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    Reading, writing, jewelry-making, traveling, French, dog-training, cats, parakeets, milk goats, foster-parenting, book collecting, jazz and classical music. I try to garden, but I am not very good at it.

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  2. For whatever reason, I am registered and logged in but getting lots of ads. Maybe the bugs aren't worked out yet?
  3. Unfortunately, my left breast looks like childrens' wallpaper due to a tattoo I got on a (dumb) whim about 20 years ago. It's Winnie-the-Pooh with a bunch of balloons. I fantasize about having it lasered off, but don't want to spend the money. I should have gotten a dragon in my groin or somewhere....but that would look like a Chinese menu....really, I should have just skipped the whole thing. Ugh.
  4. We have Middlebury College French through k12, which is actually wonderful, an incredibly reasonable French tutor, and best of all, I bought the French bouquet package from Dish Network for $20/month. I leave it on all the time so we are listening to native French speakers on the news, cartoons (which everyone loves), and sometimes talk shows (just as insipid as the US ones, but in French). I never even looked at the international education options and requirements prior to this thread. It is so useful...thank you. Does anyone know anything about the schools designated as international schools in the US? I see there a lot of them....but what do they actually do? There is even one in St. Louis conducted entirely in French.
  5. I'm being contrarian here, again, but.... :huh: we don't make math a game at our house, at all. We just learn it and do it and, like virtue, it becomes its own reward.
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