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  1. Several units from The Good and the beautiful...really like it! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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    Caesar's English I and II - Michael Clay Thompson RFWP- VGC Teacher's Edition (one book covers level 1 and 2) and Student Workbooks One and Two $40 Student book One has pencil markings on two activities (see pictures), the other two books are in Like New condition. Three softcover books in all. Paypal preferred. Smoke Free home.



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    I have Wayfarers Ancients (barefootmeandering.com) in a hardback version containing all three terms (one year). Wayfarers combines literature, history, geography, science, bible and more for grades PreK - 12th. Lots of suggestions and options for different kids using a Classical/Charlotte Mason blended approach. Wayfarers hb VGC $45 (sample pages shown) Escape to Murray River $1 The Cay $2 Starry River of the Sky - Like New $2 The Cat who went to Heaven - hb, cover shows wear but the book is tight and clean. $2 Goodbye, Vietnam hb ex-lib Still in good condition! $2 Kite Fighters - Like New $2 Aladdin and Other Tales from the Arabian Nights $2 Mecca $2 The Adventures of Spider (African Folktales)$1 Chocolate - Treasures of the Rain Forest $2 The Tapir Scientist $2 Theras and His Town $6 Galen - His Life in Imperial Rome $2 The Story of the Greeks (Illustrated) Guerber VGC $8 Pompeii City of Ashes hb $1 Above are some of the books we read throughout the year while doing Ancients.



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    Wayfarers – Ancient History by Kathy Jo DeVore. Charlotte Mason/ Classical blend. Hardback Curriculum guide for the entire year (one book includes terms 1,2 & 3) Grades PreK-12. Go to https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-y1BOldCx7fZHljWkRlZTQ3UDQ/view to view samples and info. $50 ppd Smoke free/cat free home. Paypal accepted! Grammar/Upper Grammar Readers for Ancient History: Raptor Pack (Step Into Reading) VGC $2 Gilgamesh the King – Zeman VG $5 Tales from the Odyssey – Obsorne (2 book set) $10 VG The Egyptian News $5 VGC Tirzah $5 VGC Dialectic (Middle Grades) Stage Readers Wayfarers Ancient History Tirzah – Travis PPB Good $5 Journey to the River Sea – Ibbotson, Good $2 Gilgamesh the Hero – McCaughrean (HB) Like New $8 Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt, VGC Payne $2 Sacred Stories – McFarlane $5 The Story of the Greeks – Guerber $5 The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone – Giblin VGC $4 ReadAlouds The Samurai’s Tale – Haugaard Like New $4 Escape To Murray River – Elmer Good condition $8 Chocolate, Riches from the Rainforest – (HB) VG $9 Journey to the River Sea – Ibbotson, Good $3 Kite Fighters – Park Like New $4 Goodbye, Vietnam HB Ex-library $3 Where the Mountain Meets the Moon – Lim VG $4 Starry River of the Sky – Lim VGC $4 I Rode A Horse of Milk White Jade – Wilson $4 The Cay – VGC $4 Wayfarers Science DK Eyewitness Plant- HB Like New with poster and CD (science) $5 The Story of Science – Aristotle Leads the Way, Hakim (HB) Like New $10 The Story of Science – Newton at the Center, Hakim (HB) Like New $10 Chocolate, Riches from the Rainforest – (HB) VG $5 The Tapir Scientist - Montgomery (HB) VG $5 DK Eyewitness Plant- HB Like New with poster and CD (science) $5 A Child’s Introduction to The World (HB), globe insert still in pouch VGC. $8 Bacteria with Max Axion $2 Gregor Mendel, The Friar Who Grew Peas – Bardoe Like New $5 The Quark Chronicles – Zoology PB $10 The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology – Sakura VGC $10 I will make you a great deal if you buy any groups of these, make an offer! I want to clean my shelves! Non-smoking home. Contact me with any questions.



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    Latin for Children Primer B 2 DVD Set + 1 Chant-CDs $20 Latin for Children Primer B Answer Key $10 Latin for Children History Reader $5 Buy all three for $30 ppd Paypal preferred. Used but still in great shape! From a non-smoking home.



