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  1. wowwww!!!!!! WELL DONE!!!! :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: My little math geek is so excited for him... he wants to be him in a few more years, lol!
  2. Im glad to see the update. Anxiously waiting to hear it's been recovered now!
  3. :hurray: oh thank goodness you posted this, I've been worrying!
  4. The hills are terrifying to look at right now. We are well away, but still smoky here. About 40 houses gone so far, and lots more at risk. We just don't have the people to fight something on this scale.
  5. wow, so wonderful of him to tke the responsibility for his classmate. I'd be proud of him too
  6. wow, that's fantastic... maybe he needs a course in speed writing (I'm kidding!) It's interesting to hear the kinds of decisions he's having to make in order to be strategic. Can't wait to hear how it went!!
  7. hmmm our library has them but I have no idea what's in them. I know they have three age groups. I'll have a look next time we're in there
  8. Sometimes yes, sometimes no - when yes, there is nothing I can do about it, and I'm as surprised as you are. I sneeze in "chains" - sometimes so long I have to sit down or fall down as the black spot swim in my eyes. I once got in trouble at school - whole school in the hall, all goes quiet as I let out a series of almighty yell-sneezes. I got hauled into the office and given detention. I chose not to attend it :-) In that case it was probably the waft of over- frgranced girls sitting down around me, making a cloud of sneeze inducing scent. I *wish* I could silence it when it happens, I really do!
  9. I had to come back to this thread. DD (7) my NONmath kid was sitting at the table this morning with an algebra two workbook reading the explanations and working her way through the problems. Erm. Oops. My best estimate of Miss I-won't-do-anything-if-you-are-watching was 4th / 5th grade.
  10. If hands on equations counts as started then preschooler - 4 or so. He loved it! Formal bookwork study of what you guys call "Algebra 1" I dragged my feet on and took him along all sorts of other paths until he was 7.5 and I ran out of other things. He did a number of different programmes at his own pace and interest (Fred, AOPS, Khan, Jacobs, Zaccarro and other stuff we have about the place) and is starting Geometry now (10). He never has to look at a concept twice, he often intuits methods and concepts based on very little information, it sticks forever and he can apply it all. I have no idea how his maths brain works, and I have no idea where it will end up.
  11. We'll start sometime next week. Probably. I'm unmotivated and too hot to think about it :-)
  12. oh sorry, I thought I added that... I mean with the little guys. I get that, if you're going to do it thoroughly, big 'uns need time.
  13. IEW Saxon LLATL homeschool parents who opt out of parenting their child at group activities school at home / spending a full public school day (and more) on school at home
  14. Dear In-laws, thank you for accepting us just as we are. Thank you for listening to my gift suggestions and mking my children very very VERY happy. Dear Mother really? You know you made a little girl cry, right? I do hope that made you feel good. Take your passive-aggressive, stalkery, "I know something you don't know" bullcrap and shove it somewhere uncomfortable.
  15. Sigh, the narcissist got me. Through a child, even worse. When will I learn not to give her an in? The child is ok, just confused. I am frustratted and sad.
  16. probably, but we call them by colour, cos they're all gross :-) Just for you I will look it up. orange = orange (original) this is what I mean when I say fanta bright pink = sour water melon blue - blueberry (smurfberry) purple = grape pink = strawberry sherbert fizz
  17. At the moment I can get orange, yellow, purple, blue and pink fantas at the loval supermarket. And here that bit you walk on is a footpath and place you cross is a pedestrian crossing. The road surface is most commonly called tarseal. Mint SAUCE, not jelly :-), at least around here.
  18. could you please tell me your gf cinnamon roll recipe? My kids want to try these. We usually have whitebait fritters and berry fruit... cos, summer!
  19. mind. blown. i thought a flapjack was a kind of pancake too
  20. I cannot imagine eating scones with gravy. I have never made scones with egg. My personal favourite no-fail recipe uses, oddly, lemonade (the fizzy drink). Equal parts cream, flour and lemonade (sprite) mix, bake in oven. Serve hot with butter or cold wth jam and cream. Here they are differnent - lemonade is sprte / seven up - the lemon-y flavoured ones. Fanta is it's own thing. As an aside - that blue fanta yoy can get at the moment? My kids call that smurfberry juice. Around here we'd say jersey (knitted, pull over head), sweatshirt (not knitted, pull over head), hoodie (sweatshirt with a hood. Might have a zip), cardigan (opens down the front.
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