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  1. I wanted to say that I used this method on my hair yesterday. It looks pretty good for a DIY cut. I have really thick coarse hair with a quite a lot of natural wave. That may play into it as it hides a multitude of sins. I am happy with it. I may use it on DD's hair, as her hair is similar in thickness and body. I usually just trim hers in a blunt cut, but I think she'll like this style better. She may be able to keep it up herself even while she's at college. She hates getting her hair cut by stylists - some sort of sensory thing, so I almost always just trim it at home. She ends up with waist length hair because she hates hair cuts so much, so it ends up scraggly with lots of split ends before I can convince her to cut it. I've been working on her for a few months to get it cut before she goes to college next month.
  2. I read that article the other day; heartbreaking. But this picture has stuck with me. Why would management put all of the people right next to people. They have a whole field to pick. Why are they right next to each other? Why not every 3rd row or so? Maybe have teams on either side of the field? This seems to go back to why don't we take a minute and think these things through, brainstorm, think outside the box. This is the way we have always done it so we'll just hang some sheets between them. It wouldn't help the living arrangement problem, but they could at least lower the risk from the job. Am I totally off on thinking there is a better setup? I've never picked a field, although I live in the land of endless corn & soybean fields. This pic just struck me when I was reading the article that they could be set up farther apart.
  3. I use a blender to hold my bag. A gallon size Ziploc fits in really well. My blender has a detachable blade at the bottom, so I take that off, put the bag in, fold the edge over the top, and fill. Those at your link look handy in that I could fill multiple bags instead of one at a time. I do a lot of freezer batch cooking, so I use Ziplocs like they're going out of style LOL.
  4. Dining and shopping are huge, and they're both usually indoors. A lot of the rides are indoor or partly indoor (Small World, Space Mountain, Test Track, Tower of Terror, Haunted Mansion, the ball at Epcot has a ride). A lot (most?) of the shows are indoor (the Muppets, Bear Jamboree, Hall of Presidents). I can't think of as many outdoor rides as I can indoor rides. They do have a lot of street performers, but those become very crowded very quickly, so I don't know if those would be great either.
  5. My uncle has had a lung transplant, so his breathing is compromised on a good day. When he has to wear a mask (only for dr. appointments - he doesn't go anywhere else currently), he prefers the blue paper surgical masks.
  6. It also says right below your quote of Clinical Criteria: "AND no alternative more likely diagnosis". Also, the original link that you are replying to says Clinical Criteria and Epidemiologic Evidence. Finally, this is for probable case, not a confirmed case.
  7. I have about 27 "mega rolls" of Angel Soft; I don't have any idea how long that will last. My oldest is leaving for college in a month, so we'll be a household of only 4 then too. I should probably throw another pack in the walmart cart for next week's pickup probably.
  8. I'm such a Luddite, I don't even know how to use the Favorites feature. I just type in "milk" in the search engine; the first few are favorites (ones I've ordered before). But I have no idea how to access that list without a generic search. They will often have organic or Fairlife, but I like to buy the generic Walmart brand. The past few weeks neither that brand has been available nor the name brand milk, just the Fairlife and/or organic. It is good to know that I am getting the full list with the way I do it.
  9. I do. I get school lunches for the kids sometimes since they are still going through the summer this year. Technically, we don't NEED them in that my kids will be fed no matter what but I don't feel bad receiving the lunches.
  10. I've started buying some more every week as well. Some of it is going to my oldest who is heading off to college in a month, but I'm working on getting a bigger stockpile of pantry items and toiletries. Cases haven't risen here yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do as everyone seems to have loosened up since July rolled around.
