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  1. Thank you both, I've already printed out the placement test, and we'll definitely go through that. Oh, and we love Life of Fred here, we'll be going through that as well, although my son just counts that as reading for fun!
  2. This thread is helpful, I'm watching for recommendations. It seems like it's more difficult to find something that is at all Christian but not Young Earth Creationist, KWIM?? Secular with added notes seems to be workable!
  3. Our math background: We started out this year with LifePac level 3. We liked the format of the LP's, but we weren't impressed with the content. We finished that off, and just started Abeka 4. I know it's a good solid program, but we're just not loving the format, or the way the problems are mixed in, or... something. All I know is it's not really grabbing me, but more importantly, my son has gone from wanting to do math first each day, to dragging his feet on it. I've seen a LOT on this board about CLE Math. Before coming here, I'd never heard much about it at all. The format seems more like the LifePacs (10 separate books, new concepts plus a review section each lesson, etc.) and I think he'd like returning to something like that. But it also seems to be a good solid program. So I have a few questions for you CLE veterans: 1. People mention this is more conceptual... would you say it's less "conceptual" than something like Singapore, but more than many other math programs? Does it do a good job of teaching both concept and procedure? 2. For 4th grade level, is the teacher's guide necessary or just the answer key? The TG does look pretty helpful. 3. Are all the drills and tests included in the unit booklets? 4. It reviews mental math often. If we start at the 400 level, does it tell me how to teach mental math, as that was something we didn't do in LP's?? Or would I need to get a previous unit to go over that, as it seems like 400's simply review it?? 5. Finally, this may sound silly... is each individual unit its own workbook, with heavier workbook cover and everything (Similar to LP's)? Or is it just separate paper packets? Just thinking of durability. Not a deal breaker but I would need a plan to keep it from being destroyed, LOL. ETA: I am also considering Singapore, but really wanted to explore CLE too. Thanks so much for your help with this... I want to make sure this will actually fit us well. :)
  4. We just finished up a 3rd grade LifePac, which we won't use again for math. We are starting 4th grade Abeka next week, and we also have the Life of Fred books that my son loves. I'm really amazed at how many people use CLE. I hadn't heard much about it before coming to this forum, it seems very popular but I'm not familiar with it.
  5. Okay, can I throw one more wrench into the machine here?? :) I have seen a lot of you post about IEW. We haven't done the curriculum, but may have an opportunity next year to do the SWI A in a group co-op type setting. Where would this fit in? Would that much writing be overkill for DS? If IEW is different from WWE, how so? Thanks... I really appreciate you helping me sort this out!
  6. Okay, you've all convinced me I need WWE!! ;) I think, like I said above... I will try WWE 2 for the rest of the year and get a few of the Island books. Then we'll see if we're ready to move on to the next level. One more question from above... for WWE, are both the textbook and workbook necessary?? I've seen several reviews that say the workbook is sufficient on its own. Thanks to all of you for your help!!
  7. Good for you, Mandy! I hope it goes well for you. We're leaning pretty strongly toward picking it up as well. :)
  8. Thank you both! Sounds like we may be on the right track. :) I would welcome any other advice anyone wants to share!!
  9. So I've been reading through the boards this afternoon, and my head is swimming with information!! I am currently mulling what to use next year for LA in general, and for writing in particular. I've really been looking at MCT, I think it'd be fabulous. However, I have not stretched my DS in writing, and I really like the look of WWE to focus more on that. Of course, FLL is a really nice program too! ;) Here are a few questions I have: 1. I have seen from several threads that quite a few of you use both together. Is the writing in MCT pretty minimal? We're looking at the elementary levels. 2. I like the look of WWE, but is it too much along with MCT writing? I feel like we're *behind* here but since my son is a bit of a reluctant writer, I wonder if we should start with WWE2 instead of 3. (ETA: For WWE, is the Textbook really necessary? I see a lot of reviews that say plenty of instruction is in the workbook portion.) 3. My DS is a gifted 3rd grader. Even though he's not crazy about writing, he's pretty good at grammar so far. Would we want to skip the Island Level and go straight to Town? I've heard so many good things about Island, though, that I don't really want to skip over it. Here's my current thought: I'm thinking to finish out 3rd grade, the next 3-4 months, I could get just a few of the Island level books and read through them together, doing a few exercises here and there... and that perhaps I could also get the WWE 2 book and work through that a bit. Then, next year for 4th grade, I could get MCT Town and WWE 3. Would that be too much? Is there a benefit to adding FLL in as well? Your thoughts? Am I on track or way off? I know it's a good problem to have that we have too much great curricula to choose from, LOL, but sometimes it makes me crazy to have to actually PICK something!! :001_smile: Thanks in advance for your help...
  10. Before reading about it here last night, I'd never heard of Galore Park. So I looked it up, and WOW, looks like they have some great things. What can you tell me about it?? What products have you used and liked? How can you determine proper level? And, if you're in the US, do you find that any of it is difficult or doesn't apply to your child, being British-based? I would just love a few pointers to browse their site intelligently!! Thanks!
  11. We've been struggling with this too! We had a program for LA this year and it just didn't fit us... we've tried restarting with it three different times, and I think it's time to give up, LOL!! MCT is really appealing to us, my son loves the quirkiness of it. I've got a gifted kid who gets bored easily, and I think this would hold his attention. He likes what he's seen so far from the previews. I'm glad for the suggestions here, because I've wondered if I could just buy a few parts of Island level for an introduction, then go fully into Town level next year. I think, based on all your comments, we may go that route!!
  12. We are using Prima Latina right now and DS is enjoying it. The lessons are short and it provides a good blend of new material and review. We have gotten a couple of the Literature Guides... they are well done, but at the start of this year, it was too much writing for DS, and we went with more of a discussion format. I do like them, though.
  13. I will also have a 4th grader next year... and I'm entirely unsure of our plans yet, LOL!! That's one reason I joined this forum! :) We may be overhauling a lot for next year. We started off sort of basic as this was our first year at home. I do think we're going to expand for 4th grade. Just some of the things we've been looking at: Math: Either stick with Abeka; move to TT; or move to Saxon LA: We've been using LLATL and it's just not for us, so I'm kind of piecemealing together for the rest of the year. I'm seriously considering MCT for next year, but I'm examining other options too. History: We may do a one year American History study, but I've also been looking at TruthQuest History, and we would start with the Ancients and go from there. Science: I'm kind of intrigued by Beautiful Feet's History of Science program. As you can see, we're all over the map and I have some research to do!!
  14. Thanks everyone! Yes, I've been searching several topics and wow, I could spend hours here just making lists and mulling over options, LOL!! But I'm hoping that reading all your reviews and experiences will help me get things narrowed down a bit.
  15. Hi, everyone! My name is Cris... I'm a midwestern mom homeschooling my 9 year old son. I have been reading these forums for a couple weeks now, just trying to absorb information. This is our first year homeschooling. It's been one of trial and error (added a couple subjects midway, threw out a couple curriculum choices, etc.) but we've learned a lot about how we learn! We've been pretty basic/traditional this year... we'll be keeping a bit of that, but we're moving more toward CM with a hint of Classical style, LOL!! You all have so many great ideas so I wanted to become a part of the forums to brainstorm, ask questions, and get to know you all. Look forward to chatting!! Cris
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