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  1. iTunes has a season pass available for purchase. I'm still waiting for the notification that it is available for download. It says it'll be available today (4/23) but it's 9:55 eastern time and still no download. BUT you can watch it that way... There's also Amazon streaming for a fee.
  2. I use unsalted for cooking and baking, salted for eating.
  3. I've posted a thread in The TARDIS social group to discuss the season premiere. I'm sure people will put in tons of SPOILERS, so don't go in there if you don't want to be spoiled. Just a few more hours to go! :party:
  4. Okay, I'm pretty good with computers, graphics, etc... So WHY is it so stinking hard to put a header graphic on my LiveJournal page? I've read through their tutorials, and they stink. Does anyone have a good link to a tutorial in plain English? Thanks!
  5. I have a new motorola charm. Anyone know of any good kinder-aged math and phonics apps that are fun? Thanks!
  6. I just read, and it has been confirmed now by the BBC, that Elizabeth Sladen passed away today after bout with cancer. Filming of the Sarah Jane Adventures had been put on hold due to her illness. Very sad.
  7. Plain Greek yogurt A few tablespoons of buttermilk powder or fresh buttermilk Garlic powder or fresh crushed garlic A splash of red wine vinegar Fresh or dried dill or other favorite herbs
  8. Is PBS covering? We don't have cable, only broadcast. I wonder if one of the odd news stations we get will cover? We get one from Russia and we get Al Jazeera -- both have interesting POVs at times. Yes, even Al Jazeera has its good points once in a while...
  9. $4.19 for regular here yesterday at a moderately-priced gas station. So glad DH is a bike commuter...and will be again soon! He's off the antibiotics, and healing really quickly! PT is going well. Sorry for OT, I just needed to squee!
  10. DH and I both have Motorola Charms (droid operating system, 3G, not 4G though...) from T-Mobile -- we paid full price for the phones so that we could do pre-paid, no contracts. Sure it was more expensive up front, but we only pay $85 a month total. I have a $50 plan (unlimited talk and text, 100 MEG of data -- if I use up my 100 MG I can opt for a $1.69 a day unlimited data, paid daily from a pre-paid account). DH has a $35 plan with 1500 talk/text and 30 MEG of data. It's worked perfectly fine. When I'm home, I make sure I'm on Wi-Fi and that keeps the data usage way way way down. I h
  11. I added the extra spices, and I'm going to wait and see before I add sugar or salt. Those can both be added at the end... Thanks for your help!
  12. I've been cooking a pot of chili in the crock pot most of the afternoon. Here are the basic ingredients: I cooked a chuck roast in the french oven for 2 hours, and then shredded and transferred to crock pot and added the following: Garlic powder 12 oz. of pilsner 1 chopped onion cocoa cayenne pepper cumin chili powder chopped tomatoes paprika oregano 1 jar of chipotle salsa 12 oz can of chicken broth 1 pound of dried lentils 12 oz of frozen corn kernels, thawed Everything is cooking nicely...but it is REALLY bitter, with very little chili-flavour. What would you sugges
  13. OK, The Blob terrified me for WEEKS after I saw it when I was a kid! That good creeping under the door? YIKES! And I won't even start on The Fly -- the ending FREAKED ME OUT! "Help me! Help me!" -- the little voice...sends shivers down my spine. The Bad Seed was seriously creepy, too. Yikes. Bad movie choice when you are pregnant: Rosemary's Baby. I watched it when I was about 5 months along with PDG. DH was TDY (military business trip) for the weekend, and I sat in bed and watched TV much of the time (lazy bones I was!). Now that was a BAD idea! On Saturday afternoons in Seattle i
  14. OH DEAR! Hubby is JUST FINE!!! I was just late for PDG's neurology appointment (she has migraines...). I ended up taking the beltway/Georgia Ave exit. The worst part was getting from the exit to the hospital! The freeway was clear sailing all the way. Good news is that the pediatric neurologist does not believe there is anything wrong inside of her brain (no masses, tumors, etc...) but the bad news remains that she had 7 out of 7 of the indicators for migraine :( There's so much that has gone on in our home... and now she's struggling in PS. THE BEST NEWS IS THAT WE ARE BRINGI
  15. PDG has just been diagnosed with migraines. I took her to Walter Reed this morning. I was waiting on a second referral to come through for an opthalmology appointment to rule out further eye issues, and Tricare wouldn't give me an appointment -- nothing available...because non-emergecy medical care is being put off. They wouldn't give me an civilian referral either. Told me to call back Monday...at which time there probably won't be anyone manning the phones. :glare: Grrrrrrrr.
  16. From Old Town Alexandria... Mapquest suggests I go RIGHT THROUGH downtown DC! It will take HOURS during the day! Would you take the beltway through Maryland instead and come down from the north? Or would you take the recommended route through DC (Georgia avenue)? THANKS!
  17. MI:5, but it's not kid-friendly. Good spy stuff. Arrested Development - so so so funny if you like quirky comedy X Files
  18. Good old Google.... because I use all of their apps: gmail, calendar, blogger, etc...
  19. We've had to repeatedly sign in on PS3 whereas before it was automatic. I thought it had to do with PS3, but maybe it's Netflix... No streaming problems, though.
  20. I the watched BBC Shakespeare Retold "Much Ado About Nothing" reboot, and it definitely carried the spirit of the story well, but I miss the poetic language. But for pure fun, it was great. It was available as a stream a couple of months ago.
  21. Don't feel out of it just because you don't... BUT, I just replaced my old standard cell with a Motorola Android device TODAY, and I'm having a BLAST with it! I bought it (no contract, so paid full price) at T-Mobile, and use pre-paid. Not the cheapest plan, but not the most expensive either. I have been using it at home on wi-fi, which has been fun. My e-mail shows up right on my phone... it's a lot of fun... But still, I wouldn't feel out of it. It's a new toy, and I'm sure the shine will wear off at some point... but I do love it!
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