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  1. I "liked" your post, but it was more a show of support. I'm so sorry you're all dealing with this... wishing you comfort, and strength to help FIL and your loved ones on whatever the journey brings. :grouphug:
  2. Gotcha. I didn't see what level you were looking for. :)
  3. Would the WTM Academy course be a better fit? I noticed it is a year long course for Algebra I rather than a semester like the actual AoPS classes. I don't know the format of the class or how it differs though... anyone else have insight on that??
  4. Okay, this looks cool!! I mostly want it for me! :D But I would have DS study it as well. On the website it says it's geared toward 5-12, but really suitable for all ages. Aside from the coloring pages, would this be too babyish for a 12 year old boy?
  5. Oh, I love it. The combination of names is just delightful!!
  6. I think we've finally decided we're sticking with his current situation. :) Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the logic years journey!!
  7. Hello, ladies! I've missed a couple weeks again... some things have been settling down, so hoping to get more consistent! Jane, I'm so sorry about your friend. :grouphug: Just because it's not unexpected doesn't mean the grief is any less real. Wishing you comfort. Rose, that's quite an impressive list for the year! I was thinking I got the Ready Player One recommendation from this thread, must have been you!! :) We've been considering a move this spring, so I've spent much of my free time searching real estate instead of reading. Although we'll keep our eyes out, we've decided to stop actively looking... we're not entirely sure what we're looking for, but I know we haven't found it yet!! :LOL: So we're now focusing on a few projects at home, and hopefully my quiet time on the sofa can be spent with a book now for a while, as I am behind my goals!! I have completed 15 books this year. Most recently I read First Frost and Where She Went, the sequel to If I Stay... both were enjoyable. Now reading Ready Player One as well as slowly working through Misquoting Jesus by Ehrman.
  8. Oh, Tammi! :grouphug: It's unbelievable to watch.
  9. Thanks for updating. Mono isn't exactly a good time, but certainly better than some of the alternatives. Hope that he's feeling much better soon, and that you're getting a much needed night of rest!! :grouphug:
  10. Tap, you're a great mom and I think you're handling this in such a wise way. Yes, I would ground too for not giving me the information on where she would be and when she would return. Although the situation was somewhat out of her control, all the worry and panic could have been avoided had you been given the proper details, and that's lesson that has to be learned. She sounds like a good kid... I'm *so* glad she's okay and this had a happy ending!! :)
  11. :grouphug: Hang in there, mama... thinking of you and your little one!!
  12. Oh, Kai!! :grouphug: I would be worried sick too, it's what we mamas do. It sounds like he's in good hands and I hope that's some small comfort. Please keep us posted.
  13. Well, right now I'm trying to figure out my available time... DS has been in private school this year but may be coming back home full or part time next year. I've always wanted to write, and I've actually started a book, but I can't seem to get direction or motivation to really dive into it. :) Beyond that, I feel like I've been in a holding pattern pending a bunch of decisions!! (School for DS, are we moving, what do I want to be when I grow up... you know, the basics! :) )
  14. Personally, while there's a lot of info about those topics in the books, I wouldn't consider it enough to be a full high school credit. Perhaps others will feel differently or be able to provide some resources. :) Welcome to the boards!
  15. :grouphug: Only you can answer that question as to what void it would fill. I just wanted to say two things... First, it's never wrong to learn something new, whatever the reason! If you feel it will give you a boost of challenge and something new, then go for it! And second, I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm in a bit of the same boat, trying to figure out what to do with my life. And it's not always easy to determine what is best.
  16. I would say it completely depends on what the rest of your kitchen looks like. What color are your counters, floors, and walls? Or if you're changing those, what are you selecting? Hard to say without knowing that. And no, I wouldn't paint the inside of the cabinets if you just don't like the color... I would clean them out well, and perhaps you could put shelf paper inside if you just want to freshen them up??
  17. What a cool idea... love what they can do with it!!
  18. :grouphug: No, it's not easy. I hope it turns out to be absolutely nothing. Let us know.
  19. No, I didn't realize the baby was that close to being due. Always a happy occasion though, hope it goes smoothly for them! :)
  20. I'd be curious to hear some reviews as well! I hadn't heard of this option before, but DS would absolutely love a few of the listed classes.
  21. No, not a hill to die on, but you only do senior pics once. I applaud you for supporting her, but I'd probably be less than thrilled as well. Could she be swayed to compromise? How long before you can get pics done? Maybe she could get a small nose stud next week on her birthday, and wait a couple weeks until after pics to do the purple hair??
  22. Huh. Thanks for that... :LOL: I miss Thomas... such good memories of watching with a much littler DS. :)
  23. Halftime, you can "mama hen" all you want! :grouphug: I got good news today. They did a very thorough sonogram, and it turns out it was only a small cyst. She said absolutely nothing to worry about, and just to follow up in six months. (Since I have no mammo history, they just want to make sure there's no problems and see if it changes.) Sorry for the reporting delay, but I was enjoying a nice evening outside with my family. Thanks everyone, for the well wishes and concern. Helps to know there's always someone around to lend an ear and a shoulder!! :)
  24. Following along as I've never been able to find them around here, and would love to check them out in the future. We went with this one when ours died (top load agitator; in case you decide against a Speed Queen or can't find what you want with them), and have been pleased so far: http://www.lowes.com/pd_502404-46-WTW4800BQ_1z11pmg+1z140kk__ We had gotten a similar GE model before and it never spun out right.
  25. No worries, girls, wine is good. As for martinis, I prefer fruity ones that have little alcohol taste! ;) (Tea or hot chocolate is most welcome as well.) I will definitely update tomorrow... and I'd really prefer not to have to wait the weekend for a solid answer.
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