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  1. I can relate - I make variations on foods I cook so my kids can at least have basically the same meal as my husband and I eat. I don't make them eat things they hate but fruit and veg of some sort at every meal is not optional
  2. I don't know but sounds like it would be really fun to do for science!
  3. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Kingfisher Encyclopedia vs the Usborne one for World History?
  4. We struggled in Kindergarten too - my son can read but it was very challenging and still is to motivate him to learn the next steps. I found Phonics Pathways to be very helpful and effective. Still a challenge but a really excellent book
  5. Mary Kay for sure - it keeps skin looking fabulous and very affordable!!
  6. I was homeschooled as a kid and we did Latin for a while - it was hard to keep up with because it wasn't really practical to use outside of school
  7. I wish it were! I looked at that one but it isn't it. I am so bummed that after all these years I can't remember it!! Thank you!!
  8. I was homeschooled as a kid and my mom had the greatest book on how to draw. It taught how to draw looking at a picture upside down. I have looked and looked and can't figure out what it was called. Is anyone familiar with this book?
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