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  1. My husband is going on "bidness" to Orlando mid-Jan.* We are turning it into a family gettaway.* We will be there 3-4 days.* Where should we go?* The obvious: DisneyWorld, Universal Studios, SeaWorld.* The tickets are not cheap and we want to make this fun and eventful for our two girls 6 and 8. The girls' hearts are set on Magic Kingdom. Can it be done in a day? We know we aren't going to visit the other Disney parks. Any suggestions on where, what, how?* We want to play this opportunity well, but don't want to overspend, both financially and mentally. TIA
  2. DH was informed today that his next assignment will be at Tinker AFB in OKC. We will be moving next summer. I am not unhappy about the location, but I am sad to be leaving Virginia. We really like it here. Oh well... Such is military life. So... Pleasant neighborhoods within 15 miles of the Base, preferably bicycle commute friendly? Reasonable driving distance to Starbucks, Whole Foods or other natural markets, parks, library (of course!)... TIA!
  3. Hi everybody, I know I have been MIA. Ugh what a fall. First of all, I had a kidney stone about 4 weeks ago. They did an Cat scan and found that I have five more to go. I won't go into the details, but let us just say that going on the Paleo diet, jumping into Cross Fit and not drinking enough water, coupled with an odd craving for black iced tea all summer led to the perfect storm... Enough of that. Anyway, because of basically a lost month due to pain meds and sleeping a ton, I have fallen quite far behind teaching my second grader. How can I catch up? Ugh!!! We have only going over the
  4. Love Down Here and love Queen. Thanks for posting this.
  5. So, we are watching Raising Hope (one of my favorite shows) as I type this. The story goes that Jimmy got hit on the head by a tossed golf club on September 11, 2001. Does anyone else think this is strange considering they could have chosen any date for the occurrence to have happened?:confused:
  6. Thanks everyone. Problem solved. Just bought and downloaded the PDF from PHP. :grouphug:
  7. So there are THREE materials for WWE? WWE - Strong Fundamentals WWE - Workbook and a third ???
  8. I have both, and in this particular case, there is no passage selected. The instructions for week two of the WWE handbook are as follows: However, the workbook printout for Day 2 week 2 says, "From the Adventures of Pinnocchio... What is one thing you remember about the passage?"
  9. I'm in week two of HS my second grader. I was preparing my lesson plans for the week in WWE1 and FLL1 and see that "The Adventures of Pinnocchio" is to be used for the read aloud for WWE. Am I supposed to be reading this BOOK to her as well in its entirety? Or am I to just pick out a few passages for the read aloud portion? I am a bit confused. ETA: the WWE handbook just says to follow the pattern of "Copywork, Narration, Copywork, Narration" days 1 - 3; it does not give any specific passages to use. Is WWE used in conjunction with some other reading schedule from the WTM book proper that
  10. No cable here. We have an antenna, AppleTV and Netflix. Fringe Doctor Who Masterpiece History Detectives Raising Hope Parks & Rec Glee (I hope it returns to its ironic self season 1 or else I may not continue to watch... I'm tired of the soap opera that it has become) Law & Order du jour
  11. Every five weeks -- I have uber short hair. I look like a fuzzy-head if I wait any longer than five.
  12. I'm not touching the Juicy Juice thing, because I honestly have no idea what that is about, and I'm not going to go and look it up on Sunday night :D BUT... we just bought a Breville juicer with the puree attachment two weeks ago. We LOVE it. the juices we have made have been delicious. The girls love it. I love it. DH loves it. It was NOT cheap, and buying the produce to feed it certainly is not cheap, nor is it easy -- we have food stored all over our kitchen just to feed the juicer.
  13. Bumping this. We just started SW with my second grader. She was in PS for first, and they did not teach phonics. She is an outstanding reader, but her spelling is atrocious, so I bought SW1. It is a piece of cake, but it seems like I need the foundation to get her back on the right track. Could I jump ahead to 2?
  14. Boneless skinless chicken breasts poached in chicken broth infused with roasted sliced lemons, fresh ginger paste and white wine. Stir fried whole green beans. I need grains. I need bread. This Paleo diet thing is starting to wear on me. :glare::crying: But then I remember that it is working... I've lost 3 pounds in two weeks, and an inch around my waist. Don't really want to trade that.
  15. Today is my fifth day of homeschooling PPG and I am just so happy we decided to bring her home for second grade. I simply can NOT believe how much we have covered this week! She has had her "I don't want to be here" moments and frustration outbursts, but for the most part, it has been fantastic. Yay!!!! Now if I can find a co-op that works with our schedule :glare:. LLL is in Kinder in the afternoons, and I simply have not figured out how to work the logistics.
  16. This is where we are. We are keeping Netflix. We do not have cable, but do have a digital antenna that receives broadcast. We have apple.tv, through which we watch Netflix. We can also buy on demand movies from Apple. Even at $5 a pop, it is worth it for us, as it would cost us $10 an hour for a babysitter and $14 a ticket for a first run showing.
  17. Is there anything I can do to stem the progression of pink eye in myself? Do I have to go to the doctor?
  18. Just checked out your post AuntPol... FANTASTIC!! I have taken two foundations classes. I was so sore after the second class that I could hardly walk for 3 days. I am not seriously overweight, but I am very, very soft. Seeing your comparison pictures at the same weight has inspired me to realise that I don't really need to lose weight, so much that I need to strengthen what I have. Do you miss bread or have your cravings changed?
  19. Are you AF and have you HSed overseas? When you say "full use of the DOD schools" does this mean you can use them for specific classes, such as music or art?
  20. Nothing really specific at this point. It is still such a long way off. We won't even know his assignment until early Winter.
  21. Please no deep philosophical debates... just a simple question: anyone here doing/have done the Paleo diet successfully? Unsuccessfully? DH was really interested in this. He even bought a juicer on Friday (which we all LOVE already). I'm a BREADBAKER!!!! How am I going to go almost grainless?!?!? :lol: Further, he has convinced me to join CrossFit. I have gone twice. Major pain!!! Wow! I thought I was relatively fit. Nuh uh. Like he warned me before I went to my first class, "Doing CrossFit is humbling... doing it shows you just how out of shape you really are." No joke! Lifestyle-
  22. USAF DH is working on his dream sheet for his next assignment. Several of the possibilities are outside of the US: Japan - My second choice England - My first choice Italy - sigh... lovely, but I'd never get any schooling done, I think... :D Turkey - a little nervous about this one Stateside assignments he is considering applying for are in the following states: NJ CO CA SC Not looking for any major analysis! Just wondering if there are one or two things that could share if you have lived in any of these places, pertaining to the ease or difficulty of homeschooling.
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