  11. Starting to wade back into the frugalista mindset. We had some weird times during COVID. Clothing: DH has a new mask obsession; he is constantly looking, researching, and trying to purchase face masks. We have plenty, and I've bought the most protective (for wearer) for him for when he returns to work, but he still keeps trying to buy some. All the kids needed summer clothes, which was interesting since we couldn't shop except online this year. So, they have the bare minimum, but it's working. Groceries: I have been using the school district a couple times a week for lunch/breakfast food which is helping since our grocery bill has really increased. I find I need to "doctor" a lot of the food since it is BLAND, but still better than buying stuff. For snack today, we had fried apples (I had to add sugar & cinnamon because they weren't good prior to that), and tonight I'll do spaghetti since lunch today was mozzarella stuffed breadsticks from the school. My kids thought breadsticks and fried apples a very weird lunch, so I split it up. I will probably add butter and some seasonings to the top of the breadstick since they look very plain. My neighbor has a friend who has been giving him food; I'm not really sure why. He was kind enough to ask if we wanted some. I said yes, and he brought over a huge amount. A couple of huge bags of potatoes, onions, oranges, apples, some pantry items. DD made cookies today with one of the cake mixes; I've made up twice baked potatoes, potato soup, and apple pie filling for the freezer. We made fresh squeezed orange juice one morning. Youngest has taken up baking, so I am spending a little extra on ingredients for her. Normally, we wouldn't have things like baking chocolate or vanilla beans around. Overall Budget: My gasoline bill is edging up again because my kids are returning to their doctors and I'm driving to MIL's house to help her every other day or so (she had hand surgery). I was using the gas budget for the increase in groceries, so I'll have to reevaluate here soon. We did decide after last week's first in-person class to stop paying Tae Kwon Do for the time being as they aren't social distancing and neither girl wants to return after that one class. That will be a nice increase in the budget or we just may save it to not hit the budget later. Back to School: Oldest DD is off to college this year; so far, they are still a go, so I am purchasing a few things every week like a hamper, sheets, towels, hand sanitizer, toiletries, etc. We'll have to do a big push here in the next couple of weeks to finish off her list. We haven't done any BTS shopping for her yet, and she'll need pens, notebooks, etc. She'll probably need more clothes as well since she is going to a warmer state. I'm going to have to do a big purchase for homeschool as well. We are thinking one kid may be doing virtual public if there is any sort of peer interaction, but at this point, they don't know. I am hesitant to rely on the library for our homeschool books, so I've been picking up some throughout the last couple months. But I'm going to need to get serious here and make some big purchases if both kids will be homeschooled. Other: One DD was in the hospital for a week, so we got takeout way too much during that time due to stress and driving back and forth. She is ok now and back home, so I'm looking to cut out the eating out 100%. Restaurants just opened for indoor dining here, but we're skipping that for a good long while. Middle DD's birthday is at the end of this month, and I have no ideas. Hard to turn 15 during a pandemic!
  12. Oh, yeah, bike helmets. We're still looking for a bike helmet for my big headed kid. DH found one bike helmet the last few months (some previously unheard of website), but it was too small for her.
  13. I actually contacted my local district today. I am thinking possibly having one of my children attend virtually if they have some sort of online class (not just pre-recorded lecture and worksheets) for mental health reasons. She is higher risk, so in person is a no go, but virtually may work for her. They don't have any idea what they are doing yet. They don't know if all distance will be an option and if so, what it would look like. Academically, the school system here is horrible; virtual probably even worse. But I'm to the point that all of our options suck, so this one may just suck less than others. I have a plan for her if she stays in homeschool, but it's hard figuring out her social needs during this time.
  14. The weird one this morning was I couldn't order celery salt in my Walmart order. DH had used ours this past week and noticed it expired a long, long, long time ago, so he chucked it. I didn't figure it would be a problem to replace, but it's on my list now.
  15. In the school reopening thread people were commenting that they were able to find N95 masks. I was surprised as I haven't seen those at all since January. I was wondering what you are now finding or still missing in your areas. Here, in N Illinois, we are still missing: Lysol spray Clorox wipes Hydrogen peroxide N95 masks I haven't seen any of those in months. Every time I or DH find ourselves in a grocery store, Walmart, or Lowe's type store, we cruise the whole store to see if there are any of the above. No luck yet. I usually do Walmart pickup for groceries, I have been unable to add any of these to the cart since February. Things that I have found, but it's sporadic or they come in and out of stock. Hand Sanitizer - was able to order from Walmart (only trial sized) 1x since February. DH found some at a farm/feed store 1x. Liquid hand soap - found a couple of expensive ones at Walgreens a few times. Was able to add 1 brand to a Walmart cart 1x. 409/Clorox spray - found for a few weeks. Seems to be gone again. Milk - I have not been able to add to the Walmart cart for the past 3 weeks. However, I can find it in Walgreens or a smaller local grocery store if I go in. Mulch - DH spent a lot of time locating mulch in bags at stores. We could've gotten a truckload delivered if our neighborhood allowed that, which they don't. He had to go a couple of times in order to get the quatity we needed (ie: they would have 5 bags, then only 2; not a limit, just what they had on hand). He can get it now, but we no longer need it. Vitamin C - cannot order in Walmart cart. Can find occasionally 1 brand at Walgreens or Walmart. I found I can order at Amazon pretty reliably though. Thermometer - I had one, but my mom did not. We looked for a few weeks for her. I found one a couple weeks ago and mailed and then, today, was able to order one with my grocery pickup for DD going to college next month. Things that reliably back in stock that were gone at the beginning of the pandemic: Bleach Flour Yeast Water Meat Toilet Paper - usually don't have many brands, but you can find some reliably now.
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