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  1. Do any of you use Vocabulary From Classical Roots Book A or B, or WordlyWise 3000 for Grade 5? Which do you like best? Or do you have another suggestion?
  2. My posts the earlier part of the year were all about our many off days. The best advice I got was to relax a bit in my expectations. The other thing I learned was to make sure that we had a really good breakfast....I know this sounds simplistic, but I have found it to be very important. Lately, I have had some frustrating days, but many great ones....though it took months. Hang in there, trust yourself, don't worry about what's going on at public school, give out plenty of hugs. I have really worked at turning learning into an adventure again, which is what I wanted when I started HSing.
  3. http://doyle-scienceteach.blogspot.com/2014/07/teaching-our-children-well.html I read through many of the entries, and they all had something real and beautiful to say.
  4. I found this while searching for something to replace some of the hours Kevin wants to spend on MineCraft: http://www.artisbasic.com/2014/07/secret-city-drawings-3rd-4th-grade.html I leave the drawing pencils and sketchbooks out in the kitchen.
  5. Lyman, Glenda, Myrtle, Myron, Gertrude, Philomena?
  6. Pork chops, cornbread, blackeyed peas, fresh tomatoes, and watermelon.
  7. So sorry and wishing the best for you and your son. Please keep us posted.
  8. Has anyone recently used K12 Math Yellow (5th grade)? Does it align well with common core? Does anyone have one to sell?
  9. I wake up at 5:00 almost every day, without an alarm. I shower, dress, make coffee and read until everyone else gets up. Then I make breakfast, leave the dishes, and start school at 8:00. That isn't much for three hours, but it includes an uninterrupted hour of reading and an entire French press of coffee! It's fun reading about what everyone else is doing in the early morning.
  10. Well, since we are on the topic, does anyone have a really good meatloaf recipe?
  11. Thank you. I should have posted more info about it, myself. I was thinking that everyone was using it, and I had missed something that was common knowledge. I think the idea of doing it orally is really good. I'm going to experiment and report back.
  12. Have any of you used double entry journaling for fourth or fifth graders? If so, how successful was it, and what sort of template did you use? I'm wondering if this would be helpful for learning to read critically, or if it would be too much for a 10 or 11 year old.
  13. IRL there are positive and negative things. This board is made up of more than 50K individuals who deal with reality every single day, and still find time to give generous time and support to the others. This is one place you don't have to look far for the good in people.
  14. I watched another of the original ones, The Angels Take Manhattan, and found it pretty creepy, myself, although my 10-year-old liked. I think I would preview episodes for younger children.
  15. We watched two episodes of Dr. Who this morning....the Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and the Black Cubes one. I found nothing objectionable, and my 10-year-old is hooked on them now. I can see how we may be quoting from them very soon... in a British accent, of course. Robot 1: You're going straight on the naughty step!
  16. We use the Middlebury French course from K12, have the French Bouquet package from Dish, so we have French cartoons etc., plus Rosetta Stone. It's my idea of French immersion at home, more or less. We listen to French music on YouTube a lot, just for fun, too.
  17. Einstein did not speak until he was four, and did not read until he was seven. Some of my children read very early, and a couple read very late (by what is considered "standard"), and the grown ones are all very successful adults. "Don't worry, just read (to them)" has always been my motto.
  18. So sorry to hear this. Please give your parents and twin our best wishes. So thankful everyone is recovering. Also, congratulations on your graduation.
  19. I never heard of MEP math until you mentioned it above. I am so excited by the website, I can hardly contain myself! And I think your motto is wonderful. I love your spirit and your daughter's. Thank you. You have educated, enlightened, and encouraged, all at the same time.
  20. My son is 10 and Italian, and he has straight brown hair in a pageboy style, about two inches below his ears. He doesn't know how to style it yet.
  21. I would take 90 to 16 to 14 to Cody, but stop along the way. There is no problem with the mountains. Are you going to Yellowstone? I lived in Cody until a recent move to Missouri, still own property in Cody, and sometimes think of going back. The state is beautiful, but it's a hard place to live!
  22. Here it is, attached as a file. Honestly, the Times Educational Supplement is a topnotch resource. I discovered it by accident while researching something else, and the bunny trails it has led me down are taking hours of delightfully spent time. The British Library resources are incredible, all by themselves. Message me about your thoughts on the article and the sites? Why_classic_authors_are_dead_to_pupils_The_T.DOC Why_classic_authors_are_dead_to_pupils_The_T.DOC
  23. Today, a hosta. Tomorrow, a peony bush. Then, while you are on vacation, a small tree.
  24. I just ordered two Case It binders from Amazon...the X ones that will hold books in the front. The lavender one was $14, and the black was $17. I had never seen these before this thread, but they look perfect for organizing and transporting.
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