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  1. We are on track to do this with oldest. She is interested in computer science, not pre-med/medical school though. She took 1 class as a Freshman, a few as a Sophomore. She will be mainly full-time here as a Junior and a Senior. She will end up with an AS if the plan works well. At the colleges she is looking at, there will be some extraneous classes used for high school/associates that they don't care about, but she will have most of her non-computer science classes covered.
  2. We used Dr. Callahan's videos with it as Geometry is not my strength in math, so we used his syllabus. The syllabus for the third edition is free on their site:
  3. beckyjo

    Senior bathroom - ideas?

    We just had to remove shower doors for my in-laws, since they were in MIL's way when she assists FIL. So, make sure you go curtain instead of doors on the shower. A lip isn't too much of a problem for FIL, who uses a walker. He holds onto the walker and then grabs a bar before letting go of the walker. They have tile, which works well, but I don't know how the different floors would work. A bidet is a great idea. I don't know if there are taller toilets, but that'd be great if there is. FIL sometimes has trouble standing back up after toileting.
  4. beckyjo

    No Spend October 7-13

    I'm writing off this week. We ended up going into the suburbs 4 times (ie: tons of gas & tolls) as well as eating out 3+ times this week. But we did survive. I did get some clothing returned for about $40 back yesterday. Everyone has the clothing they need now, but I haven't gotten out the coats/gloves/etc out yet, but I think we're set there. I ordered $100 grocery pickup this morning, and I am working on a menu plan. DD should go back to school this week (possibly part-time though), so I bought quite a bit of lunch items.
  5. beckyjo

    James' or James's

    I prefer no s after the apostrophe, so that is how I voted. But I teach either is acceptable as long as it is consistent throughout the document. FWIW, my brother, whose name ends in s, prefers no s after the apostrophe as well.
  6. beckyjo

    Growth curves in SLI

    I got it to open by right-clicking on it. Maybe this link will work:
  7. I use Chrome, and 90% of the emojis are black and white. I still see a blank box for a lot of them. Default are the only ones in color.
  8. I broke a Qtip off in my ear canal when I was a kid. Doctor had to fish the cotton out with super-long tweezers. DD#1 filled the paper tray of the printer with library books. We didn't find them for months as the printer was a spare one. We always have spares as DH is a computer repairman. DD#2 buried the TV remote in the bottom of the massive Mega Blocks/LEGO bin. Also not found for a long time. DD#3 fed the Hungry, Hungry Hippos board game peanut butter and cheerios. Yeah, not fun to clean...
  9. Maybe try two and have someone else move the door at the same time? Like hold the book closed with the skewers.
  10. beckyjo

    s/o What is sexual assault

    Sorry, I can't get behind this. People bring up false accusations of rape often, so I can't see how the legal aspect would work if a woman hauls off and punches a guy for pinching/grabbing/etc. "Light" sexual assault (for lack of a better phrase) would be even harder to prove than rape, and now a woman has done physical harm to a man, so it's pretty obvious to me that what happened to the waitress would be the default as she would be the one who gets caught. Taking it to a physical fight is just going to physically hurt the woman because the man will then escalate the altercation and usually win and/or get her in trouble with the law for an "unprovoked" attack. This is not to say that I don't love the idea of a woman taking down some man who can't keep his hands to himself, he 100% deserves it. But I don't think we can assume that it would be, "oh, okay, you say he touched you. No problem, ma'am, you're free to go."
  11. beckyjo

    How long do you keep your cars?

    We buy old, cheap cars (under $4K) and drive them until they leave us by the side of the road, usually 3-7 years. Current cars are 2001 Explorer (235K miles) and 2001 Taurus (165K miles). I am hoping the explorer lasts another year; it still runs well, but the mileage is getting pretty high.
  12. beckyjo


    I just got off the phone with my mom, and I convinced her to evacuate. She's going to go a little inland, as she lives on a canal on the Gulf side of FL. She's thinking of heading toward Orlando and stopping when she finds a nice hotel. She was dithering as it's voluntary evac for her area, but she lives where storm surge is expected.
  13. beckyjo

    No Spend October 7-13

    It's been pretty bad here, just working on surviving this upcoming week. I did manage to order DD's food sensitivity test kit (with 15% off), get an oil change, and order groceries with WM pickup. Today, I need gas, and we'll probably do some sort of treat after Dr. appt (maybe I'll use Culver's scoopie coupons so it'll be free). Going to throw something in the crockpot for dinner tonight.
  14. beckyjo

    How many miles do you drive a day?

    It's 26 miles to oldest's community college, so 52 miles daily M-TH. Friday, I drive 30 miles roundtrip to the other child's school (it's on the way to community college, so I drive M-F to this school). With errands and homeschooled child's activities, I drive between 30-100, with most weekdays between 50-70 miles. I try not to drive too much on the weekend.
  15. My 6th grader is reading Breaking Stalin's Nose right now. Eye opening for me as well as her. It's a deceptively "easy read".
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