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  1. My ds and dd have been taught together from day one. Same grade level but actually 1 year apart in age (dd the younger one) Never had any problems and for us (mostly my sanity) I really can't see how else this could work. My ds is very competitive but this just inspired both of them to just work harder. Guess I have just been lucky. All the best ((hugs))
  2. Looks great thanks, did check around a bit, will try and make some. Would would really be great is some sort of tutorial or something on how to make video inforgraphics, those are so stunning.
  3. You did the right thing. You are the parent and your time is important. I would have done the same thing. The child needs to understand there is a time for everything. IMO he was ready to do his work because he wanted to get his XBOX back when he knew it was almost time when he is allowed to play it. There has to be rules and there has to be consequences. all the luck.
  4. Maybe look at Horrible History the books and videos as super funny and gross at times. That really gets the kids going. If you want something more formal what about History Revealed by Diana Waring. I would not change curriculums so much, I make something work and financially we just can't do it. Kids need to understand. I had history at school, in SA it is an optional subject - I hated it. Today I realize it is the way the teacher present it that got all to do with it. Now I love it and learn with the kids.
  5. Just wondering why you think LLATL is lacking so much that you supplement so much? Don't you think the program can work on it's own? We do supplement spelling as I feel it is very light in that area.
  6. Following. I had a similiar question, just kinda opposite as we love experiments. Did you see the topic on 'are you using a science curriculum' there was also some interesting feedback.
  7. Just as interest those who used it and didn't like it, what to use instead?
  8. Gosh, sorry it is not a good experience for you. Do you think the way the person is presenting it might be the issue? we are not using it yet, but going to. I heard nothing but good things about the program. There is a yahoo group if you maybe want to join there and see if they can assist with the problems?
  9. Thanks kolamum. How do you work out your schedule? Just list basic topics and add in reference books, labs etc?
  10. To those using LLATL. Have you ever skipped any of the daily lessons or perhaps any of the book levels? We are using LLATL as our main program and follow it basically to the letter. Adding spelling. We missed a few days this year (we school year round) and will not finish the book as I planned early next year in time to start the new one. Is there any lessons I can skip or should I rather combine lessons and do perhaps here and there two lessons per day?
  11. Have you looked at Diana Waring's series History Revealed? Really good!
  12. Thank you for the suggestions - I will look at them ;)
  13. Where we are there are several hs groups, just basically getting together, no classes or coop. Sometimes educational field trips. The big problem here is the politics within the homeschoolers that is just not good, not only to the kids but us moms too. we are no longer part of that. Both my kids does Figure skating and Ice hockey and they just love the ice. what I could suggest is perhaps getting them involved at a animal shelter, spca etc. There is also special horseriding classes for kids with issues. Or they can help out there, animals works wonders with kids.
  14. Gosh - you make me feel so guilty *blush* Today not much... but does going to the library and them doing advanced paper models count?
  15. She really needs to get that borrowing foundation down, it is not going to get easier. If she gets the concept down and really understands it, then it is smooth sailing from there. It might be that she doesn't want to put in the work. My ds really don't want to do the place notations, but he just have to - no choice there. With regards to MUS. I don't see where there are gaps? It is not a spiral program and it gives very good explanations and get one subject area good foundation and then move on to the next, with loads of review. My kids use MUS and they have far exceeded all my expectations. We went from a spiral program to MUS, best decision ever for us that is ;)
  16. Just wondering how General Science is working for you guys? We are also still busy with Science in the Beginning and busy looking at books for Grade 7. Was thinking of General Science but I am not convinced by it yet? Any insights please...
  17. Have you perhaps looked at LLATL? It is Christian. Student book, teacher guide, loads of reading. We enjoy the program. We do however supplement the spelling a bit. Many people say it is too light, but if you use the program year after year it is really a great program ;)
  18. My kids use to do a spiral program but could not keep up as there were so many things introduced in one year and no proper reviews or concrete foundations in one subject area. So after long throught we eventually went over to Math U See. We love MUS. The foundations in everything is solid and the kids enjoy doing Math. There are loads of review for previous work/books. I personally would not go back to a spiral program as what we doing now is working for us, the proof is in their joy of doing Math and it being their favourite subject but also the test scores are fantastic. ;) If the Math program is working for her and you see the results, stick with it!
  19. I feel your pain been there. I eventually let them do it orally, but later I typed up the narration and made copywork pages of it. That seem to work perfect for us.
  20. You could look at the book Drawing with Children, kids love it. You can also check out art projects on Pinterest, some great stuff there. We are a very creative family and my kids love art just as much as I do. You could teach them basic colour wheels, various colour types. How different pencil shadings work etc. They can try different mediums such as crayons, coloured pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal, waterpaints, acrylics etc. They can make clay and do sculpting projects. You can even do other projects doing weaving etc, the possibilities are endless. Let them each make a big folder bag using very thick cardstock where you can keep all their artwork. If the art projects become too much to keep, take pictures of it. You can make a little book or folder - print out the photos of their masterpieces and add it to the book/folder. Just some general ideas. Take it easy and make it fun.
  21. You can try apply for jobs at doctors offices. Sometimes they are willing to do in house training. This could be anything from a receptionist to a typist. You can even try filling clerk and then work you way up to perhaps later accounts. In my young days it is what I did. They even trained me to do ECG's and various other testing on patients.
  22. We would like to use a hands-on science curriculum or books for 7 and 8th grade. Any recommendations? Anyone used The Rainbow Science by Beginnings publishing? would love some help please.
  23. Love her unit studies, we have bought several over the years. You can't go wrong.
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