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  1. Need help please. Kids are currently doing Science in the Beginning by Dr Jay Wile and loving it. (Also doing some other hands on stuff here and there) We have to move over to a next science book and not sure what to use. I have looked at doing Exploring Creation with General Science (Apologia) but it looks a little bit boring for me. I have read hundreds of reviews, so many love it, so many hate it. What to do what to do? We are in South Africa (English is our second language) so not everything is accesible to us due to crazy shipping fees. Also lab kits can't be send to us so items I have to obtain on my own (not a big deal) Anyway... we love science, the kids love science. They like hands-on they also want to know why and how. I don't want to bore them with too much reading but I also want them to understand what they learn. I don't want to kill their love for science. Is there a way we can put something together without using a formal curriculum for 7 and 8th grade? I mean like using Usborne books, expriments from the net etc? I want to ensure that they will learn what they should and what they need to at the level they need to, thus to ensure they are ready later for high school level work. Or would I be crazy to do it this way?? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Our MUS experience: We are in South Africa and used a local spiral curriculum for several years, but one 'method' jumped so quickly to the next that they are a hard time retaining what they learned, there weren't enough revision and the foundation was just not good enough. We eventually moved over to MUS (The SA edition) and my kids love it. We went a few levels down than where they were suppose to be since it is a new program and English is not our home language. The kids excell and score on ever final over 90% in their testing every year. We also managed to pick up and they are now at the level where they should be to enable them to complete all the books. They love program and I love the program and they can't wait to do math. The foundation is solid with good revision. I personally will never go back to a spiral program again and also when looking ahead to the final few years I am really going to need those DVD instructions ;)
  3. We also use SOTW1 at this stage, my kids are a little older. Have you thought of sticking with the curriculum, the later books do address some of those issues you want to teach your child? We just love SOTW. :)
  4. I don't have an iPad or a Kindle device, but I do have an Andriod Tablet (with kindle app installed on it). There are fantastic applications available in the app store, many are free. You should also check out the site http://www.freehomeschooldeals.com they post several fantastic kindle books that are listed as free for a limited time on Amazon. Really well worth looking in. Blessings
  5. Our experience with SS. English is not our home language - we started with SS with the program only a few weeks ago and I am more than happy with it. My kids surprise me everytime we do the lesson, they just love it. I try and make up some funny sentences and we just laugh while they work. My two kids do it together as they are at same grade level as well and they basically compete to see who got the most correct, for them this is fun, they retain what they learn. For them who is not English this is a major accomplishment. I just wanted to add something in general about the comment of curriculum hopping. There is an old saying 'don't fix it, if it aint broken'. I have found if I look around too much for stuff (those nice shiny new books *wink wink*) I get confused and my kids get confused. They think I am not in control and don't know what I am doing.
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