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  1. My sister was a teen mom.She had to drop out of highschool.She now in her 30's would like to get her Ged.Are there any resources out there online preferably free that could help her prepare for testing?
  2. I just started using this with my kids. How do you access practice problems after watching videos? I know there is a master challenge but it is not related to what they are learning. Any help would be appreciated. I love the videos but if there are no practice problems for concepts learned sadly I'm going to have to find another math resource.
  3. I would contact Brian at Mcruffy he might be able to help you.
  4. I have used k-2 Mcruffy Math.I used the k level with my preschool age ds and he did very well with it.I am a fan of Mcruffy.It is an easy no stress Math but in grade 2 we hit a wall.Mcruffy jumps around a lot and in previous grades it didn't bother us but in grade 2 there was just not enough practice on math facts for my dc.I found myself supplementing with free worksheets and sites.I ended up making the switch to CLE for 3rd.I highly recommend Mcruffy for k though I have no experience with pre-k.
  5. Last year we had an ant problem. I refuse to use pesticides because we have asthma.I used vinegar.All you have to do is put straight vinegar Ina spray bottle and several times a day spray where you are getting them.It doesn't smell great but it works.
  6. I used Mcruffy with much success to teach my children to read. There is a supplemental phonics book that could be of use to you child. I do think it is just one of those practice makes perfect things and in time he will improve.At that age my daughter had trouble answering comprehension questions or retelling the story. So, I just stopped asking for awhile. I picked chapter books I knew would interest her and read to her daily. Rather then ask questions I asked her to draw me a picture of the story. I let her take her time and once I saw her drawing I knew she understood. She was not able to tell me what happened in the story, the setting , sequence of events but she was drawing them. She loved this and before long she was able to narrate. https://www.rainbowresource.com/searchspring.php?q=mcruffy+dynamic+phonics
  7. Anyone care to give a review of this curriculum? Someone on this board suggested it.I had never heard of it.I did placement with my kids and they seem to like it but they are used to workbooks for Math.It has been an adjustment.I'm mostly curious if this can be used as a full curriculum or just a supplement.I have only tried the Math portion so far.Any reviews of the Math and LA would be helpful.Thanks.
  8. My state only requires Math, LA, and good citizenship. I am on a tight budget this year and will either use freebies or very inexpensive curriculum. This is my first year attempting to do this and it is very intimidating. My children are rising 3rd and 4th graders. What freebies and inexpensive curriculum would you use to cover your bases? I have AAS Te and I'm thinking about using The Treasure Workbooks or Pearson Scott Foresman Writing and grammar freebies to cover LA. Then just read books and use literature studies available free online. I have SOTW for history. I'm using free Science, Bible, typing and handwriting online. What am I missing? Is this enough? Oh yeah I need a free math but I am not a fan of MEP.Any suggestions for covering good citizenship?I could also use suggestion for teaching kids the writing process.I wanted to use EIW but don't know if I can.
  9. Oh yeah I love Duolingo but haven't tried it with kiddos yet.
  10. Thanks. I really wanted to try a free Spanish.
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