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  1. I know what you mean about the rotten potatoes. I always smell the bag before I buy it, from Aldi. One time my daughter and I found some money on the floor in our aldi and we gave it to the manager. We called a couple of weeks later to see if anyone claimed it (whenever we've found money in the past, if it isn't claimed we get to keep it) they told me it hadn't been claimed but i we couldn't have it back and that they put in into a "fund" for the store for register shortages. What? uh, no that's NOT the way it works so the district manager (that's who i was dealing with) asked me why i even turned it in. Are you kidding me? I told him because that's the honest thing to do and that it's not Aldi's money...he ended up giving it back to us but he was not happy about it. I feel like he just made that rule up because it makes no sense.
  2. The insurance follows the car not the driver so you most likely will be covered, that's how it works in my state and I sell insurance, but if anything happens (at fault accidents) it will go on your car insurance and you will ultimately be responsible for anything that comes after (being sued etc). I wouldn't do it that's for sure.
  3. I was like, oh my gosh, what kind of police department would do that, then I looked at your avtar and noticed you are in the Rochester area and then it all made sense!
  4. I'm not even sure that's what i'd call this. around the beginning of this year I started getting a VERY bad pain right in the middle of my abdomen (I think) just under my breast bone. It has happened 4 times total. Each time getting worse, except this last time the pain in the middle wasn't AS bad as before but it lasted much longer than usual. I went to ER the last time because the wanted to make sure it wasn't my heart and it wasn't. I had an ultrasound of my gallbladder this time and they found "a rather large stone" but no inflammation of my gallbladder. Doc wants me to see a surgeon about having it removed which i'm doing in a couple of weeks. Previous to this the doctor diagnosed the pain as gastritis. After the ultrasound she told me that she didn't know if the gallstone was the cause of the pain hence why she wanted me to see a surgeon. I don't think it's my gallbladder as the pain wasn't on my right side and it didn't go around to my back this time. With this last one I was so sick. I had a headache and threw up but I don't know if I got the headache because I didn't eat and then threw up because of the headache. Anyway, it's 5 days later and i'm still not 100% myself. That pain is gone thank the Lord (she has me on some medication calld scuralfate which coats my stomach. I guess i'm just asking if any of you have ever had anything like this. I'm 55 years old and except for the normal sicknesses I've never had anything wrong with me and so i'm pretty scared that it's something bad.
  5. My dog wouldn't even touch it. Thankfully I was able to return it. We use Earthborne Holistic and have had great results
  6. I sell insurance in NYS and we can't remove a vehicle until we have proof that the plates have been turned in. it would be great if we didn't have to do that!
  7. The adjuster is absolutely right. Insurance isn't there for maintainence issues, it's there for "sudden and accidental" situations. The tree should have been cared for through the years by the homeowner's. If the tree had fallen on something (fence, garage) insurance would pay to repair and remove the tree. if it doesn't damage anything, then it's up to the homeowner to remove it an clean it up....btw...I sell insurance for a huge company.
  8. my JRT hated the Wellness weight control! I even returned it because it was expensive and she wouldn't touch it. I went back to the Earthborne Holistic. She loves that.
  9. thank you for the hugs and the prayers. I am praying the same thing. please keep them coming.
  10. wow. that's wrong. I would call them and ask what is going on. I work for an insurance company a big one like them and that's not something we would do.
  11. HI and thank you. I come here when I need prayer because I know there is a large amount of believers who believe in the power of prayer and who will pray so thank you for that. I need prayer again. I'm overwhelmed. My faith is weak and I just tired. One of our horses might need surgery. He has had a bloody nose for over a week. Thank the Lord that it has slowed down tremendously and what is left is brown but it hasn't stopped. We had the emergency vet out on Friday night. She scoped his head and took xrays. What they thought it may be wasn't. Again I am so thankful to God because what they thought it might be is very bad but she said he most likely has a tumor/cyst on his head/forehead (i'm not really sure because so much info was being passed around) and if he does he will need surgery at Cornell. I cannot afford to send him to Cornell. If he doesn't have the surgery the cyst could hook itself to other body parts. He and my daughter do jumpers. We already have another pasture pet so having 2 unrideable horses is out of the question. Good horses are a dime a dozen around here so finding a home for our other horse isn't an option...I have and do ask everyone I meet if they want her. they understandably don't. I can't give this horse to anyone with this thing going on. I am praying for and asking for prayer for a miracle. Please, if you believe in the power of prayer, please pray for my girls and me (single mom) and Sal our beautiful boy. We will be ever so grateful.
  12. Creekland, our mare with the lamness issue gets a teaspoon full then another heaping teaspoon full. We mix in right in her grain and she eats it right up. We mix it in our gelding's beet pulp and he doesn't notice the difference either! She gets it twice a day and right now because he's at the trainer he's only getting it once but when he comes back to our barn he'll be getting it twice a day
  13. sucks. My daughters and I live with my 90 year old parents. we moved at my father's insistence 3 years ago. He emotionally and verbally abuses us on an almost daily basis. My poor mother has dementia so she has no idea what is going on. We are stuck. We cannot move out. I cannot financially afford to, if I could I would have long ago. I hate that my daughters see their grandfather, a man they once had great respect for, doing this. They have lost all their love for him as have I. We often hear of elder abuse but not much about the elder doing the abusing. My brothers and their families couldn't care less and do NOTHING and I am not exaggerating. I'm venting. I don't want any advice because i'm to sad and tired to even listen. I guess though that I would listen to someone who has been in my exact situation and has come out on the other side. What I, we, greatly need is prayer, so for those of you who pray and would be willing, please pray for us. Thank you.
