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  1. I bought a new Forester this summer when my Yukon XL with 250,000 miles became a maintenance project instead of a reliable car. I test drove the Crosstrek, Forester, Outback, Rav, CRV, Escape and ended up with a Forester. I put the same studded Hakkapolitas on it AmandaVT uses. In our first half inch of snow, it slid down the road my house is on - something the Yukon never did. The CVT transmission is also annoying - it doesn't shift smoothly at low speeds, and you can't rock it if you get stuck. I should have got the manual transmission. I did go test drive in the snow. The local Honda dealer would only let me take the one CRV they had put Hakkepolitas on and the Ford dealer wouldn't let me test drive at all. The Subaru dealer let me go without a salesman and look for "virgin snow" (about 5 inches deep) to test it in, with the regular all season tires. I took that as a hint. The guys at the garage talked me into Blizzaks one year. The rubber is harder than the Hakkepolitas so they grip less but last longer. Good luck
  2. OYAN didn't go over well here - didn't hold her interest. NaNoWriMo was better (She did the workbook before November)
  3. Another vote for both. Try skip counting while jumping rope or tossing bean bags to liven it up.
  4. http://www.amazon.com/Beginning-German-Otto-P-Schinnerer/dp/B000L3GS5M/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1439589737&sr=1-1 Beginning German by Schinnerer. It is traditional, parts-to-whole, with all the explanations and grammar explained, reminiscent of Henle. However, given the date of issue, you have to add the "new" spelling rules.
  5. Ãep. They can start the application in January, get letters of recommendation in the spring, get motivated to write essays by the Summer Seminar, and finish the whole thing before the Common App opens. I don't know about correlation or causation either, but still think they're a good idea. I didn't intend to give the impression that the Summer Seminar was essential - just helpful. Ds went to USMA's Summer Seminar (he didn't get into USAFA's because he applied too late) but ended up at USAFA so it's definitely not required.
  6. Does this mean they are using data from the May test for the March test's curve?
  7. I will add a couple of thoughts also. (USMA grad, MALO, parent of USAFA grad and two USAFA cadets, 2 also accepted to USMA) I can't emphasize the Summer Seminars enough. The appointment rate for those accepted to the Summer Seminars is way higher than general applicants. And the candidate gets a better idea of what he/she is getting into and whether they really want it. The superscore concept means the candidate can take the SAT and ACT as many times as possible with no downside. I have even had Admissions Officers tell me that repeatedly taking it to improve your score is seen as an indicator of how badly you want it (ie. grit - a key determiner of success at an academy). I have also been told that they base the academic rating of homeschoolers ENTIRELY on the SAT/ACT score (ie. not mommy grades. I assume they would take DE into account.) The SAT, like everything else, can be practiced until it is perfect. They should practice and retest until they have a score that is competitive for their area. No one questioned our lack of DE (CC around here are useless) but we did have other sources of letters of recommendation: coaches, Boy Scout leader, employers, etc. I did not write any letters of recommendation. They did read our course descriptions closely. The USMA Admissions officer actually called to discuss it! I had never heard that about martial arts. Some sport is necessary, obviously, and non-schools sports (fencing, gymnastics, swimming, etc) count. EVERYBODY runs. Daily in Beast and on PT tests for the rest of their career. The medical reviews can be time consuming. The candidate has to get his part of the application done before they schedule a physical, so make sure this happens by August. If he has to go see a specialist it can be 6-8 weeks to get an appointment. And a few more weeks for them to decide to bless it, deny him or ask for more info (ie. another 6-8 weeks for an appointment). The worst case scenario is that this process takes so long that he misses the deadline before it is finished. Ds was close for USMA (for something USAFA waived, we had never heard of and the local dr said was a non-issue) You want to have time to get through the process.
