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  1. She was kind, brilliant and unerringly funny. My God, so young and so very beautiful inside and out. Heartbreaking.
  2. Dear Rosie, There are no words adequate to express my sorrow at reading this tragic news. I am so terribly sorry and am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Heartfelt condoloences to you and your family. Beth
  3. Gone, gone, gone beyond , gone beyond beyond. Hail the goer, beyond even conceiving of a place beyond which you can go beyond. Ram Dass Sending you peace, love and light. Bill, your father was an extraordinary man. I can only imagine how deeply he will be missed. My deepest sympathies to you and your family. Elizabeth
  4. Twinkie cake, red meat and jelly beans regularly cross my lips and then are forever anchored to my hips. I am a very good cook so that is problematic as well. I can make brussels sprouts that make your heart sing! And I will share the recipe. I drink whole milk with hersheys syrup too! And if it is a hot flash day then I go to raw cookie dough. :lol:
  5. Oh Motherpeace is amazing! That, I think, is the first deck to be produced in a shape other than standard rectangle. Here is the link for those who want to see the images. I had forgottten how lovely these were. My favorite art deck is the St Petersburg but I cannot read from it. The new trend seems to be crafting your own spreads for interpretation. Symbology is my passion thus I was destined to love reading tarot! http://www.motherpeace.com/
  6. I love the RW deck and especially the Grim Reaper. This is a perfect example of what makes Tarot reading such an interesting and varied practice. One likes the RW , the other, Sacred Rose , yet another prefers Druid deck. There is room for every aesthetic and interpretive style and that appeals to me as a reader and to my sense of aesthetics. I cannot say how many decks I have purchased and then they did not read well despite my love for the artwork. Several if memory serves. Here is a great new deck that will appeal to many who enjoy learning about and working with saints. http://www.
  7. Here is the hermetic link for some reason it is being obstinate. http://www.hermetics.org/pdf/tarot_history.pdf
  8. The Rumi deck is beautiful as well. http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/rumi/
  9. I am a professional reader. This is a fairly accurate depiction of the history of tarot. http://www.hermetics..._history.pdf��. A superb book for understanding the tarot meanings in the Rider Waite system is this by the lovely Rachel Pollak. http://books.google....id=t3sBB0u8zUwC . I have about 50 decks and read for parties, individuals and the like. They are not used for divination in a specific manner as in thi scard refers to that. It is far more a tendency of certain choices and behaviours will lead to x outcome if you continue doing what you have always done. It is one hal
  10. Jesuits are Jedi Masters. I was educated by them for over a decade, trust me on this. :lol:
  11. Jesuits are Jedi Masters. I was educated by them for over a decade, trust me on this. :lol:
  12. Several family members have Aspergers. This is one of the most horrific pieces of bull**** gonzo fatalistic malarkey I have yet had the discomfort of watching. Thank God a man of the cloth is calling this what it is. Horsepuckey meant to terrorize, further traumatize and shake already stressed families to the core. For the record our high functioning Aspergers include two Anglican priests and a Brigadier General. Don't feed the fear.
  13. Endometrial ablation is the best gift ever. I have my life back.
  14. Try being the child of a Palestinian/Lebanese Christian parent and Jewish parent. Difficulties abound from both sides. Or an Afghani Jew. Sometimes it is easy to misinterpret what others are saying in a post but I think your meaning here is clear. You are suggesting that Palestinians yelled obscenities at your Jewish friends and that the animosity was one way. Not so in the communities I have been in. It takes two to tango. Both groups would say and have said to my face, that I do not have the right to exist nor does my daughter. Ugly runs on both sides of this issue. Both have shown a
  15. Fascinating thread. PTSD is hell. We have many service members coming back with this and as a nation we are ill prepared to deal with it. Many of the people I am close to have this from living in USSR as Jews. It is destructive, malicious and unrelenting. EMDR is the only thing that I have seen some results with but there are not a high number of therapists trained in it. Two of my dearest friends are trained in this treatment modality and live in Wisconsin.
  16. I had mine cut out in a doctors office. It was the best thing EVER. In the history of the world. It was just fine and actually they are dangerous as they can thrombose. Get thee to an MD one shot and it is all gone. If I could write a song about the wonders of a hemorrhoidectomy I would. You should be seen especially if there is more than one. I am sorry. They are truly painful and miserable.
  17. I googled the phrase Romeike homeschooling brief and DOJ . If this case were worthy of an appeal or had any merit whatsoever legally there would have been a mention on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, The Justia website, the American Trial Lawyers website something somewhere...NOTHING. For 7 pages at least nothing but HLSDA, blogs by homeschooling mothers who believe anything the HLSDA puts forth and far religious right websites. Not one news source refers to it, not one legal website nothing. Because it means nothing as it was a Potemkin Village a hideous ruse and play for the hearts and minds of homesch
  18. It is not a homeschool case at all that is the point and why HLSDA should not be involved. An immigration lawyer would have refused to take the case based onone fact: this is not where case law and statutory law in the US of A rest their laurels regarding who may seek political asylum. I have no idea what you refer to wherein you claim that the US courts are using the laws of other nations to interpret our law. And I practice law. In the USA. We use legal precedents, called case law and statutory law to conduct relations between states, persons and legal entities such as a corporation. Th
  19. If you don't have inlaw issues you do not fit in here. We all have issues about something or other. This is the safe place to vent, fly your freak flag, carry on, commiserate , collaborate, remediate and have a good time mulling it all over.
  20. Look up Reconstructionist Hellenistic for a sample of what early pagan practice might have looked like. A rather well known poster here wrote a book on the subject that is considered the best and most comprehensive ever written. Other nature based spiritual practices would be hedge witchery, Balkan witchcraft, Appalachian granny magick, African American Hoodoo(I am a practitioner) Celtic Reconstructionist, many ATR(African Tribal Religions) that found their way into Cuba, Mexico and Brazil called Santeria, Candomble and Lucumi as well as Palo. I am out of the closet now ladies. Ask away.
  21. I prefer tea that rocks my world. And then some. :cheers2: Oh the things that go on here that some do not realize...Ladies tea is sometimes a moniker to refer to shagging. Look it up. I will not type it.
  22. Insurance companies make me see red. And green cause I am a lawyer. :laugh: Your daughter will be fine and hopefully she will realize that Mother does know a few things...mine is the same way and she drives me batty with her fierce independent streak. We need to create a WTM cocktail recipe for things like this. Rabies shots for heaven's sake!! That is definitely deserving of a medicinal libation. For mother who tried to warn and now is in a ****storm. Here in Iowa we are in for a snowstorm and there ought to be a cookie recipe using chocolate for those occasions as well. I am sorry f
  23. My cousin is on the admissions committee at ******** . She spoke with me very frankly about test scores and said that although the official policy at her alma mater is test scores optional that does not mean they are dispositive. However, given a choice between student a and b if b has a high SAT they are keeping B in the first round and tossing a right out. This is a rather selective Uni in California. IF there is not merit aid that is substantial to go along with admission for us it is a nonstarter. Our reach school was Fordham. Dd was admitted and granted the highest amount of merit a
  24. I am so sorry that this happened to your family. The pain and hurt comes through clear as a bell. We avoided all hs groups as well for this reason. Instead dd made contacts through the Chess Club in the larger city nearby, the music commnunit and dance. They were all mixed age groups with many adults peppered throughout so nonsense was stopped and quickly. It is to me as wise as putting a bunch of first time drivers together in one car. Poor idea. It is sad to see that this is not surprising to anyone here, I hoped that this article overstated the case but it seems to be accurate.
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