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  1. I think you should stay the course with Kid A, you already own all those resources. Kid B - If he gets math instruction next year, supplement with MM or AOPS Pre-A as appropriate because you will have and be using those resources. If he doesn't get math instruction use one of those full-time. He could also watch the AOPS videos and work in Alcumus. Kid C - AOPS Pre-A Do watch the videos and sign up for Alcumus and then the wordy text gets diluted a bit, if that is a concern. Yikes! You must spend a lot of time juggling math with all those students at similar-but-not-the-same pla
  2. If avoidance of evolution isn't critical to your choice, I can highly recommend the Honors Biology taught by a fellow Boardie at Fundafundaacademy. It's also cheaper. My dc liked it enough that they wanted to take Bio2 there the following year. I thought it was a solid course. The same students are now taking the regular Clover Valley Chem class. I didn't think there were any prerequisites to the Chem classes outside of the ability to keep up with the schedule demands and the homework load.
  3. DS has had this flip alarm clock for a couple of years. I don't remember if it was a gift, or specifically sought out to solve a waking-up problem.
  4. This revolutionized my approach to doing dishes by hand. I found that in 10 minutes i can do all, or enough, of the dishes on the counter. When I finish a chore i will get settled in to read and knit simultaneously. Inefficient, but saves me having to choose. Once I'm settled, though, I'm unlikely to get up again before I have to make dinner so I have to set my goals wisely!
  5. I wonder if that might be similar to the Patty Paper Geometry approach. I used that with all of my dc as a Pre-geometry class. I taught it to middle grade students at co-op one year.
  6. There i was, stuck on a desert island with a piece of bamboo and half of my astrolabe, trying to design a bridge across the estuary to the bustling metropolis on the adjacent island.... Ds did that chapter with DO, but no complaints. I think he was happy to have something that maybe also counted as art but didn't require trying to find the creative side of his brain.
  7. I'm doing the book this year with dd. As with your ds, i don't expect to use AOPS long term, but i do really like this book. I've never done contest math either. DS did it a few years ago, bit more independently and it took him longer. I'm trying to get dd to finish it in a year. Here are some things we do after reading this discussion board forever - Sign up for Alcumus. Sometimes she does this multiple times a week, sometimes she goes weeks without opening it. Definitely watch the free videos. We start the book with chapter 15 and then circle back to the beginning. Chapter 15
  8. ...you find yourself explaining processes to the new employees. "Please transfer this book to that card. Don't forget to cancel the original hold, ok?" (Not as jerky sounding in person) Our library is awesome. My sympathies for those of you with limited or no (shudder) library access while simultaneously being asked to spend more time at home!
  9. In theory, you are correct, it wouldn't raise the baseline. I'm just saying that in practice, at our house, it would. No big deal. No argument here.
  10. Sure, if Connie has the time she could do all sorts of differentiating, I'm just wondering to what end. If she included challenge problems my students would be doing the challenge problems , but I'm my mind that is just raising the baseline of the class. In that case, maybe rename the "regular" class as "basic" and the challenge-but-not-honors class Pre-*** Chemistry.
  11. My two 10th graders think they spend 7 hrs per week. Adding challenge problems to the regular class, though, gets you ... what? Not honors, so just more work for the beauty of learning a beautiful subject? I'm going to have a hard time selling that to my teenagers. 😁
  12. I'm just looking at the finish date for the material. So if you spend 12 months working on a programming class ending in August before 9th grade begins, i would add it to 9th grade on the transcript. I think what @Kassia Is saying that in that situation she would add it to 8th grade because that is when you started the material. There are all sorts of variables that could come in to play, but this is my going-in approach.
  13. No, no, I'm likely the only person who hasn't finished the trilogy AND was surprised to learn in the first chapter that we were talking about *Thomas* Cromwell, not Oliver Cromwell. I'm pretty sure dh went out into the garage so as to avoid hurting my feelings as he laughed and laughed. Plus, it is a historical event! That would be like asking you please to not tell me what happens at the end of "Abraham Lincoln: a life" by Thomas Kenneally. I'm just feeling a bit out of the loop today. I keep waiting for the mail and then remembering it is a postal holiday (here in the US), and then waiting f
  14. 😂😂😂 Ahhh! Spoiler alert! It is the curse of recently (re-)studying history. Next up on my possible read-aloud list, after we finish Jane Eyre, is The Jane Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. I expect that will explore some alternate endings? I'm trying to preskim, though, anyone know if it has adult content that will be surprising and embarrassing and awkward?
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