  8. Danskos made my hips hurt after I went sight seeing in them (but they are great for just standing around) Footsmart has lots of comfortable sandals (and very helpful reviews and ratings of their shoes) http://www.footsmart.com/Womens-Sandals?cm_re=HP-_-leftNav-_-WomensSandals
  9. All three needed nagging to some extent - some more than others. Fortunately, they all applied to the Summer Seminar at an academy, which jump started the process in December of JUNIOR year and only the last one had to deal with/wait for the Common App. They also only applied to 2-3 colleges each. The local school actually has an English course (yes, a semester-long course for credit) on writing the application essays, so dc saw all their friends getting "editting" and were happy enough to share their essays with us.
  10. #1 - I'd like to see the actual statute because I don't believe it is the law. #2 is actually illegal in some states. Here's a list: http://www.mit.edu/~jfc/right.html
  11. The earlier the better - for stress, scholarships, admissions odds, likelihood of recommenders completing it/doing a good job, etc . The only downside is if you think she'll do significantly better retaking the SAT/ACT (and I would still recommend everything else be done early) By earlier, I mean Sept/Oct.
  12. I wouldn't have expected that. How old were the old faucet/switch/pipes? We have some really old pipes that are actually a larger diameter than the new ones. We had a new faucet /switch put in recently (changed to a center, single handle instead of two separate handles) and there was a limiter in it to prevent the temp from getting "too" hot, but the water comes out the faucet full strength when the shower is off.
  13. Less expensive than a bad hire or the complications from using a suspected racist sort method. Less expensive for the employer, more expensive for the employee.
  14. Or my daughter either. They're not walking advertisements for Disney.
  15. Entry fees for the event itself? For food, include actual meals as well as snacks and drinks all day long
  16. It's been awhile, but Menlo Park was in the village - a bunch of old buildings you could walk down the middle of (cordoned off so you couldn't get too close to anything) They did have lab equipment in them but you couldn't play with it. I felt the village was geared younger with a few "old colonial" type activities (carding wool, colonial toys, etc) strewn through it. The museum was more technical, but geared toward the Industrial Age - lots of trains, cars, huge gears, etc. I liked the museum more when I was 10. I haven't been there since 2000 but it didn't have any computer tech stuff at all then. This would be my choice. I've never been on the factory tour. I have a hard time imagining any hands - on stuff there.
  17. Cheddar is hard to find, imported from Britain and rather expensive there, as is cream cheese. Mozzarella was plentiful. All cheese there was white. I missed Mexican (refried beans were $5 a can), real chocolate chip cookies (the missing ingredient was brown sugar - never did see it there. They had "raw" sugar but not brown sugar.), moist brownies (the "brownies " at the grocery store tasted like hard tack), American cakes, turkey and stuffing.
  18. Brown Eyed Susans Mint Bee Balm All perennials that spread and grow faster than weeds are invasive.
  19. This. Definitely. Apply in Dec of Junior year (so take at least the PSAT by then. Practice for it.) Up your chances by: 4 years of serious college prep coursework (with good grades, obviously), most cadets do calculus in high school (and again at the academy!) 4 years of a language (Latin doesn't count) some computer programming, facility with the usual Office programs Great test scores (Practice, practice, practice. There should be no surprises on the SAT! Start now. USAFA superscores, so take it til you max it.) a sport (Archery is a skill - she needs to do something to build muscles and endurance too. The CFA should also be practiced.) leadership - (Eagle Scout/Gold Award, Mitchell Award, etc. or obvious leadership positions like teaching, coaching, club president, etc) Become very familiar with their website. These will help at USNA or USMA also. She should apply to all three (and USCGA and USMMA if interested), as well as all their Summer Seminars. I was told right out (by a USMA faculty member) that admissions doesn't consider homeschool grades, only test scores. However, I KNOW they read the course descriptions carefully, because one of the admissions reps actually called to tell me how impressed he was by them. So keep copious notes and wax eloquent on the course descriptions!
  20. How long did this GF thing take to notice a difference (in the migraines)?
  21. I'm more cynical. After keeping it for 6 months and giving it to an employee, I suspect they just want everyone else reading their Facebook page to think they took care of it. How many Sarahs calling about lost iPads could they have had?
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