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  1. My current 7th grader is my youngest; she is less driven than my older 2, so hers looks different than theirs did. Oldest did Sonlight. Middle did homegrown unit studies. Youngest is doing my version of BYL 7 (I had to strip it down a little for her), Winter Promise Horse Science, CLE for math, a mix of Jump In, 4 Square, and Treasured Conversations (she's writing phobic, so she likes options for her mood), and Apples and Pears Spelling. I add in math facts (they're still iffy at times) and typing (because she was back to hunting and pecking).
  2. So far my two high schoolers have felt they wanted some different teachers than me in high school. So far, one has done dual enrollment and one is doing the local co-op. We're not doing DE solely for $ reasons, but I do hope it does shave some money off the back end of college - but I'm not counting on it. My oldest is set to graduate with an AS along with her diploma this coming May. I assume she will go 3-4 years for a Bachelors. She had to do all of the "boring" high school classes, which she did not want to do solely with me. Our only option for secular outsourcing here are online classes or community college - she doesn't do well with online due to some executive function problems. So community college it is. She's been pretty happy, and if she gets enough credits to not have to do fine arts and/or English again, she'll be ecstatic. My middle, now a freshman, may take some classes at the community college, but so far, she is doing some classes at the local Christian co-op (our only option besides CC for high school here). While she is not in love with it so far, I know that the community college would not be a better fit for her.
  3. So far: Aldi's $105 - enough for one week groceries and some stocking up of staples like Ketchup, Syrup, etc Walmart $55 - a few groceries, but mainly OTC meds Amazon $65 - mainly vitamins, OTC meds - the big Subscribe and Save just hit today Walmart $79 - DH picked up groceries at various odd times as I couldn't make it this past weekend. Walmart $113 - pickup order to catch up after this past week. Total left: $283
  4. My dd just took this ACT test. Her English score tanked - by so much that, even though she raised the other 3 scores (math by 4 points alone), her composite stayed the same. I think the English just was a harder section this time.
  5. I have had 6 total bookings so far, and I've completed 3 (well, one was a no show - payment for no work!). I've enjoyed the 2 classes I've had so far. I'm kind of considering it a paying hobby at this point.
  6. I am hoping my groceries will be under $700 this month - that includes anything bought at Aldis & Walmart as well as grocery/toiletries from Amazon. My contribution for Thanksgiving will need to be gluten free, so that will cost a little extra. Also, DH has a birthday so we will need some sort of celebratory meal. So far: Aldi's $105 - enough for one week groceries and some stocking up of staples like Ketchup, Syrup, etc Walmart $55 - a few groceries, but mainly OTC meds Amazon $65 - mainly vitamins, OTC meds - the big Subscribe and Save just hit today Total left: $475
  7. Good things: Dragged out some American Girl stuff to see if it will sell during the Christmas season. Listed the big dollhouse this morning. Also found an outgrown pair of snow boots and some clothing that I can probably sell. Returned $10 worth of stuff to Walmart today - no receipt, so store credit. Stocked up on most grocery items this past week. Didn't find a good meat sale though, and my freezer is looking bare. Have a few classes with VIPKid this week. Used some leftover Halloween candy in cookie making this weekend (Reese's peanut butter cup chocolate chip cookies). Middle DD reached her medical out of pocket a week ago, so everything from here til Dec 31 is free. Found a LEGO set buried in the closet - will use as a Christmas present for youngest. DD's rocketry team was unable to certify her in the large motors (while bad for her, it did save $50 on the cert fee). Bad things: Doctor put DD on some new allergy meds - cost me an additional $30 for the month. Postage is really, really expensive! We mailed a care package to a friend undergoing chemo and I just about fell over when she said the price. Ugh. My laptop is really too old to do VIPKid on - I will need a new one if I continue teaching. For now, I'm going to try DD's laptop. We'll see how that one works.
  8. It was the snowiest Halloween on record in our town (3.1 inches). Also unseasonably cold: 2nd coldest Halloween ever (33 degrees). DH took the kids out briefly, and I handed out candy. We only had about 1/2 the normal amount of kids, and they were 90% middle and high school kids. I think the youngers went to the indoor activities. I did have one kid swear I was his Kindergarten teacher - he would not be dissuaded I wasn't her by his mother. He hugged me and told me he couldn't wait to see me in school tomorrow.
  9. My 12 year old came home with an apple -- a house apparently had 2 bowls, one with fruit and one with candy. My dd picked an apple; the guy (who was a dentist) was shocked.
  10. I can't read people at all - so I guess that makes me a bad judge of character. Fortunately, I have been extremely lucky in that I haven't run into people who want to do me harm, but nope, can't read people at all.
  11. Long piece in the middle of the picture looks like the battery cover (it looks like a battery drawing on it)? Or it's the piece under the cutout in the bottom left and that's the piece you attach the jumper cables to.
  12. I had a very severe case of chicken pox when I was 7. I was hospitalized for a time (I think for dehydration as I had lots of internal cp, so I wasn't drinking/eating), and I still have some cp scars on my stomach and around my eyes. I've never had shingles or either vaccine. I am 45. DH had 1(!!!!) chicken pock mark when he was 10, and because of that, a doctor tested his immunity a couple of years ago. He has had neither shingles nor the shingles vaccine. He is also 45. All 3 of my kids (ages 17, 14, and 12) got the cp vaccine.
  13. I picked up a "free" shirt with Kohl's cash this morning - a basic white long-sleeve t-shirt that is a little more belly-clinging than I would prefer, but I have a ton of jackets it'll go under. The shirt was $14 on sale for $10, and the Kohl's cash I had was $10. So, I didn't even have to pay tax as it was a $0 transaction. The cashier was a little weirded out - "That's $10.83 before your coupon *scans coupon* Your new total is, um, uh. Well, I guess you can just take it. Um, good job!" I also picked up a free with coupon bath gel from Bath and Body Works this morning. MIL gave DH his dad's kindle, so he's happy about that. I signed my VIPKid contract this morning. I have a workshop tomorrow morning with them, which should earn me some tokens. My two youngest kids have already said I have to get the Dino plush - I was thinking more along the lines of Amazon gift cards, but we'll see once I have enough to spend. I have to wait until I get DD's medical appointments on the schedule/figure out if we're looking at surgery & rehab or what the deal is before I start scheduling classes though. DH dropped his class this coming 8 weeks due to DD's medical problems. He'll just have to do it later, but the drop in stress was worth it to him. The school worked with us to get him a refund even though he was 1 day past the drop date. It helped that I grew up with the lady who runs the department - she went above and beyond to push it through. My mother wants to buy me a new winter coat for the season, but I don't know when I have time to go shopping. On the not frugal side: My car went in to the shop and needed a lot of work. We've purchased a couple of crafty things for DD to do as she is not allowed physical exertion until she sees the specialist (info on her health issues here) DH and oldest are visiting a college this week. So gas for a 6 hour roundtrip drive and food for DH (DD will eat in the cafeteria on the college's dime). However, if she visits now during the application process, she's eligible for a $2500 scholarship, so this visit could really pay off if she chooses this school.
  14. If it were a different dd I would think about going to the ER to see if we could speed the process. With this dd's hospital trauma, I'd prefer to stay away from the ER. So, we'll wait. We're on a Fresh Off the Boat marathon right now. DH took all the kids to Michael's to get some craft kits for DD to do while I phoned grandmas and updated them this evening. We're planning on seeing if we can get Toy Story 4 tomorrow from Redbox since she's really bummed about Tae Kwon Do.
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