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  1. All 3 of my kids did Five in a Row for PreK - K. All 3 also did the Let's (Cut, Paste, Color, etc) workbooks from Kumon in PreK. After K, all of my children went on to different paths. One child did all levels of McRuffy Math. If Build Your Library had been around when kids were little, I probably would've used it through elementary.
  2. I'll share DH's cousin's youtube channel. Andrew records himself playing hymns on the piano - he has recordings of over 3900 hymns. So, if you can think of it, he's probably played it. His channel: His latest work:
  3. Well, shoot, they're not anywhere near me - they look fun!
  4. Some fairly logical questions to follow up the comment would be, " Have you been to Jamaica?" "What resort did you stay at? Do you recommend it?" "What was the best beach there?" I'm pretty socially awkward, so I totally understand foot in mouth disease. As such, I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but no one is talking about grilling him about systemic and blatant racism I don't think. I think since he brought up Jamaica, I'd probably talk about Jamaica. If it turned out he'd never been to Jamaica, then I'd probably feel somewhat differently about him than if he said it was the best trip of his life, and he enthusiastically tells me how much he learned so much about the culture, the people, the flora, the fauna, and he and his wife were planning on returning in 6 months.
  5. I was diagnosed right before Thanksgiving shortly after I turned 35 and had a BRCA test within 1-2 weeks. I was scheduled for a lumpectomy followed by radiation a couple of days before Christmas; that was changed to a double mastectomy due to a positive BRCA finding. The mastectomy was toward the end of January as it was fast-growing but still in stage 0. I had an MRI sometime in December as well and lymph node testing the day of the surgery. I thought it rather fast, but the nurses at the plastic surgeon's office always commented on it was so nice that I had time unlike many of the women they saw. The only actual symptom I had was itching in the ni**le; I never had any palpable lumps. I agree with bringing someone to all of the appointments; I had DH (not the best at remembering things), my mother (really good note taker but no medical knowledge), and my BIL (who is a pastor and does this with his parishioners often so he was the best at it).
  6. This is similar to how my dad became Charlie. One of his first jobs was in a body shop, and shortly after he was hired, the owner looked at him and told him, "I can't remember a name like Clarence! You wanna work here; you're Charlie from now on." The owner was my mother's uncle so putting up with a totally new name that stuck for the next 40 years worked out well since he met the love of his life at that body shop.
  7. To build off of KT's responses: As for any further appointments regarding the physical aspect, in our area, we have a specialized clinic that deals with SA and children/teens. You may be able to find information from your regular doctor on how to be referred to it - we were personally referred by DCFS. You may also call your local advocacy center and ask, but I don't know if you would have to start the whole process with them in order to get that information - our clinic is in an area of the hospital that is protected by 2-3 different locking doors and is very non-descript from the outside for further protection, although there is a small mention of it on the hospital website. I'd forward any information now if and only if you have a case number already. If you don't, I don't know that I would trust them to file it correctly. I would definitely start a file for yourself where all copies of information is kept. Hugs to you and your DD.
  8. Names are so funny because they are so personal that people can (rightfully) take offense if you can't remember them. But they are also so many different ones, but tons of ones that sound alike and so many versions of the same name, that keeping it all straight can become a minefield. And spellings can be so different. My grandparents gave all 7 of their children names that they were certain had no nicknames. 6 out of the 7 ended up with nicknames. Your "Irene" reminded me as my Aunt Irene is known often as Eeny or Eye-Eye. My father was Clarence who went by Charlie. I'm Rebecca, but even though I usually (almost always) introduce myself as Rebecca; I am mostly known as Becky or Becca or to a few people who use Reba. I only correct for the entirely wrong name - Rachel and Roberta being the two most common mistakes. "Hi, my name is Rebecca." "Oh, it's so nice to meet you, Rachel!" My kids don't get nicknames, but their names are only 2 syllables and don't lend themselves to nicknames as the names are fairly uncommon and 1 of them is nicknamey in itself like Carrie. Funny story regarding masculine/feminine names: when my oldest was born, her doctor (my family doctor) walked in to check on her just after she was born and asked, "Have you named her?" We said yes, it's Marty (not her name). And he looked astounded and said, "You named your baby girl Martin!!!!"
  9. I am so sorry you and your Dd are going through this. (((Hugs, Shiny))) In my experience, the detective was very, very sympathetic, but eventually nothing came of it. We filed the police report, went in a few times to police station to discuss with detective/drop off paperwork/answer questions from the DA. When it actually hit the DA, it all screeched to a halt, as there wasn't evidence. I knew as soon as I spoke with the DA, that no charges would be filed. She was very business like, but the first words out of her mouth were, "These cases are hard to prosecute." The police station was always very careful to keep DD & me separated from abuser although detective accidentally let it slip a few times that he was there at the same time. Dd was assigned an advocate who was not very good about keeping me in the loop, so I called detective approximately weekly to keep up to date. I just ran around her. In fact, at one point, I got a call where she apologized up and down and sideways that she had not contacted me for weeks. I am under the impression that she was in huge, possible legal, trouble for the oversight. Dd was also assigned a case worker through DCFS, who was kind of kooky, but she showed up at all meetings. Dd's sole interview was through a child advocacy center - she was interviewed by a social worker specially trained and Detective, DCFS lady, and Assistant DA watched from behind a 2 way mirror. I was also interviewed as Dd told me some things. Dd's therapist received a call as Dd disclosed some details to her, but she was never interviewed. I was informed it would take a couple of weeks, but the company where it happened ground the process to a halt by withholding information without subpoenas, so it was about a 3-4 month investigation. Overall, it seemed like a lot of retraumatization for no results. DCFS lady told me when no charges were pressed that she was worried that they would press charges in that she was not sure that Dd could handle a trial where she would have to see him. All of my online research had pointed me to the interview would be her sole "retelling", but DCFS lady said that that was not the case. So while I would've liked the guy to be nailed to a wall (sorry about that, but it's true), I am not sure Dd would've been able to follow through. Her mental health came first. Shiny, I kept a diary that started with just "spoke with X about Y", just because my own brain was in a whirlwind and I could not remember who all I had spoken to about what. It morphed into a little bit of what happened as she told me details and I processed. I figured it could help in a civil case against the company if we chose to pursue that route. If you are interested, I would read it and see the timeline and if I am forgetting stuff (probably I am as my brain was not functioning fully). Again, I am so sorry, my heart is breaking for you and your Dd.
