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  1. As an adult I aspire to spend time with Drawing on the Right Side, but with my kids, at one point, we used Mark Kistler's Draw Squad, which was a nice way to begin.
  2. Don't forget that you can often schedule shots (like Flu Vax) as a nurse's visit which I have found to be short wait, quick visits. We usually do that for my dc in October at some point.
  3. Well, I, for one, can't wait!!! Remember that wedding photo where the wedding party is running from a marauding TRex? Perhaps something in that vein.
  4. We have found Fidelity Zero or Vanguard Index funds are a good place for that kind of "exess" funds situation.
  5. I agree with all you have says here, but I have a question about Math U See. Didn't it have it's own, slightly unusual, sequence? It seems like moving into it halfway through might be tricky. I've never used the program, so I'm curious if I'm just missing something, like maybe every year starts off with a review to that point or something. OP you may have noticed already that this forum has a bunch of people very knowledgeable about math teaching, like WendyRoo, so you could also start a separate post just on that topic for your dd.
  6. Thanks. I'm more of a random lurker. No way I can keep up with all the cool stuff on WTM. Sometimes I get drawn in because I see people do things on this thread that I hadn't considered - check boxes! strike through! actually making a list and then doing the things! 😄 Plus, that typo made me do a double take, and then ponder the possiblity of actually moving to Australia.
  7. Did you move to Australia, or are you working ahead? I think today is Friday. 😉 I'm curious about your process for cooking black beans, do you have any secrets? My method is still evolving.
  8. It sounds like your are doing really well. I feel like there is a big gap in financial planning between "how do I get started" and "I'm getting ready to retire" 😄 The link that NorthwestMom posted looks like a good place to start. I think it is always going to come down to the connection you make to the person, or small group, that you are directly dealing with. The list of practical concerns that I can think of always starts with fees. What fees they will charge, and if there are additional fees levied by the funds themselves, any other fees you need to know about. Those tiny sounding percentages can really add up. You will also want to know if they have a particular fund family they recommend. Some advisors are affiliated with particular funds, which isn't the end of the world, but good to be transparent about. I would ask who you will talk to when you call with questions. I would expect the initial meeting to be free/low cost and to give some idea of what they would recommend if you decide to go with them. That means you can probably meet with a few people before making a commitment. I've officially scraped the bottom of my knowledge barrel on this subject!
  9. Sorry, that would drive me to incredulous rudeness. Is your dd totally onboard with homeschooling high school? That is all that I would be focused on. Then, for a chuckle, the Hive could give you some humorous or snarky responses to the unwanted school advice from randos. Vent away.
  10. I'm curious too. It would be nice to find someone who works for a flat fee, but that doesn't seem to be too common. Probably because to make what they are worth the fee would be higher than people want to pay - like people that want a great math or foreign language tutor for $3 an hour. We have a legacy connection to a large, well thought of firm but they would prefer to have all of our assets invested through them, which is a bit tricky, and they would charge 10% of our investment (maybe I'm not remembering that incorrectly). DH enjoys managing our finances, so although we have discussed switching in the past, the trade off has not quite made sense. However, he spends hours a month on our finances, which can be a burden. On the other hand, neither of us likes change or any financial uncertainty, so we just keep doing what we are doing. Are you interested in finding someone to help you set up a plan for college and retirement? Perhaps evaluate your current investment and savings vehicles? You don't strike me as needing monthly budgeting advice.
  11. Our position is that an extended warranty (on anything) is generally not worth paying for. We have an emergency fund, though, so if needed we can tap in to that, essentially self-insuring.
  12. My credit card will automatically double the manufacturer's warranty for appliances we buy using the credit card. This used to be a big thing, but I don't see it advertised much anymore. This is helpful because most appliances are tuned to an average minimum life that is equivalent to the warranty terms. Thus my washer broke one week after the warranty ended and the motherboard on my fridge died a month past the warranty term. However, since i had purchased both using a credit card that extended the warranty I was able to contact the credit card company for instructions on getting the appliance repaired at no cost to me. It has been a while, I don't remember if they paid the appliance repair person directly or reimbursed me for the cost. Not a completely pain-free process, but totally worth it for the price of appliance repairs. Both of those appliances have gone on to live long, productive lives. 😄
  13. My biggest tip is to look at buying your appliances with a credit card that doubles the warranty. Many of them do this, and it has paid for a washing machine that threw a gear one week out of warranty, and also a fridge that needed a new mother board after 6 months. I was obviously not happy with either situation, but once repaired they have covered along quietly doing their jobs for many years.
  14. I agree with pp. I will say that we have one that is technically too small. I put it in the furnace room and it does a noticeable job for the whole house. We had one last 10+ years, and then two for shorter and shorter times. DH uses the water it connects to water our house plants and potted plants.
  15. It has been a while since I've used Anki actively, but I'm intrigued by this issue. Could you export a deck including the spacing information, and then at the end of vacation reimport it? Doesn't solve the mental side of suspending practice, but may keep the numbers needing review from getting overwhelming. With 5000 cards presumably split into many decks it would be a huge hassle to do all of them, but perhaps you could experiment with the lowest priority deck. Or not, I just remember trying to juggle this in the past. In the summer we often have a couple of weeks where we collectively decide to do some work, for a variety of reasons. If we can do the needful between 9am and noon that seems to work for us.
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