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  1. I remember moving in to my freshman dorm, and my uncle commenting on my shoes. I had thrown all of them into a trash can (large bathroom size, not quite kitchen size), and they completely filled it up. I remember his face being so shocked, and his incredulous voice saying, "That's a lot of shoes..." Probably about 15-20. My oldest isn't moving into a dorm yet, but she'd probably want to take no more than 2 pair.
  2. I use Swagbucks. I'm pretty minimalist on it though. If I'm on my game (and SB is cooperating), we're talking $1 a day, but that earns me a $25 gift card to amazon monthly or bi-monthly, which I'll take for (usually) fairly little effort. I always enter receipts in Savings Catcher. I do most of my grocery shopping at Aldi, but always "finish up" at WM. I just shoot a pic on the app, and it gives me $ back, so no stress. Our WM doesn't price-match anymore so I use the Savings Catcher now. I just downloaded Ibotta, but I think?? you have to know what you're buying or bought and I don't have time to scroll through looking for each item on my list or receipt, so I'm a little confused why everyone thinks it's great.
  3. The only ones I'm saving are 2 that were signed to my children by the author. I also have 1 book signed to my Grandmother as a child; the nickname in the inscription is Boots - that makes me smile. My kids are all out of the picture book range but we still have a few floating around the bookshelves because youngest hasn't been able to let them go yet.
  4. beckyjo

    No Spend August 12-18

    8/12: $0 8/13: Library fine $1 8/14: $6 tea and craft paint at Walmart 8/15: $4 lock for school locker 8/16: $15 CLEP fee, $142 groceries & medicine, $8 school supply 8/17: stopped at a KMart closing (70% off lured me in): 2 pairs of pants $10, groceries (cleaning supplies) $8 8/18: $5 pool party (pizza $) for DD, $20 fidget things for DD I haven't even left the house today, so it's been a very no-spendy kind of day. I got some food ready to start making lunches next week, did a bunch of laundry, and cleaned a little. I finished a book and crushed my kids at Clue. Loving this low-key day. I'm trying to decide if I should charge DD for her fidgets. She's 16, so we're starting to think maybe she needs to take over some of her non-essential bills, so I'm tempted to. We have a lot of fidgets already in this house, which makes me think a new batch is kind of a waste. But then I think that I just spent $20 on "Unwind" essential oil for a different DD for calming even though we already had lavender (but she's only 13). Oldest doesn't have a job, but she does have $ in her account from birthdays and such. I don't know; DH has no opinion although if I left it up to him, he'd probably pay for these sorts of things forever. She's willing to pay, but I'm torn as they are necessary (but these particular ones probably aren't absolutely essential).
  5. beckyjo

    No Spend August 12-18

    Whoo-hoo! She passed the CLEP exam! Financially, it cost $102 instead of the $345 in cc tuition, so super yay! Non-financially, she feels so accomplished since she has some pretty severe testing anxiety and a couple of LD's. I didn't buy any swag at the "sports & clubs night" at DD's middle school, so go me! Unfortunately, I saw a little preschooler with a glitter t-shirt, and no other shirt will ever live up to that one. I doubt they carry it in my size, so bummer! My DD picked up information on Rocketry, Robotics, and Science Olympiad - can you tell what her favorite subject is?
  6. beckyjo

    No Spend August 12-18

    8/12: $0 8/13: Library fine $1 8/14: $6 tea and craft paint at Walmart 8/15: $4 lock for school locker 8/16: $15 CLEP fee, $142 groceries & medicine, $8 school supply 8/17: stopped at a KMart closing (70% off lured me in): 2 pairs of pants $10, groceries (cleaning supplies) $8
  7. beckyjo

    No Spend August 12-18

    Well I survived today. I am beat! 8/12: $0 8/13: Library fine $1 8/14: $6 tea and craft paint at Walmart 8/15: $4 lock for school locker 8/16: $15 CLEP fee, $142 groceries & medicine, $8 school supply There was a glitch in the system, so no score yet on the CLEP. They said to email tomorrow and they will have worked it out. I spent less than $100 on groceries, almost $60 was medicine. I also took out $100 for the first month of school ($20 for each of us). We found DD needed a bag/box for her colored pencils. She of course fell in love with one similar to this - which was definitely not the cheapest but it very well might've been the cutest. Edit: non-financial stuff. I asked about the gym uniform, and they said not to worry about it. There will be information given the first day of school, so we'll find out then. Brother's appointment went well - he's healthy, so yay! And I was tired tonight so we had frozen pizzas, which messed up my Friday night meal plan, so I'll have to figure out what we're eating tomorrow because it's a "out of the house" evening.
  8. beckyjo

    Ebay selling mistake... advice?

