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  1. The weekly co-op we belong to is K-12 and has at least 100 families. There are enrichment and academic classes. All the classes have a charge. The teachers are paid. You're paying $300-$400 per class per year, for high school classes. They offer all the core academics for all 4 years of high school. This is our first year with senior is taking Gov't/Econ and my sophhomlre is taking Algebra 2 and Biology. I think having to pay helps people take it more seriously.
  2. We've liked the Christian Kids Explore science series from Bright Ideas Press.
  3. I like the looks of this ...
  4. Maybe "Augustus Caesar's World" by Genevieve Foster.
  5. You can use the Study Guides that go along with the History of the World series' for the extras...those have comprehension questions, map work, critical thinking questions, and a "who/what/where" identify section.
  6. Christian Kids Explore series by Bright Ideas Press might work.
  7. Our favorite is "A Child's Garden of Verses" by Robert Louis Stevensen.
  8. Is there a local community or civic theatre near you that offers classes? Has she done makeup before for plays, etc? I would suggest she start a portfolio, if she hasn't already.
  9. Notgrass for government? It has quizzes and exams, literature selections, uses original source documents, and has daily review questions.
  10. Guest Hollow's American History for high school may work.
  11. The New Encyclopedia of Christian Martyrs I second Trial and Triumph by Richard Hannula. Also the Trailblazers series by Dave & Neta Jackson
  12. Your son turned in his paper late. The teacher is well within his right to lower the grade. Let it be a learning experience.
  13. Have you seen "Versaiiles" by Tony Spawforth? Or "Palace of Versailles: France's Royal Jewel" by Linda Tagliaferro? This one is more geared towards kids. It's part of the "Castles, Palaces, and Tombs" series.
  14. Try the Christian Kids Explore series by Bright Ideas Press.
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