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  1. I am using Saxon Math 3 this year with my two daughters in 3rd grade. It uses skip counting. They grasp the concept, but take forever to figure out the multiplication answers. They also make mistakes when skip counting, if they count by themselves and then get answers wrong based on the wrong counting. I am wondering what other people do to teach this now-a-days? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks! We are gearing up to start SOTW 2 and these look perfect as a supplement!
  3. My DS and DD going into Kindergarten are going to do the MP K whole curriculum plan. However, I hesitate to order the 3rd and 4th grade level whole set as it would be quite a bit different from what my other girls are used to doing. Do these grade levels really "suck the fun out of school" as I have read on this forum? I would really like to avoid that. Is there any that have used the entire 3rd or 4th grade program who could weigh in on some pros and cons for me? I would be most appreciative.
  4. Absolutely! Our family moved a couple years ago from upstate Ny to rural OH. There is a HUGE homeschooling population here, however, they all know each other and as the new mom in town, it has been SO hard to break into the clique. They are nice and will say hi, but that is about all. My kids go to the gym class and outings, but never get invited to playdates or b-day parties and any invites I extend get denied always due to their other committments. Oh and almost all of them use Abeka, and since I do not I am always getting told how wonderful it is and that it is so much better than what I am using. Thankfully we are relocating next month to SC. So we will see how that goes:)
  5. Thank you all so much for your feedback! I think we will go with the CLE for next year. One of the perks of homeschooling is we can change it if it doesn't work! :)
  6. My dd's have done Abeka for 1st and 2nd grade and are doing well, but I am sort of looking at maybe doing CLE for 3rd grade for a little less teacher involvement and more independence for them. Is it a thorough program? I checked the website but they only show a couple pages of the books, so I thought I would ask here what you all thought:) Do they do speed drills? (My girls love them.) Thanks!
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