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  1. I cannot agree more with the people saying you need to take this higher. This person should not be teaching. Yelling at a parent raising a concern? And now she has obviously shared your conversation with someone else if they are commenting on your FB - which means she may well have shared private information. Inappropriate.
  2. Our library doesn't do fines for kids cards unless you actually lose the book. They also don't let you borrow adult books on kid cards... except that when DS was 6 and started wanting chess books from the adult section and it wouldn't issue them, they overrode it (I may actually have said "do I *look* like these books are for me???"). It's handy because he now reads all over the adult nonfiction and selections of adult fiction too. I admit there are a few that may have slipped onto his card that were certianly not for him... but no fines, how am I meant to resist?
  3. I had half an order go missing once (5ish years ago) - one box of a two box order. It was reshipped. The original box turned up about 7 months later and I returned it to them.
  4. I am so insanely jealous of you right now. We watched the live stream here in New Zealand. SO COOL! My son was leaping up and down and cheering. The landings look so fake - like a film run backwards. It is amazing.
  5. My DD HATES premade. cut out and fill in lapbooks, but spends ages designing and making her own. This same child will slap anything down on a notebook page and call it good. I don't know why she likes it, but she does, so I don't argue :-)
  6. my DD is a natural eeyore. We work on helping her seeing more than her first thought. It can be hard work sometimes!
  7. NZ here - we haven't started back yet, won't start properly until after Waitangi day (6th Feb) when we're done travelling and daddy goes back to work :-) DS is year 7 this year (y6 Aus I guess) and DD is year 5 (Aus year 4). I have a vague idea of what's happening this year, but I'm sure it'll change. It will involve a lot of maths for DS and art for DD I'm sure.
  8. once as a kid (I'm assuming it was flu) I was ridiculously unwell and don't remember much of it, apart from raging temperatures awful aches and sleep walking. I was staying with my grandmother because my mother was in hospital. All I remember of the Dr visit is him telling grandmother "just tell her mother she has a cold, that's all she needs to know". once as an adult (again, assuming, dr said sounds like it, don't come in) verrrrrry unwell for 10 days, probably a month more before I was really back to close to normal - while family had it that time. once as an adult (confirmed by swabs) "swine flu" when they were testing people. It was confirmed but was the most minor of my three experiences - unwell for 3 - 4 days and back on top of things after about 10 days.
  9. I upgraded a year ago and discovered I reacted to the new strap, so haven'tbeen able to track. I got a new strap for Christmas though, and so far so good!
  10. I just do egg, oil, lemon juice, garlic or mustard. Maybe a little salt. On the other hand my mother puts a can of sweetened condensed milk in a jug and stirs through vinegar. Gag.
  11. I admire you for being there for this child. I hope you can continue to do that
  12. oh thank goodness, I was trying to imagine a sweet custard poured over the bacon and onion and failing badly
  13. I hope some people turned up. Lemon Tassies sound amazing. Onion tart ... I'm trying to imagine how those ingredients would taste together, but I can't. I am intrigued though... by custard, do you mean actual custard - like the milky sweet dessert kind?
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