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  1. Our Walmart is moving everything around, and because of that or maybe it's just the season they have a ton of clearance. I found some basic colored longer tees for me for $2 each. I picked up a white and a teal. Got all the pills and supplements sorted out for kids. The migraine rescue meds work like a charm for DD - headache gone in 20 minutes; hopefully, the preventative medicine will start working soon. Middle's iron should be here today, and I decided based on the Vitamin D thread here to get her Vit D and K2 as well. This will be an expensive week coming up for us: DD has no less than 5 medical appointments this coming week ( they are doing some "rule out various causes" speciality visits). Each of those will be at a specialist co-pay. 💸 We will have to pack lunches or eat out 2 times this week because of appointments being far away from home. We already pack lunches for co-op on Tuesday and Wednesday & Thursday evenings for extracurricular drop off/pick up driving, so I've always just allowed eating out for weird-time-away-from-home-at-meal-times, but we may have to do more sandwiches this week despite how much my kids don't like them. We owe the dentist a few hundred and they autodraft it on the last Friday of the month. They went and put it through as "pending" yesterday, so now my account has their payment put on hold. I wasn't planning on paying them with this check, so that made me mad and made this week extremely tight. DH needs some work appropriate jeans by Friday. His got a hole yesterday. He's going to check our church's thrift store which has better clothes than Salvation Army. He may end up at Walmart for a pair just to get some. Finished the taxes and the federal refund should be in my account soon. Yay! Going to bake and prepare some food things for the week today and tomorrow.
  2. Bad (dizzy/fainting), but that is due to a cardiac condition. She also deals with depression & anxiety, for which she takes Prozac. So they were ruling out Vitamin D deficiency - doctor says her level is normal. Lab says: Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy 38.64 ng/mL This assay accurately quantifies the sum of Vitamin D3, 25-Hydroxy and Vitamin D2, 25-Hydroxy. 0-17 years: Under 20 ng/mL = deficiency 20-29 ng/mL = insufficiency 30-80 ng/mL = optimum
  3. So what should be the normal levels? My dd just got her labs back yesterday, and her level was 38, which they placed 30-80 as "optimum". Is the 38 too low?
  4. Well yesterday was a complete frugal fail. DD needed fasting labs, and I bribed her with McD's donut sticks to get her to do them willingly. Amazingly, not too much trouble getting them done (no fainting or crying). That McD's run was budgeted, but not frugal, since we picked up a little for everyone. First tests are back, and she has mild anemia, so I purchased iron supplements today - doctor called in a prescription, but pharmacist let me know that OTC was a better deal and option for the amount she needs to supplement. Youngest complained to PCP last week of having daily headaches (she is Ms. Stoic and didn't want to worry me so didn't let me know). Yesterday was her visit with the "Headache Clinic". He said she is presenting with textbook early signs of migraine. $75 worth of medicine later, she will hopefully be headache free. We are to journal for the next month to see if we can pinpoint triggers, etc. I need to get her back to the counselor, as it may be partially emotional with dealing with sister's medical problems. DD with the heart condition passed out right before dinner and conked her head on the hope chest. She got a huge lump and vomited so I took her to ER (last time I took her for a concussion check at urgent care they just sent us to ER). Now I know, if it is in the front of the head, they won't do any scans due to trying to keep brain radiation down, so we'll just watch closely in the future. They did run an EKG (slight tachycardia, but not too worrisome for her) and checked nostril/ear/throat for any blood or skull fracture. She seems fine today so all's well that ends well, I guess. So then, since we were at the ER for a few hours, I had to run through McD's again(!) for a delayed dinner for the two of us. *Sigh* Good budgeting things: I did speak with health insurance today about processing the copays at last year's higher rate, and I finally got someone to offer to do something rather than reprocess one visit. So, maybe that will be resolved soon? Finally, I contacted LingoBus for a refund today. They were supposed to do it last week but didn't. Here's hoping this time works and I can get my money back.
  5. Well, that college threw her a 3/4 tuition scholarship, so it's still the best deal she has so far. I think she was hoping it would make her decision crystal-clear because it'd be free. Now, everything is pretty close $ wise. She's applied for a few scholarships; I think she has gotten $500 from outside sources.
  6. Middle dd and I will have to eat out today - she has 2 doctor appointments. One is here in town early this morning, and one up in Madison this afternoon (about 2-3 hours away). So to do that, my brother has the other two kids. Thank goodness for family who can help. Youngest DD was my sous chef yesterday. We tried 4 new recipes (2 for dinner and 2 desserts for the week); all were liked! She's really enjoying cooking more, so I am figuring out how to get her in the kitchen more. Oldest DD has gotten into making bread, so she's going to make a herbed bread for our spaghetti night this week. Oldest DD did not get her full tuition scholarship she was up for, which made her sad since now it's not an easy decision where to go. Finished and filed our taxes yesterday.
