers, and it is barely raining. I think the electrical vaults are saturated already. DH is at the gym exercising. I am going to roast a chicken for dinner (we have a gas range, so I turned on the oven to keep it going for the duration of the day. The
  9. Thanks. I just signed up for a 15 day trial. It works on my iPad which is helpful because or the portability. We will be studying all over the place. We don't have a classroom per se.
  10. I really don't want wait for a promised future Mac app for progress tracking, planning, etc. What do you use for home school planning RIGHT NOW??? :bigear:
  11. You made me giggle!!!! You are so right. We were in Old Town Alexandria when it happened... all that brick lining those old buildings did make us worry for a minute. We were sitting in a restaurant in a building that was at least 200 years old... brick-lined walls, heavy beams overhead. DH got this really serious look on his face and shouted, "OUT! OUT! OUT! EARTHQUAKE!" and squirreled us out to the entryway of the restaurant, but pulled us back when he remembered all of the bricks. We really, really felt it strongly. We were about two blocks from the Potomac on King Street. It was pre
  12. Remember the teeny tiny bottles of Tabasco that you could get for camping? I LOVED those! I have been buying vanilla from Costco for several years now... bit honking ugly plastic bottles with a flip top lid. :( But the vanilla is really good... I suppose that's some consolation, but you are right... the little brown glass bottles were special.
  13. Why does... Everything suck A cat do that Hair turn grey Facebook hate babies Time fly asparagus make urine smell
  14. None here. In fact, Apple recommends against the use of a screen protector on the website. I only know this because I checked two months ago... best Buy tried to sell a protector and installation for a boatload of money, but I was dubious. I have talked to several users now who did have them, and took it off as it reduced performance and dulled the gorgeous crispness of the screen. I do have one of those cool folding magnetic covers though.
  15. Received telephone notification today that everything is in order and we are official. :D. I KNOW it was the marriage certificate that sealed it.
  16. Heeee.. I'm SOOOOOO type A, and I figured since it was the last day to submit the LOI i didn't want any surprises like, "your last name is different now... prove your existence"...
  17. Another question... if we find that something isn't working, do we need to notify of curriculum change?
  18. I think what I did was adequate then: Mathematics: Singapore Math, various Kumon supporting materials, Miquon manipulatives Reading: Phonics Pathways/Reading Pathways English Grammar: First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind History: The Well Trained Mind Story of the World Art: Evan-Moore Teach Art to Children Science: REAL Science for Kids Ooops, I didn't include PE. She will be on swim team. Do I need to amend it?
  19. THANKS!!!! What I did was adequate then. I just hit SEND! :party:
  20. I know this is rude, but BUMP BUMP BUMP!!!! I really need to know ASAP!!!
  21. Got my documentation in order: Diploma (I can't find my high school, so I used my college) Marriage certificate to show my name change (I'm VERY type A) Completed LOI REGARDING THE CURRICULUM: How do I document this? Simply create a Word doc listing the subject and choice of curriculum? ETA: Princess Duckie Girl is a rising second grader
  22. Blushing.... He took me to Boulangerie the planet, not the bakery. So glad to be back for real.
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