  10. My oldest decided in 5th or 6th grade that she didn't want any overtly Christian curriculum as well. So here's some ideas that I've researched and/or used. Some others to look at: Oak Meadow - waldorf-inspired. I use some of their high school curriculum, namely health, but I don't know about their middle school. $, but fairly easy to find used. Build Your Library - history living book/Charlotte Mason style - levels 7 & 8 are very well done. This does have science added, but I've always done different science. Fairly budget friendly if you borrow or buy used literature. Moving Beyond the Page - history and science based on living books. Can get pretty $ if you use the entire program. Not too bad for one or two units. Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding goes to grade 8 no idea on pricing. Real Science Odyssey - same publisher as History Odyssey no idea on pricing. Guest Hollow - some Christian books included, but they are mentioned in the guide so you can delete or pre-read or whatever you need to do to work around them. If you can get the books used or borrow from library, really budget friendly. Bookshark is the faith neutral version of Sonlight. Can be fairly $, but can find used. As for the ones you've listed above: History Odyssey - dd didn't like it at all (5thish grade?) - we chucked it after about a semester Human Odyssey - 2 thumbs up for the texts although I much prefer having everything planned for me, so we've moved to Build Your Library Time4Learning - fit for a short season in 8th grade during some medical problems; kid found it a little babyish, and I'm wary of full-time online anyway. Story of the World - we used this when kids were younger; levels 3 & 4 could probably be used for 8th grade, but levels 1 & 2 are a little on the young side. Level 1 is usually the volume that gets classified as not secular. I've never used Singapore Science, so no review there. If you're up to working up your own schedule, you can always purchase public school texts and build around them. I did that with Hewitt's Conceptual Physics text, and I used a blog documenting a class called Quarks and Quirks (or Quirks and Quarks) for 8th grade biology.
  11. Build Your Library? Any of levels 1-4 could be done with a 1st and 4th grader. Lists of extra readers for levels 1 & 2 (not scheduled) are available on the website for your 4th grader. It uses Story of the World as the spine and adds in living books. It's not Christian, but flexible enough to add in what you want in the way of religious instruction. Biblioplan sounds like a fit as well. Personally, I found Tapestry of Grace was so overwhelming to me that I ended up junking it after about a week and a half. I do not understand how people keep all of the pieces moving together. I do not have time to have a "learning curve" on homeschool curriculum.
  12. Venues that are popular and fairly inexpensive in my area: restored historic mill in a city park, moose club, tebala shrine, community center, history museum that has a restored church building, chapel at college. 2 friends who are both pilots rented out a small hanger at a small local airport. Is there a hobby the couple is into that they can look to use facilities there? When on a budget, you should first prioritize - what is most important for it to be the perfect wedding? For my wedding, it was pictures and food. I spent a lot on the photographer and the caterer (although with a more casual venue, we could save some $ here). Flowers were important to my mother, so she upped the budget for what she wanted. We chose a family member's yard and had a bonfire for a reception, since neither of us cared too much about venue and DH vetoed all dancing. Music? It was my brother on borrowed dj equipment. Nowadays, a lot of people are pretty good amateur photographers, so you could probably use a student building a portfolio or a friend for a discounted price.
  13. Eclipse is the cat we call "the black hole of doom". She judges you and finds you wanting when you trip over her in the dark. She does eat spiders though, so she is a good girl. Mayhem is just what you'd expect from a cat named Mayhem. This is her winter sleeping style on her heated cat throne bed.
  14. Mine's really boring compared to you guys. I want someone to pay me to pay their bills - I love making spreadsheets, budgeting, and making it all balance. I don't love working in a corporate accounting office at all. @MissLemon, I build dollhouses - it's just a money sink for me though. There are a lot of wonderful artisans out there who are making some $ doing it.
  15. My youngest has unfortunately fallen behind in math, partly due to her style, partly due to life happening. Long story short: she was running a year behind in math already (she did McRuffy a year behind since 1st grade took 2 years - she could NOT understand subtraction for a solid year). She was set to do McRuffy 5 last year in 6th. However, during her 6th grade year, her older sibling had severe mental health issues that affected the whole family. Math did not get done on any consistent basis, and what did get done was not understood and/or retained. I am now dealing with a 7th grader who needs to do 5th grade math. There may be some learning disabilities in play here as my oldest has some, and I suspect this child is similar. However, we are tapped out financially having dealt with all of the mental health bills this past year, so I cannot afford to get her a neuropsych eval at this time. I am hoping to get her ready for Algebra I by 9th grade. I don't know if that would be possible even going through both summers, but I'd really like to get her there. She will not be hurried to get through math or any topic really. Once she knows something, she needs some review, so a mastery approach won't work. However, sometimes I need to cut down the amount of problems as she will get overwhelmed. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? I am thinking Math Mammoth or CLE may work well. $ is definitely a consideration here for me as well; I cannot spend over $80 on math for her. I don't need much help in teaching math, so I usually don't have to buy the teacher's guide which saves $.
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