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  1. When we moved into our rental home, the brand new microwave came with a removable metal rack inside. It is not a combo convection/microwave, just a standard microwave. How can a metal rack be used safely in a microwave? I've been wondering about this since July, and my curiosity finally got the better of me, and I have nothing better to do tonight, so I thought I'd post this rambling question on the boards :tongue_smilie: (PMS does weird things to me...)
  2. OH YEAH!!!!! I have an unfinished TARDIS Amigurumi I've been staring at for two months now, and little 10 and Rose Amis, too.... the twirling girlies have been begging me to finish them.
  3. I love Amigurumi! There are lots and lots of free patterns up on ravelry. Also, the Lion Brand yarn website has tons, and really good instructions...search on key word "Amigurumi" from the drop down list.
  4. While they don't have an intolerance or allergy to milk, it has always made their tummies a bit wobbly, so we've never pushed it. We get our calcium from other sources, and plenty of it, too: calcium fortified OJ, lots and lots of broccoli, and occasionally calcium supplements (the yummy gummy bear ones from Costco. I take them, too.) They will occasionally have milk on cereal, but usually just eat their cereal dry. I remember what my girls's first pediatrician said: if they're going to eat vitamin fortified cereal, let 'em eat it as a snack or dry...the milk washes the vitamins off becaus
  5. Must buy: Hellman's/Best Foods mayo French's yellow mustard Grey Poupon dijon mustard Heinz ketchup Starbuck's ground coffee Costco peanut butter Campbell's chicken noodle soup Funny thing, most of my brand loyal-items are condiments. :lol:
  6. THANKS!!! Getting some good replies in the social group! :) NO JOKE! Just saw this epi, and I can already hardly wait for the next! I've never been a Who-fan during an actual season before... I just started watching last summer, and I'm way too obsessed with the show now.
  7. Come into The TARDIS social group and post your wacky theories... mine is reaaaaaaaaaaalllly out there!
  8. ....dry first? I'm so excited!! Give me some ideas of your favorite things that you have dried. TIA!
  9. I'm really into hummus with veggies and pita chips right now. Filling and healthy! RyeKrisp crackers with good ham and cheese. Mmmmm.... (I like thin black forest ham and smoked gouda.) Tuna salad in a tupperware with crackers on the side.
  10. We've made three purchases directly from Apple: our iMac (from a store), and two refurbed iPod Nanos (last gen -- the current gen is TOO SMALL! I'm afraid we'd lose them!) I'd definitely buy directly from Apple.
  11. OOOOH Okay, my old names were: Lady Emma Chipper-Cherrywood or Lady Guinevere Chipper-Cherrywood Now apparently I am quite the legacy... Lady Emma Chipper the 79th or Lady Guinevere Chipper the 79th I like the old ones better :glare:
  12. Lady Emma Chipper-Cherrywood or Lady Guinevere Chipper-Cherrywood (I grew up on a numbered street...I chose where we are now)
  13. I'm laughing and hitting my head on the keyboard... NOT THE KILTS AGAIN!!!
  14. To go to the park at 9:45 am because it's sunny and we can... :001_smile:
  15. I just saw this post, RC. Praying!!! I'll skim through for updates... :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
  16. First of all, I can't believe I'm replying to this thread. Secondly, have it professionally done, don't shave. I can't stress enough that it is important to find someplace reputable. Don't go for the cheapest place on the block. Go to a spa or someplace that specializes in carpet removal. Thirdly, the more you have it done, the easier it gets. Really. It will NOT feel good. Don't too long between procedures. Use ibuprofin before and after. Use an exfoliant between times -- I use a roll-on product and have never had an in-grown fiber. I am glad now that I do it, but it was very
  17. But you really need to watch them in order. Blink is my all-time favorite, but you need to understand how he got there with Martha... So start with 9. I happen to love the mannequin episode... "Did I mention? It also travels in time?" has to be one of the best lines in the whole series.
  18. NOT NOT NOT HOKEY!!!!! :) That's the show. That's the 9th incarnation of the Doctor played by Chris Eccleston. The 10th was played by David Tennant. This season is the second season with the 11th Doctor. If you are wondering about "regeneration", you just have to watch to find out. ;)
  19. I just watched on iTunes. :eek: SPOILERS BELOW.... Does this mean 11 is the last regeneration? Say it ain't so! Here's my theory: the little girl in the astronaut suit is River as a child. I hope that the explanation she gave of "their timelines working in opposite directions" isn't the full explanation of who she is, because that's sort of lame. I'm not a huge River fan, but she is interesting, and honestly, I was just expecting some HUGE reveal...like she was a regenerated Romana or Rani And does anyone else think she could be Amy and
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