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  1. beckyjo

    Lighthearted poll about addresses envelopes

    My grandmother used choice 1 despite her husband dying at age 40. She used Mrs. Grandpa'sFirst LastName until the day she died. I know it's correct, but I always thought it was weird that she didn't just use her given name. I usually address as choice 3 if it's a couple. I use Smith Family if there are kids.
  2. beckyjo

    2018 Christmas Tree pictures

    We don't have a tree this year, but I decorated more than I usually do because of that fact. Our living room cabinets:
  3. My 11 year old apparently likes pics of her tongue. She's often stealing my phone and photographing herself sticking her tongue out!
  4. beckyjo

    What gift did you always want as a kid...

    He's going to be booking if she wants it as a Christmas present! Less than a month to putting together a kit is not for the faint of heart as Hobby Lobby does not have QuikBuild brand.
  5. beckyjo

    Types of nurses?

    Urgent care would be a step down from ER, but still have trauma patients. Psych nurses are always needed, and the ward is often "exciting".
  6. I have lived in a mobile home for 13 years, and I grew up in a mobile home at various times. My current home was manufactured by Schultz, so I don't know about Fleetwood, other than it is a big manufacturer. Have there been many sales you could comp on Zillow? That is how I know how much mine is worth; I keep a pretty close watch on my neighborhood. Insuring can be a pain - both in the wallet and finding a company that does it. Ours has an attached garage which kicks out some companies, as they don't like a stick built structure attached to the house. Since it doesn't sound like yours has a garage, State Farm, American Family, and Farmers should all do it. If you're talking about an inspection for sale, I'd call and ask various companies if they inspect mobile homes. Furnaces, water heaters, and air conditioning ducting all have to be mobile home specific. If those go out, it will cost a pretty penny, so be sure they are good. We replaced our gas water heater with an electric since a gas would've been over $3000, and as it was, the electric was $1600. Since it's in a park, the park should've anchored it onto either a concrete or gravel foundation. Concrete is better, as the house will settle weirdly over a decade or so on gravel. You should not have to do anything with anchoring other than making sure it is anchored. Titles are handled through the car title place; you should be able to get a replacement title through them. We had a mobile home mortgage through Greentree, although our home is currently paid for. Older mobile homes can cost a pretty penny to heat and cool, but I would not expect too much of a difference from a stick built home from a 2015.
  7. beckyjo

    What gift did you always want as a kid...

    I'll make you jealous! My parents liked to do sweepstakes when I was young, and my dad entered a cat food contest one year in the 80s in my name. I won not 1, not 2, not even 3 Koosa's. I won 5 of those things!! I kept 2 (one for each of my Cabbage Patch's), gave 2 to friends, and donated 1 to the Angel Tree. There's a picture of me somewhere standing next to a mountain of Koosa boxes.
  8. beckyjo

    What gift did you always want as a kid...

    You need to get your Cabbage Patch dolls out! I just got rid of Cleo a couple of years ago - my kids did not appreciate her as much as they should've LOL! My mother hunted her down in the craze of 1984, so I HAD to love her.
  9. beckyjo

    What gift did you always want as a kid...

    My kids had one because it was on my brother's list of "Toys I Wanted and Never Received". ☺️
  10. beckyjo

    What gift did you always want as a kid...

    I wanted a Barbie Dream House. I had small dollhouses (my brother built my first one when I was 8, then my dad built one, and then I built like 4 during my teen years), but I was always sad my Barbies didn't have a house.
  11. beckyjo

    Calico Critters for 10.5 year old?

    I am like Ktgrok; I am 44, and I'm contemplating if my next dollhouse build should be 1/2 scale, so I can people it with Calico Critters. They're adorable!
  12. beckyjo

    I’m bracing myself

    Your school district is absurdly disorganized, Lion!
  13. beckyjo

    I’m bracing myself

    I'll be honest; the district's stats would be a big con on my list of school options. My district is pretty bad as well - the schools we are zoned for rate 2, 3, and 3 on and less than 30% of kids are at grade level in math and reading. It is the main reason I do not send my children. I know of at least two families in my neighborhood who drive their children to different schools daily in order to avoid the school we are zoned for. I do have a friend who loved her kids' "failing" school because her child needed remedial help in reading and math, and the school had many, many kids who needed special education. Therefore, it was no big deal to classmates that the child was behind and was pulled out regularly for extra help.
  14. beckyjo

    What do you think of the remodeled Target stores?

    I went last week to buy girls' gloves and boots. It was like I was a mouse in a maze chasing a moving piece of cheese. We would find a display of about 2-4 styles of gloves, and kid would veto them. Other kid would point farther into the maze and say, "Oh, there's some more."; we would go to that display and repeat. We gave up after the 3rd display of gloves, and we turned a corner and found the shoe department. While she was trying on boots, I found yet another display of gloves in the middle of the shoes. We did come out with boots and gloves, but it was a weird experience.
  15. Now that I have thought a little bit about it, I am thinking Worthy will probably end up as my word. I am worthy to take some "me time", whatever form that will be. I am worthy to actually go to the doctor. I am worthy to be healthy, so I need to take time and energy to exercise and eat healthy foods. My children are also worthy to receive the best education I can give them.
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