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  1. Yay! Welcome! i have been a part of this community an and off for 4 years! It's a great group!
  2. My 7.5 year old daughter is making me crazy. A little history....she went to a public preschool. We homeschooled for K and she went to PS for 2 months of first grade. We homeschooled the rest of first grade. We moved and I heard great things about the neighborhood school. A long story but I withdrew her after 3 months. I gave her a bit of time to "deschool" and it was the holidays so we didn't do "school". Anyway, she has never been one to WANT to do school. It's a struggle every.single.day. This is partially why we gave PS a chance but now that it isn't an option anymore, I have to find a way to do this without losing my mind. She is a great kid, never in trouble, easy going, and extremely kind. She just doesn't care to learn. I have tried different approaches and several different curriculums. I go back and forth between forcing her to do it and just letting her be and not doing school for awhile. Part of the problem with forcing her is that she doesn't retain anything. Nothing. I can spend a long time teaching her a concept and the next day she has no idea what I am talking about. She can read fairly well and is beginning to read short chapter books independently but with a lot of pushing from me to do it. I really enjoy her company and I am happy she is home but trying to get school done is a daily struggle. How I would love to have one of the kids I read about on here that loves to learn and can't get enough. I'm lost, losing my mind, and in need of some advice. Thanks.
  3. Bumping this for an update. My son, who just turned 3, is still not speaking. He has maybe 3 total words and is mostly non-verbal. We had an evaluation with the developmental pediatrician in April and she did not believe he is on the spectrum. We have a new SLP who has seen him 6 times. We chatted today and she mentioned genetic testing??? and a psychology consult. She commented that he is very atypical, even for a speech apraxia kid. I have emailed the closest PROMPT SLP which is in Denver (we are in Wichita, KS) to see if she recommends a trip out. I feel like I am in over my head a bit but we just keep going and hoping for improvement.
  4. Congrats! She is chunky and gorgeous!
  5. If you wait it out, you will have labor. The small risk is retaining something and having a lot of bleeding that may require a D&C anyway. You may wait quite awhile or it could happen soon. It is just the unknown of when that is nervewracking. With the D&E, it is over in a few minutes. It depends on if you would like to see the baby. Of course, with a D&E you won't but if you wait it out you will be able to tell what is baby when it comes out. I am so sorry for your loss.
  6. This week is our official first week back to full time homeschooling. My DD6 spent 9 weeks in a local public school and it was nothing short of a disaster. We brought her home last week. I have high hopes for this year but we have a baby due in 6 weeks and a recently diagnosed SN 2 year old. I am not putting too much pressure on myself and trying to just cover the basics.
  7. I did look up PROMPT last night and the closest provider is in Denver and that is about 8-9 hours from where I live. It looks like an amazing program and I will mention it to his SLP at his next visit just to see if they are familiar. On a side note, I have seen mention of giving your child supplements. Can someone guide me to which supplement would be best for a 2.5 year old? Also, any dietary changes that may be helpful? Thanks!
  8. My 2.5 year old was just diagnosed with verbal apraxia. It is quite overwhelming but I am so happy to read these success stories. I will keep in mind all of these recommendations as well.
  9. Thank you all for your responses. I believe I am pulling them out now. Now what do I tell the school?
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