  14. Yes, I take it, my dog takes it and our two horses take it....we take the golden paste. it has stopped my dog from limping and i'm almost certain that it has helped with her coughing. My one horse has a bone chip in her knee and was a limping mess, she has stopped limping as badly as she was. our other horse rears and plays now and he never reared in all the time we had him. I actually ran up my driveway the other day and I can't tell you when the last time I ran was. I have to say that I am a believer when I once wasn't!
  15. I have a question....I haven't had my "friend" for almost a year (I think) so I'm in perimenopause...hot flashes etc....well for the last week or so I've had a nagging stomach ache and/or cramps down there. A couple of times I've felt like I've wanted to throw up that has lasted from about 15 minutes to a half hour. I am a HUGE worrier and now I think I have cancer...I'm not kidding...that's how much I worry about things like this. I made an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow but that makes me ever more nervous. So I guess my question is....have any of you who are going through or who have gone through peri or menopause ever had stomach problems? Thank you
  16. I have a 12 or 13 (not sure because she was a sort of rescue) year old Jack Russell Terrier, who, without a doubt, is my best friend. When I say there is no better dogon the planet, I'm not kidding. She is absolutely, 100% a perfect dog for me. She has been having health problems. She's been having seizures so they put her on phenobarbital. As soon as she started going it, the breathing issues started. I thought I was going to lose her one night. She seemed to be having trouble breathing and was very weak. We took her to the vet the very next day and they did an xray of her abdomen. (all of her blood work for the week before came back normal). The xrays showed some abnormalities but one in particular the vet was concerned about. the vet saw what looked like a mass, which she said could be her intestine filled with gas (my dog was very gassy the previous night when I thought I was going to lose her) so the vet said to bring her back the next day for another xray, which I did. the mass looked better than it did the day before. The vet said I could take my dog for an ultrasound but I thought I wanted to wait to try to pay off the 3 vet visits we have had in the last week or so. Now though, my best friend seems to be weezing more and seems to have that weird barky noise more. I don't know if it's the cold weather or if the mass is cancer, all I know is that my heart hurts and is breaking at merely the thought of losing her. I have made an appointment for the ultrasound and that's next Thursday. I've cut down her phenobarbital because I fear that that is what started her worse breathing problems. I'm just sad and wanted, needed to get it out. maybe I'm hoping (praying) that someone has been in this situation (unlikely I'm sure) or that someone has some kind of suggestion or just a soft word. now I'm crying. I knew I would do this. THanks for listening if you've read this far. Please no harsh comments, I don't think I could handle them.
  17. good timing for this as I am painting my bedroom as we speak! I'm using Behr Marquee (I probably spelled that wrong) and I love it. I have a huge bedroom and I'm almost done painting and I have used less than 1/4 of the can. It goes on very well and very far with having to "reload". I have always loved Behr paint, Sherwin Williams paint is so out of this world crazy high priced. My vote is Behr!
  18. google Golden Paste...turmeric.....I give it to my dog who had a constant limp and now the limp is gone. we give it to our horses as well. I'm trying to take it and like it but it tastes terrible!
  19. I sell auto insurance for a major company and some of the replies on this thread annoy me! First of all....it is what it is and there is no way we can just make up rates. When you add a young driver, you're going to pay for it. They are young and they are inexperienced. Plain and simple. Get this....as you get older (after 65) your rates go up too...because as we age, we become a hazard. Yes, it's true. Oh and just because your car gets older doesn't mean it's going to be cheaper to insure, quite the opposite in fact. As cars age, parts get harder to find and in return those parts cost more because they are harder to insure. If you have 3 drivers and 3 cars, you're going to pay more because each driver has to be listed as a primary driver now. Call you insurance company, if this is your situation, and ask for the youngest driver to be listed as the primary driver on the oldest car. It doesn't matter which car they actually drive (in NYS anyway) because the insurance follows the vehicle. See if your company offers good student discounts, defensive driver discounts, drive wise discounts...a little device that monitors certain things, all of these things will discount your premium. I always advise our customers who are having new drivers coming up, to call us with an idea of what kind of car they want to buy junior and we can give them an idea of what it is going to cost...have the VIN? even better, we can give an exact price. So guys, don't be so quick to get billy or suzy their license, yes it is more convenient but it is going to cost you. Go ahead shop around, that's a great idea and you should, but don't expect great price reductions and remember if you do call a certain company and they give you a rock bottom price, be prepared to have your rate greatly increase very quickly...they get you in with low rates but insurance is insurance no matter how you look at it and for those that think the agent can make up the rate (and yes there are people who think this) we can't. the computer does all the work, we just tell you what the computer tells us! I sell insurance in NYS so that is how it is done here, i have no idea how other states do it
  20. I know how you are feeling. I have been told more times than I care to remember that I have to forgive certain people who have caused deep, deep hurt for my daughters and myself. Funny thing (not funny at all) isthat no one has told me HOW to forgive, only that I have to, which I already know. AND....how do you keep forgiving, when you figure out how to actually do the forgiving, when they keep hurting us over and over and.....these are family members and we have kept them at arms length for a long time but they creep back in and they ask other family members questions about my daughters and myself. I (we) don't speak to them, even when we are in the same house together, which thankfully isn't often. I want to forgive them FOR ME, not at all for them and also and especially for the Lord, but I don't know how and I certainly can't FORGET about the years and years and years of hurt they have and still do cause. So...please, if someone knows what I need to do to forgive and move on, please tell me.
  21. I wonder what the Bates think of all of this. I was watching their show the other night and while I think they practice the same beliefs as the duggars, they aren't as rigged.
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