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  1. SusanC

    Forum Game--who wants to play yet again?

    2018 Year in Review - Day 1/2 Oh dear. You see, if you review 2018 1/2 day at a time, it is going to take you two years, and then you will be reviewing 2019 on top of that, probably into 2021, and, well, I just ... I just think we should think through your plan here.
  2. SusanC

    Alexandra Petri's Top 100 Christmas Songs

    "94. “Linus and Lucy.” This makes me feel like I am on hold." This captures one of the major dangers of trying to resolve a corporate issue this time of year. "38. “I'll Be Home for Christmas.” This used to be a lot more poignant before air travel was so widespread and cheap." I have thought this too! There are some songs on her list that I have never heard, but I don't think I'll go search many of them out given her reviews. 😁
  3. SusanC

    Super random: “greener” oilcloth?

    I had a friend order a plastic cover for her butcher block table and she had them put a lip around the four sides so it goes on like a box lid. It has held up for years in her kitchen. It us a bit clunky and may have been expensive...
  4. This Neutrogena one has been my favorite for years. I don't have chronically dry skin, but other lip bands often seem to elicit an allergic response or cause cold sores. At night I use petroleum jelly, but the Neutrogena one is my true love.
  5. SusanC

    What are you go-to everyday shoes?

    Black - Land's End slip ons Brown - Skechers lace-ups, slightly reminiscent of Doc Martens? but more subtle, appropriate for a woman of my advancing years.
  6. SusanC

    Sports-Are-King vent...

    Ballet is the same. This kind of clear-cut policy also helps eliminate issues with participants who are less reliable. People start being "sick" with frequency. I believe there should be a separation of school and sport, but even so, I would expect this policy to be the same.
  7. There, there dearie. (Don't I sound old) Remember when Frog (of Frog and Toad fame) wrote a to-do list and then it blew away? Frog and Toad had to just sit for the rest if the day because nothing else was on the list. Then (in desperation, I think) Toad scratched "go to sleep" in the dirt with a stick so they could cross it out and go to sleep (still out there where the list blew away) I'm glad you are having the opposite problem.
  8. Yes. One of my three dc did (now they all do.)
  9. We have participated in a weekly co-op for a few years. I wouldn't dream of considering it a replacement for whatever daily program we do at home. Enrichment only. We will do the homework, but apparently many would not. We've had poor experiences with teachers being things like art projects to be done a specific way for apparent reason. I taught a middle grades math last year. We used Patty Paper Geometry. None of the students had done a specific geometry class, and there are no prerequisites, so I didn't have to worry about that - although there were a few topics I taught ad hoc for particular lessons. They did abridged homework which we checked round-robin in class, no grade. This year I'm teaching an elementary math (students in grades 1-5). This semester we have watched some of the videos from Exploding Dots. The rest of the year we will look at discrete topics. No homework. When I taught Latin to elementary I focused on vocabulary. Each week had a new theme. I sent home flash card sheets, but I guarantee no one looked at them. We constructed a calendar over the course of the year that they could use for review the next year (Can't imagine anyone did this either...) As the teacher, i need to come up with a rough syllabus the summer before with topics for every class. Then, before class starts, i need the classes up to the first break planned out in detail so that if I'm busy i can just grab it and go.
  10. SusanC

    My husband is sleep texting me.

    My undergrad chem class was crammed into one of those short semesters, so it was like 3 hours of lecture from 8-11 and I can say that falling asleep on a lab stool requires an excellent sense of balance!
  11. That was what I was thinking. If possible I would sit with her and talk HER through the planning out process. Then if you can/want to you could offer some possible alternatives.
  12. In our house I would say something like, "I know you want me to let you run this class on your own, and I know you are old enough to be taking on that kind of responsibility. To be clear, I would, of course, expect that once we are half-way through the year (beginning of January) you would be halfway through the material. Of course, with an AYOP class we have some flexibility, but I would be concerned if you were less than 1/3 of the way through the material. Regardless, when we check in at the start of the next semester I look forward to hearing your summary of progress and your plan to finish." Keep in mind any hard end dates you may have - does she need to be done with course work by May, or can she stretch to August?
  13. SusanC

    Compass Prep's NMF discussion

    As we head in to high school next year threads like this and the AP test changes make we wonder about whether we can just focus on academics and bypass the tests altogether. I'm sure we will end up jumping through the hoops, but some of these hoops are getting very small!
  14. Isn't it Ver-SAYLS, IL and Beatrice, NE is Be-A(short a sound)-tris and Peru, IN is PEE-ru (often, anyway)
  15. SusanC

    Who would name their child Abcde? Good grief

    Southwest Airlines might give them a deal on airfare...
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