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  1. Laptop. As someone stated above at my son's school you can't access the lock-down browser for testing, nor can you print remotely to the library or computer lab printers -- again, the software is not supported. Also Chromebooks typically have limited capacity so you might not be able to download a large program. Your school should have a website dedicated to computing needs that gives minimum specs.
  2. I have a Protestant (Episcopalian) kid at a Jesuit Catholic university. It's been a non-issue. The school is about 70% Catholic, but with 10,000 undergrads that leaves 3,000 who aren't. Interesting you mention Baylor -- my kid refused to even consider it due to the mandatory chapel requirement.
  3. Not specific to homeschooling, but I've always liked this info from MIT:
  4. Thanks. Just to add, we don't need any PE. This kid is a year round athlete, so that's covered. Also, human anatomy was well covered in bio. If it exists, I think something straight forward, out of the box, may be best. Kassia, how did you modify? We also only need the 1/2 credit of health.
  5. Looking for a one semester, get 'er done health curriculum. Absolutely must be secular. Suggestions? Thanks!
  6. If you live near a Nordstrom's check with them for summer associate/sales positions. They hire specifically for their anniversary sale. It's salary plus commission -- you can make a lot of money if you're good -- there is a guaranteed minimum, too. My son did this summer after senior year and after freshman year. You do have to be 18.
  7. My guess is every school does it their own way. We will face this in 2020-21. I can see now what the current college asks for on their forms: name of student, name of college, expected graduation year, full time or half time, undergrad or grad, non-need based aid amount. You update the school once the sibling has decided where to attend and then it gets verified in September. But we don't know how they use the info. This is a meets full need school that uses the CSS profile for incoming students and then uses its own forms thereafter. We are running the NPCs with just one in college and as a family of 3 to get an idea of what years 2-4 will look like for our younger student.
  8. Be aware, Princeton basically gives the best need-based aid of any college/university in the country. Expect to pay more everywhere else. I am going to throw out Boston College as a suggestion. Bias note -- I have a kiddo there now. Jesuit/Catholic if that works for you. Philosophy there is strong. every student has t take 2 courses in it as part of the core and it is one of the most popular minors they have..Also has a classical studies major. Lots of outreach in Boston. Has the big time sports, but no Greek life. Note, with regards to financial aid, they meet full need bu they do take home equity in to consideration and for some people that will make it too expensive.
  9. Note: Wesleyan is test optional, so kids with lower test scores don't submit them, meaning what you are seeing is artificially high. I'm not sure, but I think they require all enrolled students to submit scores later on which should be reflected in the common data set.
  10. Maybe ask them what they're looking for, meaning what is the difference between the transcript and report card? Around here I know the report card and the transcript are the same thing at the public high school. For home school I've never done anything but a transcript.
  11. The revised SAT contains trig and radians so definitely need to have seen them. They are typically pre-calc subjects. From the college board: Questions on the SAT Math Test may ask you to apply the definitions of right triangle trigonometry. You should also know the definition of radian measure; you may also need to convert between angle measure in degrees and radians. You may need to evaluate trigonometric functions at benchmark angle measures...
  12. I would take a look at Dickinson, particularly their International Business and Management major. They are a CSS profile school, however, so not sure how that may look for you financially.
  13. Re: Villanova 1. It's expensive and they don't meet full need, so even though you can pay your EFC, that may not help since you could get gapped, and need to pay more. 2. It's gotten much harder to get into the past 2 years. For the HS class of 2018 the acceptance rate was 29%. Probably will be that or lower this year.
  14. Not straight up Arabic, but if you're willing to consider Catholic schools, DePaul in Chicago has an Arabic studies major. Might be too far for you, though.
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