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  1. The Homeschool Build your bundle is almost here again. You get to build your own bundle of excellent homeschool resources/curriculum. They are giving away an excellent prize to win bundles of your choice for the value of $150. The giveaway ends in 3 days so hurray. But also check out what bundle options are available. There is some great savings. Here is the link http://www.buildyourbundle.net/promotions/giveaways/win-3-bundles/?lucky=7110 Good luck everyone
  2. Can one do the book without the DVD seminar?
  3. Thank you for all the feedback, it really help me so much. I am going to take the plunge and get SWI level b first and when money allows the new TWSS.
  4. I am really confused and don't know what to do. I am thinking of dropping our all in one language arts program and only go with IEW. Been looking at comments and reviews for over a year now, jsut haven't taken the plunge yet. I have to start by saying I do have the complete Fix It Grammar updated program and love that. Also have Phonetic Zoo have not used it yet. Also have another spelling program. My thoughts are this on options: - SWI B later add in Teaching the classics - TWSS then the Themed books and later adding Teaching the classics Money are tight but I am willing to make the investment where it is really needed. With that being said, must I get the TWSS? Can I not just do the SWI level b and move on? I am a little scared on the spending as we still need to pay excessive shipping and taxes to get it here. English is not our home language just as a note. (but most of our subjects we do in English) We are from SA. Kids are both Gr6. Any recommendations. I am a little scared to be honest, what if my kids hate the lessons? How long does it take a day? Does it come with some sort of schedule? Thanks
  5. Did you look at the new Megalog with all the different Themed books. Perhaps there is another one you could select that would work better for you.
  6. We did a trial run with Fix It! Grammar before I bought the entire set. My kids love it. I always see where I can 'try before I buy'. Fix It only takes a few minutes a day.
  7. Have you looked at Progressive Phonics. It has books you download, worksheets etc. Best all free. My kids loved it.
  8. We use Science in the Beginning and the kids really enjoy the curriculum. If you are unsure, why not download the sample and give those first few lessons a test drive and see if it will work for you or not before you commit to buy? There is also a free downloadable journal/notebook on the publishers site. Best of luck ;)
  9. Homeschool Freebies to the value of $150 What you will get: Creative Freewriting Adventure $18.95 value Quark Chronicles: Botany $19.95 value Experience History Through Music Notebooking Pages set $12.95 value Birds of a Feather Unit Study $17.95 value The World of Vertebrates R25 value For you they signed: A spiritual heritage of those who shaped our nation. $14.00 value The Latin-Centered Curriculum - 1st Edition $12.95 Pirate unit study $7.00 value Staling Sea Monsters $9.00 value Notebookingpages bundle $120.85 Unlock the secrets of Compare and Contrast Writing $19.99 value You can access the freebies at this link http://homeschoolgiveaways.com/bf-freebies/?c20396Le Happy Black Friday all!
  10. Just a suggestion, perhaps check out some books at the library, our library stock several great books of only experiments. You could also check on Pinterest for ideas, there are thousands ;)
  11. Some suggestions (my recommendations) Mapping the World with Art by Ellen McHenry Basement Workshop There are a number of products available on the Geomatters website Also Geography through Art. If you are into unit studies you can look at some of the country studies from Amanda Bennett. You can also check out some great ideas on Pinterest.
  12. Why not wait for black friday and get more than double what you normally would and use it for curriculum, books, etc...
  13. English is also not our native language. I use one of the narration sentences and made a copywork page out of it. I got the English narration sentence on top, space where they can copy it and then the same sentence in our language and space to copy it. This works well for us. I however just ask some questions of what happened etc.
  14. Ditch the charter school. The workload is way too much. Get books/curriculum for the various subjects from various supliets. There is awesome stuff out there. You will be able to do it and it will be a success. To me to homeschool is to nuture your child and grow them a way schools can't. I spend all the time I can on working at our own phase to finish lessons and not have someone suck the life and fun out of learning. We do loads of hands on work and are very creative, kids love it. For Math we use Math U See. It is a dvd lesson you watch and then they have a workbook. There is also some blocks they can use with it. It is not a spiral program so there is good foundation in every area. You can make subjects as exciting and full as you want it. Just try and schedule and plan ahead. Best of luck, it will get better.
  15. Just a suggestion. There is a free course on Coursera.com now called Together Teacher. It really helps getting organized. Perphaps look at doing it.
  16. Well to be honest I got such mixed reviews on some items that it left me extreamly confused and with sleepless nights. I do however do extensive research and make decisions based on samples and what will work with my kids learning styles.
  17. We have a very tight budget. I don't do curriculum hopping and buy only what we need each year.
  18. Go at her pace. Perhaps consider reading the book Better late than early by Raymond Moore.
  19. I am a big believer in supporting a passion or dream. If someone has a passion for something and they might not be as good with it, they simply need to work on it. As an example a child saying they want to be an artist but never picks up a pencil or paint that simply won't work. You have to practise and grow. Since your daughter wants to do animation, does she ever use programs like Pivot Animator, Sketch and Blender? These are all stepping stones in doing animations (computer animations) Blender is an excellent program, it teaches you everything from the 3D rendering (sculpting the objects) all the way through to working with the correct lighting, shadows, making objects move realistic and this even includes things like water etc. (These programs I mentioned are all free programs) In my personal opinion working to just have a work is not a life, you need to have a passion and love for what you do.
  20. There are loads of videos onn youtube that ties in with the topics. Also check out Pinterest some great resources. On my blog is a few things we have done. (not much as we moved twice this year so it was hectic for us). There is also a blogroll for SOTW where you can check out what others have done. The link is on the right on my blog at the bottom (are not at my computer now)
  21. We have always used various curriculum/books from difference providers. Several books are on various levels. If we don't finish a book in one year we simply continue with it the next. If we finish a book earlier we go on to the next. If you love something stick with it, don't change for the sake of changing.
  22. Normally when kids hate art or crafts is when it is presented too strict, boring or they may one do things a certain way. They can't express themselves through their creations. Relax and let you child expore. Let her check out Pinterest for ideas, it is one of the best places to get the mind going.
  23. Rules sbould be inforced and also time limits. I don't take technology away from my kids, if it weren't for the time spend on the computer my son would not have discovered his love for creating animations and will soon move into 3D rendering. I do however don't allow then to use the internet at this stage.
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