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  1. beckyjo

    Giant Emoji's

    Hey, I got one! Edit: And this guy's little. Weird.
  2. beckyjo

    Giant Emoji's

  3. beckyjo

    How did you or will you pay for college?

    Me: My parents helped a lot, but I graduated undergrad with about $30K debt. I had a scholarship that paid half tuition and I worked for 3 out of the 4 years. My loans are paid. I used tuition reimbursement for about 1/2 an MBA degree (I switched jobs midway through the program and couldn't afford to continue - so no master's degree). DH: went to community college for about 8! years off and on. Graduated the semester after we got married - he only had about $5K in loans from that. We took out $25K in debt to finish up his bachelors. We are still paying on his loans. He's back in school at the cc for an internet security program, for which we are using tuition reimbursement from his job. Our kids: My mother won a lawsuit from my father's death and set aside a generous amount in 529s for my kids. We do not have a local 4 year school within commuting distance. My kids are eligible for PELL money based on current income levels. I expect it will be a combination of 529 $, kid's earnings (work study?), need based $, possibly some merit $ for at least 1 kid, and current earnings from DH and I. Oldest: Currently dual enrolled at our local comm college. My mother pays tuition; we cover books and those damn-expensive online access codes. She is 2e, so not likely to receive scholarships - teachers love her once they have her in class, but her stats aren't great. Middle: high stats kid, wants to go to med school, so hopefully, we can get her through undergrad somewhat cheaply in order to save $ for med school. Youngest: no idea yet.
  4. beckyjo

    what is your 12 year old reading for fun?

    My 11 year old (12 in 2 weeks) tried to read Lord of the Rings trilogy. She dropped it in the middle of the The Two Towers and went back to re-reading The Hobbit. Latest quick read: Shipwreck Island series (you have to read all 4 books) and Whelan's books (Chu Ju's House, Angel in the Square). My 13 year old is reading the Chains series and Scythe.
  5. beckyjo

    Where to shop for women's clothes?

    Christopher and Banks has a large petite section usually. They're a little on the pricier side, but they have sales non-stop. I haven't shopped for myself in, like, forever, but maybe Dress Barn or Ross?
  6. My oldest will be a senior - Dear Lord, I swear I am not that old!! Everything next year will be at the community college, at least it's easy to plan. She will have Calc I & possibly Calc 2, Physics, Composition 2 & Speech. Some sort of Humanities and Fine Arts elective. She is hoping to CLEP 1 social studies credit, but she'll take the class if necessary. She should graduate then with an AS.
  7. beckyjo

    What do you have hanging above your bed?

    I think a huntsman is a spider.
  8. I'm a fan of the work uniform - fewer decisions need to be made in the morning. This woman has 15 of the same shirt as her uniform: I would probably have 6 shirts to make it through the week with one extra for spills/tears/etc. Is it possible that this employee has 2 of each shirt? But honestly, I do a load of laundry every day, so 4 wouldn't be a big deal. When my kids were little, I didn't sort the laundry - everything we wore yesterday was washed the next day. We could've all lived with only 2 of everything. Very, very few people police men's work wardrobe re-runs. Dude wore the same suit on TV for a year! Finally, I can't imagine a boss discussing this with a client. I have a lot bigger problem with that than with employee's wardrobe choices.
  9. beckyjo

    Mad Libs for parts of speech.

    Mad Libs is my go-to grammar curriculum until about 3rd grade although we still do Mad Libs up through middle school. Then we do Grammarland in 4th/5th. Then finish up with Giggly Guide to Grammar in middle school. So far, 2 out of 3 kids have not needed any further grammar instruction other than a quick lesson on diagramming when one chose to try private school in 8th grade.
  10. beckyjo

    What do you have hanging above your bed?

    We don't have anything over the headboard. I do have this little hanging quilt on DH's side wall that his mother made for me, and a caricature of the kids on my side wall.
  11. beckyjo

    Breast Cysts and Mastitis - not nursing

    No, they didn't. They said it was probably the same thing as over the summer, looked back through her records, and prescribed the same antibiotic. I don't think they cultured it over the summer either. She's not getting any worse or better so far today. A little bit of discharge now, but no fever today at all. I'll be calling the doctor tomorrow to get her in and see where we go from here.
  12. beckyjo

    Breast Cysts and Mastitis - not nursing

    Interesting. My older DD's doctor told us that we (me and older DD) probably have Ehler's Danlos the first time we saw her. We have never been officially diagnosed though. From the symptoms the doctor listed for Ehler's Danlos, I would assume 13 year old would have it if I do.
  13. I live behind an old KMart; it's been closed (so empty) for about a year and a half and it is now being remodeled as a Lumberyard. Honestly, I don't even really notice it. Some things we have run into: it draws neighborhood teens who hang out and sometimes make trouble, weirdos drove and parked behind it or dumped garbage while it was closed, and the parking lot lights can be blinding at night.
  14. beckyjo

    Breast Cysts and Mastitis - not nursing

    I really don't know if it is mastitis. She didn't have a fever this morning at the ER, but she ran a low fever this afternoon - 99.5. That is with Advil for the pain. She complained of being hot and cold at the same time, but no real fever chills. Yeah, I think I'll push for a specialist visit this week when we go to the primary doctor.
  15. beckyjo

    Walk through bedrooms experiences

    Can your youngest take your oldest's bedroom? Your siggie says he is away at college. If he only comes home every so often, I'd not keep him a full bedroom - pullout or bunks or something rigged up when he is home? I passed on a house that was good for us because it would've required a pass-through in the master. It wasn't something that could be easily or cheaply remedied, so I decided no on it.