  7. That's good to know - I would look at that and think, "I don't have time to do all that. I'll just shove it in here and deal later." and then it dies because no one ever ate it... Still plugging along here. Dealing with medical insurance has become a part-time job here! My kids' therapists are now all out of network, with special agreements (we're in an area with few in-network mental health resources). They are processing them wrong every single time, at 3 a week that's a lot of corrections. And weirdly, they are still processing everything with last year's co-pays if it is in-network (co-pay went down as we went up from the middle level of insurance to highest) - I am 100% sure they would get it right if our co-pay went up. I am beginning to hate our health insurance with a passion that is probably unhealthy (haha) for me. I've been using cash for groceries, but I did Walmart pickup yesterday because I'm just so tired. So, I'll have to put the cash back in the account to cover it tomorrow. Took kids to homeschool skate on Valentine's Day and swung by the bread outlet. $6.50 for a month's worth of bread - love that place. I've been on the lookout for some used roller skates for youngest so I don't have to rent them every month - they charge as much for the skates as they do for admission ($3 admission, $3 skate rental). She'd probably use them here at home over the summer too. DD's 18th birthday was pretty low key. We bought a cheesecake and did presents. She wants to do a tour of either a national lab or Fermilab soon. Still holding money back for our college visit tour to Alabama next month. It's making it a little tight right now, but it's ok.
  8. I knew this actually because a gallon of milk was the lifting limit when I had my c-sections. The rule was "Don't lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk because it is about the same weight as a newborn".
  9. My mom's church does it. They have permanent name tags (lanyard necklace). There is a lady who greets you at the door and writes out name tags for any visitors. Over Christmas, we all (5 of us and my MIL) visited my mom for a service - she wrote us all out tags. I don't have a problem with it, but I'm ok with not doing it as well. My church is much bigger, and they don't use name tags. However, I only know about 4 people's names, and most of those are due to my kids serving in the nursery and dealing with teen ministry leaders figuring out DD's accommodations. They send emails so I have their names - I'm horrible these days at forgetting someone's name about 5 minutes after you tell it to me.
  10. My car is acting funny as well - for a day the running lights and interior lights wouldn't turn off, then for 2 days the alarm for "lights left on" was on even if the lights were off, one day last week the headlights didn't come on until I flipped the switch 5 times. It never lasts more than a day though.
  11. We've been following our plan pretty well so far this month. I did some forecasting and there will be too many bills/not enough $ around March 1-10 (DH gets paid weekly), so I started holding back some $ for that. DD is visiting a college right around that time (1 night hotel covered - still need to cover other), and we've got some hefty bills due right around then. I don't know if I'll have enough time to get enough cash to cover it, but I'm trying. Groceries was only $90 this week. MIL decided to clean out her gift card drawer and she shared with us: $10 gas card, $20 pizza place card, $20 Joann fabric (went to middle DD who quilts). I calculated the taxes, but I haven't gotten around to copying and mailing. Since I had some self employment income, it was cheaper to do them myself. I still have to do oldest DD's - I want her to sit down with me so she knows how to do them.
  12. How many swim lessons do you get for $50 per year? It's about $10-$20 per 1/2 hour lesson here. My youngest needs more swimming lessons, and I have yet to find a reasonably priced source.
  13. It's fuzzy here. If I don't include lessons as school, we are well over $500 a year per child. I assume we would continue their activities even if they were in public school (so maybe not school?), but then I would most likely be bringing in an income, so they'd probably be doing more! Most things my kids do are school-related to some extent. All of them have done summer camp almost every year - the topics have focused on pre-medical, computer coding, dog training, maker camp to name some of them - all of them are educational in some way. I include part of Tae Kwon Do as PE, and we think of all of it as one piece of one DD's PTSD therapy. Oldest does Rocketry Club, but she is literally working with NASA in the L'SPACE Academy, so I guess rocketry would be school-related. Two of them did piano lessons for 2-4 years; all of them did some art classes throughout the years. Until a couple of years ago, our budget was ok with a few activities; with the start of TKD, it seems like our money just goes to the dojang. I'd say my oldest, who is in community college and is a senior, is right around $50 per month for activities. Rocketry Club (annual fee plus cost of extra rockets plus licensing), NASA L'SPACE (free), summer REU (they paid her this past year although she's done summer camps where I paid previous years), athletic center membership (annual fee) Middle DD (8th or 9th grade) is probably the priciest at around $300 per month. Tae Kwon Do (monthly fee, demo team monthly fee, belt testing fees, uniform fees), Quilting circle (semester fee plus supplies), summer camp (pre-med last year), various monthly homeschool classes (rollerblading, ninja training/trampoline, pottery, girls who code), youth group (free except retreats & "specials") Youngest child, 7th grade, just joined Tae Kwon Do (though she did drop gymnastics to do so), summer camp, various homeschool classes (same as middle plus art), chess club (semester fee plus tourney registration fees), youth group. Maybe $200 per month.
  14. My senior girl is 17, so she's not an adult yet. And she is socially immature just as I was; maybe a 17/18 year old who is more mature than she is or I was could do it well. She's at a completely different life phase than a 24 year old, even one who is a student. Would I forbid her dating a 24 year old? No, but I would discuss a lot with her. Edited to add: my 17 yo has navigated community college since her freshman year (full-time since second semester soph year), so she is routinely around older students, and her "dating pool" is something we have talked extensively about. She understands that even though she is a student just like them, she is also still in high school. She has found that she really doesn't have much in common with the older students outside of a shared class, at least not enough to start and sustain a dating relationship.
  15. I'm with Ktgrok - high school jr/sr girls should not have boyfriends who are 24! I don't have a problem with excluding "kids" old enough to legally drink from attending a high school party. Homeschool things in my area are grades 8-12 usually; a couple are split 7-9/10-12. Public school homecoming was high school aged only, with forms to be filed if guest is a student at another school (the forms are weird to fill out as a homeschooler, but they took my non-answers/Not Applicable for my dd to attend this year). I assume prom would be the same rules, but I haven't dealt with any schools regarding attendance age yet.
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