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    These were great for my older non-mathy kids - they are past these stages now. Ready to rehome! All DVD's tested and work. If you are interested please let me know and make an offer - discounts for multiple purchases. Paypal preferred. From a smoke free, cat-free home. Math U See Starter (block manipulatives) set: 4 10x10 bases 20 tens 4 nines 4 eights 4 sevens 4 sixes 4 fives 4 fours 4 threes 3 twos 22 ones + Cardboard case that holds them all $30 ppd Instruction DVD's and Teacher Manuals: Alpha - DVD and TM $25 ppd Beta - DVD only $10 ppd Gamma - DVD only $10 ppd Delta - DVD and TM (2004) - $25 ppd Epsilon - DVD and TM(2004) *TM ring binding damage so about half the pages are loose* $20 ppd Zeta - DVD and TM (2004) - $25 ppd Pre-Algebra DVD and TM and Test Book (2004) $25 ppd Algebra 1 DVD and TM (hb) (2009) most current edition $40 ppd https://mathusee.com/parents/faq/ Explains the differences between the older manuals and dvd's and the newest ones. "Q. Will the old product align with the new? If I purchase a new Student Pack, will I be able to use my old Instruction Manual? A. The updated Student Packs are backward-compatible with the content in previous editions. However, there have been significant improvements to both our Instruction and Student Packs. The new content in our Student Packs, such as the Application & Enrichment pages, will not be supported by previous edition Instruction Packs. There is expanded content in the new edition of our Instruction Manuals. Based on customer requests, they were revised to improve our explanations and add more teaching tips. These new manuals also support the additional content added to the Student Packs, such as solutions to the Application & Enrichment pages in the Gamma-Zeta levels. Because of the significant added value, we recommend updating to our improved instruction manuals."


  7. Another idea would be to look at either Layers of Learning or The Good and the Beautiful which has more of unit studies instead of one year in the same history area.

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    English Lessons Through Literature Level 3 – softcover VGC/Like New $20. http://barefootmeandering.com/site/lessons-through-literature/eltl/ Paypal accepted. Non-smoking home.



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    Middle Ages/Ren & Ref Living Books (Grammar & Upper Grammar) I used History Odyssey and Easy Classical MARR for literature and living books 5th grade history. Paypal preferred. Smoke free home. Resources, Readers and Read Alouds – Set for $80 ppd Usborne IL Medieval World – pb $3 Days of Knights and Damsels Activity Guide VGC $2 Knights and Castles – 50 Hands On Activities VGC $2 The Story of Beowulf – Marshall VGC $4 Rolf and the Viking Bow – French Like New $5 Who Were the Vikings Usborne VGC $2 Beorn the Proud – Like New $10 The Vikings Janeway GC $5 Eric the Red and Lief the Lucky – Schuller/Sonlight VGC $2 The Sword in the Tree – Bulla GC $2 The Door In the Wall D’Angeli GC $2 Life in a Medieval Monastery – Marc Cels (pb) VGC $2 The Minstrel in the Tower –GC $2 The Midwife’s Apprentice -Cushman GC $5 Adam of the Road – GC $4 Tales of Robin Hood Usborne – VGC $2 Castle Diary- Platt VGC $2 You wouldn’t want to explore with Marco Polo $3 Against the World – Odyssey of Athanasius – Coray $2 Son of Charlemagne VGC $5 The Shakespeare Stealer VGC $4 Fine Print $5 Ink on His Fingers - Vernon $5 Night Preacher - Vernon $5 **************************************************************** The Story of the Middle Ages – Christine Miller VGC $25 Usborne Book of World History HB VGC $5 Usborne Time Traveller HB VGC $5 What Really Happened During the Middle Ages – Terri Johnson VGC $10 ******************************************************************************************** If buying individual items postage will be added. Buy everything above for $120 ppd Horrible Histories Buy All $20ppd Pending Measley Middle Ages The Slimy Stuarts The Terrible Tudors The Stormin’ Normans Horrible Canadian Histories -First Folks and Vile Voyagers – Mackay Dead Famous – Elizabeth I and Her Conquests Paypal preferred. Smoke free/cast free home.



