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  1. I think about the subjects I want to cover and then how much time per day or week. Math gets 45 minutes to an hour every day. Writing 45 minutes 4 days a week. Grammar and spelling get 45 minutes together 3 times a week. History and science each get 1.5 hours a week. Spanish gets time everyday, usually 1/2 an hour. Latin gets 1/2 an hour every day, German gets 2.5 a week, although this third language is kind of a fluke and hard to fit in. Piano gets 1/2 an hour every morning and every afternoon, plus 1/2 an hour for the lesson, although only morning is listed on my "school" schedule. So the weekly total for 4th grade was about 25 hours a week, or 5 hours a day. On paper, anyway. The schedule keeps me from trying to do too much, it provides a guideline for me of what to do when, and it keeps me from double booking myself. We don't follow it to the letter, though.
  2. My dd and ds enjoyed Biology with Fundafunda last year and asked to take Bio2 with her this year. It has been going really well! They really a variety of materials on a particular bio topic and then put together a short write-up every week. It has not required time over the 6 hours a week I scheduled, so my last minute addition of a lab section has been manageable. Story of the Ancient World had also been going really well. I'm in discussion to add an additional chapter to our weekly work. That would let us get well into the next book before the end of the school year.
  3. Oh, @RobinM, poor bunny. Glad you are feeling better. I finished Idyll Threats this week. Police procedural with some adult content. It zipped right along and left a few threads dangling in the background for the next book. Now I'm working on The Mere-Wife which is a modern retelling of Beowulf. It is heavy and a bit ... hazy (?) at points, so I'm reading it in bursts. I put my favorite children's version of Beowulf on hold so that I can refresh my memory of the original story. Perhaps that will help, I can tell I'm missing bits.
  4. My collection is wholly random, some hand-me-downs from grandma, some ad hoc purchases, some emergency purchases, bamboo, wood, metal, plastic, melamine. My favorites are cheap-o bamboo Clover #1s. I probably have 4 intermingled sets. Mostly for socks, occasional mini-sized knits. I have this great (easy) sewing pattern for a wide-mouth zipper bag and all the sock necessities easily fit in, and the bag easily fits in my purse so it is always handy for those unexpected waits. At this time in my life I don't have the blocks of down time I would need for more complicated knits - and the needles to go with them!
  5. Don't hold your breath. We've called the electric company about the dead ash trees behind our house that are leaning over the power lines. They come out and look and then tell us they aren't going to take them down. So every year, in a storm, one falls and takes out the power to the people downstream of us - usually for an extended period. I thought an appeal to their bottom line would surely work, but no.
  6. Interesting! This exact situation is the background in the (great) book Wednesday Wars, by Gary Schmidt. I hadn't encountered it in real-life.
  7. next time your dh goes out of town you should give the goose a pole saw... ETA - when DH is away...
  8. Huh. I think we pay about $80 and that includes the magazine. Can he transfer to another troop? That monthly subscription fee sounds crazy! Have those leaders learned nothing from the credit card fraud people? Start small if you want to ultimately fleece people of large amounts of money. Sheesh.
  9. We own a pole saw, but I draw the line at "chainsaw on a stick". No. 😮
  10. Another list you might peruse is the NPR 100 books for 9-14. You've likely already read a lot of them, but there were a few I had forgotten or not considered.
  11. If either of my 14yos were willing I wouldn't have a problem with it. My problem would be getting dh away from work that long! My dc are conscientious, rule-followers. I would have them text me regularly, and have them write out a schedule or plan for the days I was gone. I would be nervous, but happy to let them practice some independence.
  12. Multiple layers of irony happening in @Ktgrok's front yard. I'm in the Midwest and I've times my eyes at those geese for ages, but as I get more mature, and the costumes get funnier my eyes roll less and I start asking if my future retirement home will allow me to keep "Ginger".... 😂
  13. So maybe the goose completely solves your original flamingo dilemma.
  14. For lunch I sliced zucchini thin then dipped in an egg wash and seasoned bread crumbs and roasted at 450 for 25, flipping halfway through.
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