    Personally, I would contact buyer and ask how you can make this better. I think the options most likely are a) discount on how much they paid (if it's just a couple of pages, most people would be happy with just a couple of bucks off) or b) cancel sale. I honestly would be doing the happy dance if someone offered to buy me a new book for a set; that's almost unheard of in ebay sales. Dear ebay buyer, Thanks so much for your purchase. As I was packing it up, I noticed writing on pages X-Y (pictures enclosed). I don't know how I missed it! Are you still interested in the set? Please let me know so I can either cancel the sale or get the package to you asap. Sorry again for the inconvenience, ebay seller If the book is totally unusable, I'd add a sentence about "I can give you a partial refund for this portion of the set." Let them make an offer of how much and haggle accordingly if necessary.
  9. Something you could use to frame "Why do you need to learn this?" is the high rate of bankruptcies (70% I think) after winning the lottery. These are people who thought they had it made financially, a seemingly endless money train, but over half of them end up with less than nothing. Tell them that playing the lotto is not a great thing financially, but if they do play and win, they need to be in the minority who does well.
  10. beckyjo

    No Spend August 12-18

    Today is busy. DD has orientation at school this morning - should be $0 unless they want $ for the gym uniform today. The school supply lists one as "available at the school", but says nothing about the cost. After a quick lunch at home, oldest is taking a CLEP test. *fingers crossed* That has a $15 testing site fee. I have to run her over to the school a little early since she was in the wrong month on the calendar and thought this afternoon was free; it isn't. I'm driving my brother to the doctor today because he doesn't currently have a car. When I pick him up, we're off to the library since he needs to go and I have a few things on hold. After the library, I assume oldest will be done with her test, so we'll pick her up and then drop off brother. Home for dinner and a quick run to Walmart this evening - we need a few medicines and some groceries. Whew! I also need to sit down with youngest dd's curriculum which is currently stacked in a couple different boxes and see what I have to order from the library for the first couple of weeks of school and if there is anything I'm still missing (I think she can start with Mango free for Spanish). I think we'll only start math next week (should be here about Saturday), and everything else on the 27th. Hopefully that will give me time to organize it.
  11. I read that book last year - loved it!
  12. beckyjo

    No Spend August 12-18

    8/12: $0 8/13: Library fine $1 8/14: $6 tea and craft paint at Walmart 8/15: $4 lock for school locker DD had a couple of dr appointments today. One of the places require their co-pay up front, so I paid that today. The other one will just bill me at the end of the month. Fortunately (?), DD is now within $50 of max out-of-pocket for the year, so almost done paying for her dr visits. We took our lunch to a park today so we didn't have to go out in between dr appointments and bumped into some homeschool friends, so that was nice. My MIL gave me a wallet that she made a mistake on while sewing it. My wallet had split down the side, so I'm very grateful. We were also able to drop into the middle school and put some stuff in DD's locker (hence the lock) today. Tomorrow, we go for official orientation.
  13. beckyjo

    No Spend August 12-18

    Happy Birthday to your DD!
  14. beckyjo

    No Spend August 12-18

    8/12: $0 8/13: Library fine $1 8/14: $6 tea and craft paint at Walmart I need very little in the way of groceries this coming week, but we need all sorts of over the counter meds and toiletries. Which are all expensive. I pulled out $5 for DD's back to school swim party on Saturday. And a different DD needs $15 for laser tag for youth group in a couple of weeks. And the local art museum put out their homeschool classes today. For 8 classes from Jan - May, it's going to be $70, which I think is a good deal (especially since no one has ever called me an artist), but I have to sign her up and pay soon since these classes are really popular. We're going to try $20 per family member per month - that gives about 1 meal out per week at the cafeterias for schooled kids. Homeschooled kid and I would share $40 monthly for school activities/field trips/eating out. Might work; we'll see.
  15. beckyjo

    No Spend August 12-18

    Blessings, DH doesn't like ChickFilA, so we never go there. We had one open about 2 years ago. I've only been 1x. (Which is probably good for saving money though). Since I came through the north side of town after taking DD to gymnastics, I got "cheap" gas last night. So yay! $2.66 instead of the $2.97 it is down by us. No where to go today, so should be a quiet spending day. It's nice to have this day before school starts next week! My mom is currently in South Dakota and will be dropping in on her way back home to Florida, so she should be here sometime next week-ish.
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