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  1. mmm I love spiders... coke spiders are the best The chilly bin I might call an eskie if I ask for lemonade I'm asking for sprite (preferably zero) if i ask for coke, I'm asking for the red can / white writing if I ask for pepsi max that's what I want I've been trying to get my head around what a "biscuit" is in the US for a long time, and I'm also still not clear on "graham crackers" Root beer tastes like medicine. I do not understand cherry flavoured anything. search for lemonade here: https://shop.countdown.co.nz its aaaaalll the fizzy kind. I too was confused by the idea of lemonade stands as a kid... I wondered if y'all had soda streams as standard equipment. My MIL makes a lemon syrup that we add to fizzy water to make "homemade lemonade" lol!
  2. In this part of the world it means straight up, stand on your own two feet, mean what you say and don't take any nonsense. It would depend on how it was said as to whether they meant it as a compliment or not - in the context you described above, probably
  3. My children travelled this past weekend to a prizegiving where they were presented with medals for earning the highest score in their age group in some national exams. They both enter in the year older than them so the kids they are competing against are 6 months - 2 years older than them. DD (7) was top in all three of her subjects, DS (10) was top in two of his (and painfully close in 3 others). This is a huge achievement. Both children then raced back to the car to show the medals to their soft toy dogs, complete with explanations of what each was for and "letting" the dogs sniff and lick them.
  4. 1) our TV turns on when the power comes back on 2) tell him to move his key if it concerns him 3) my mother is this guy. He does stuff so he looks good. When you accept you open yourself to being talked about to everyone - accept a ride "can't keep fuel in the car", accept hand me downs "can't clothe the kids", accept his treat somewhere "mooch off me". Nice to your face to gather information adn then twist it and spread it. I'd back off and be polite / civil but share nothing.
  5. It sounds like a really good plan. I hope you can have a wonderful time starting new traditions with your kids.
  6. As others have said - for me it's allergies causing eczema... specifically peas in my case :-) If I don't eat peas I don't get it.
  7. DS is a speed cuber (he specialises in 3x3 and 4x4, nearly there on 2x2 and is working towrd 5x5) He also likes chess, especially chess puzzles. He says they use the same parts of his brain, lol! He has enjoyed all many of the ThinkFun games and likes those annoying to set up but lots of fun "space rail" marble coaster things. He has also been working on speed stacking and diablo. If you are looking for ideas for gifts, if he doesn't have one already, a timer like the ones they use in official competitions was very well received here.
  8. we signed up but when we came to do it it wouldn't let us in. I requested a password reminder twice (in case that was the problem) with no reponse, so I guesss we've missed out.
  9. I have used a number of direct instruction programmes incluing those ones. I would suggest that a student with superior intellectual ability will find them enormously boring with the high levels of repetition and incremental progression which does not allow for leaps of understanding common among those children. FOr children who require such instruction, though, DI is research proven to be highly effective. It is all scripted for you, so you don't have to think as you present it - some people like that, others don't. It is highly repetitive, targetted and small step progression - some people like that and some don't. As a general rule it's designed for group instruction and choral response, so you may find you need to modify some of that for one to one use.
  10. oh I think that would make me cry. I'm so sorry. We had a painter both up the work on our house too - fortunately I hadn't paid him the full amount and refused to until it was corrected. He took me to small claims where I won AND was awarded my deposit back as well (he was given 30 days to fix it or refund - he walked away). Of course it still cost me extra to get the both job stripped back and fixed, but it got done in the end.
  11. I'd go with this - we've learnt the hard way that gluten free doesn not always mean wheat free and it is easy to get tricked by the "gluten free" label and not look further if you don't understand. I hope your daughter feels better quickly.
  12. We haave used it off and on for my math-whizz son. I think it is solid, although I have seen complaints that it doesn't teach kids with enough repetition for some kids. REpetition is not an issue for us here.
  13. ohh you have my sympathy - I did my heel when my daughter was a toddler, then did it again a couple of years later. It is SO frustrating. Knee scooters rock, as does some kind of wheeled table or trolley for moving things around the place. I hope you enjoy your shower... do you have a stool for in there... that ws helpful too.
  14. I m so sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts
  15. Is second grade 7 year olds? My April 7 year old read it and said "there's two less than there were at the start because two more got off than got on, so it's 65."
  16. The ones immediately next door (that we share a driveway with) are acquaintances - we say hi and chat when we're both outside. I don't know any of the others. I thought that might change when the kids went to school briefly as I know a few in the street (and a couple we share boundaries with) go to the school, but no... and certainly not since we pulled out again, lol!
  17. if he wants to, but can't, have you considered soe underlying deficit - fine motor, or vision perhaps?
  18. FOr us when the environmental allergens are out of control it means the food ones aren't being kept away... the one feeds off the other. I am so sorry for you son, it is a miserable way to be.
  19. What on earth is it that she still wants it after 3 years? I'd tell her it can be picked up before X date otherwise it is donated. IF she had the balls to ask for a refund I'd provide her with an itemized bill - except I would NOT make it zero. I'd make it clear that she owes you money, but you are, from the goodness of your heart, writing that off if she goes away.
  20. I'd just reply and say, sorry, the advertisement is old, they are no longer for sale. While it's lovely that you want to her out, you don't have any obligation here.
  21. sounds like a good way to go to me, follow their lead and see where you end up. Enjoy the ride :-)
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