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    VP Middle Ages, Renaisance and Reformation History Cards Two sets, both in Very Good Condition, one set is missing card #31 Council of Trent. $20 ppd for complete set, $15 for set missing one card Veritas Press History Series: Middle Ages, renaissance and Reformation (Enhanced CD with lessons and activities) $15 ppd or pay $40 ppd for both sets of cards and the cd.


  11. I have taught all three of my sons Latin (though I didn't know it at all when we started out 8 years ago) using Latin for Children followed by Latin Alive. I tried Latina Christiana but didn't like the cd recording's accent at that time (very southern). Our process was to watch the video on the first day of the week and do the chants together and discuss any grammar concepts. Then on T, W, Th we do the chant aloud (takes 5 mins) together, then the student does the memory work and an activity page (cross words and games of that type). On Thursday I usually do a larger piece of translation using the Libellus Historia (history reader), Friday is the chant and quiz. Classical Academic Press also has online free vocabulary games for each of their products if the student needs extra practice. I have been very happy with Latin for Children and will be in LFC Primer C with my youngest son this upcoming year. My oldest son took two years of Latin in highschool and made A's without much effort.
  12. When my kids were a little younger I tried Wayfarers by Barefoot Meandering and loved it! Wayfarers is a mix of Charlotte Mason and Classical. I've tried alot of the different curricula out there and this was my favorite by far. You can combine any ages but it's understood that there are things that can't be combined..you can keep everyone on the same topics in history, science, bible, nutrition, poetry, music and art they break apart for their own math, english/grammar, personal reading, and language study. She has free samples to view on her website that show the full lists of book selections (I love that there are choices and options but nothing is required!). Full disclosure - I am selling Ancient History on the for sale board. :P
  13. A Morning Basket time could be just the thing, for instance, a music/hymn study, nature/art/poetry, also geography. Reading Children Like Me or Material World along with other resources to study the people of wherever you are reading in your history or social studies. Monday - Poem of the week (you could have youngers color a simple picture to go with it), study a type of plant that grows in your area (could be pictures or a walk in the neighborhood) Tuesday - Aesop's fable (coloring for younger), listen to a pc of classical music (pick a composer and study several of his pieces) I used SQUILT for this and liked it. Wednesday - review the poem of the week, read from Geography (I also like the Ann Voskamp style -Child's Geography of the World -for short readings that I like to corelate to my history study), Material World or something the kids can relate to Thursday - review classical composer/composer study, listen to music Friday - Poetry review, drawing with children (maybe draw the plant you studied or something that ties in) You set up your morning basket with things like this plus any extras that you want in your family such as morning devotionals, read alouds from other school work, Charlotte Mason hymn studies, whatever you like! Then combine all the kids for read alouds, history (older children would be expected to produce more in narrations or w/e) and can even combine in science just expecting deeper understanding or produced work from older students.
  14. I went through something similar with my Aspie son about two years ago when he was 16. Both dh and I talked to him about the warping of values and our concerns but also talked to him about normal sexual development. At that time we removed the computer from his bedroom (again). Just in the last week we moved the computer back to his room. He is 18 now and starting community college in the fall, the room where it previously was gets pretty warm during the summer in Florida. But he knows that if he lives in our house he still has to follow our rules regarding no pornography. So I'm giving him room but also will check in occasionally. I would agree with pp that my Aspie is emotionally and socially 2-3 years delayed while intellectually quite advanced so it's always a balancing act.
  15. I've used this over the last few years, it helps my blonde and gray roots look less brassy. https://www.amazon.com/Clairol-Shimmer-Lights-Original-Shampoo/dp/B000TC0LFS/ref=sr_1_5_s_it?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1494677812&sr=1-5&keywords=purple%2Bshampoo%2Bfor%2Bblonde%2Bhair&th=1
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