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  1. Interesting. *I'm* intrigued by that. Maybe when this homeschool gig is over...
  2. That sounds fabulous, but it also sounds like she may have a wee problem.
  3. Holy cow! @PrincessMommy t I hope the name on the mailbox is D. Toscano, otherwise they spent a fortune on something they are leaving out in the rain under a tree!
  4. I'm having my rising 10th graders do a .5 credit American Government course over 8 weeks this summer. I am using the Annenberg learner course, which has great readings and videos with discussion points. On alternating days we are watching the Crash Course videos to break up the blocks of reading time. We are one week in, but I'm loving it. We may need to cut back on the reading slightly, since not everyone shares my enthusiasm and reading stamina. I also have a few things from icivics planned. I'm not trying to coordinate the topics between Annenberg and CC. I don't anticipate that being an issue.
  5. I can't answer your question, there are so many additional, personal factors like risk levels in your house and family, comfort level, impact if somebody does get sick, etc. I will say that we've been having the same discussion in our house, though. I told my family that if we don't see any local spike this week (second week after opening up based on...government gut feel?) Then I would let everybody get together with a friend - assuming friend's family is ok with that. The following week, same deal, hopefully with the same friend! At that point I will revaluate. This is a reasonable approach for us. I'll keep an eye on the country numbers and keep my ear to the ground I guess. There isn't any real guidance, but I don't know who could really provide guidance anyway.
  6. I got one at IKEA if you want to add more options. I don't remember what it is filled with, but it is their "lightweight" duvet. I am cold all day and got at night. DH is the opposite. This is one of our compromises. In the heat of summer we take it off at night to sleep, in the cold season I add a thin blanket underneath.
  7. I think The Book of Virtues, by Bill Bennett is divided like that, although the categories may not be what you are looking for.
  8. Most of my friends I've made on the sidelines of kid activities - waiting rooms, parent's side of the field, waiting in the lobby during scout meetings, backstage volunteering at the big show, etc. I usually step up with a "hi" and something funny and see where things go. I've learned I have to be patient (struggle!) I think as my kids graduate and I'm on my own I will start participating in things like book club, taking classes, maybe get a job, to try to connect with people in my stage of life as it will be then.
  9. Me too! I don't care for the horror genre, but I Am Not A Serial Killer, et al, are great.
  10. Oh, don't forget A Tale of Two Castles by Fail Carson Levine. That dragon is very clever!
  11. What about Anne McCaffrey's Harper Hall series? It has personal-sized dragons! FYI, the related-world adult series had adult content. Beowulf fights a dragon! Nobody remembers because it is at the end and Beowulf is old and the dragon doesn't have a catch name like Grendel. Somebody steals a single cup from the dragon's horde and the dragon emerges to wreak havoc. Definitly echoes of this in The Hobbit. My library has three different kids'versions of the story.
  12. Papertoy Monsters has been working here during evening read-aloud. PVC construction projects is an idea I've kicked around. He did foam swords last year, even taught it to friends in his Nerf group, so that is a good entry-level project. We already have a pvc bike rack, but I could use a garden frame and I'm sure the internet could supply more ideas. DS has a few meet badges going, but he seems to view them as work and nothing to be particularly enjoyed. Too bad!
  13. Has he read the Encyclopedia Brown series? Also The 2-Minute Mysteries by the same author. What about the Winston Breen books, those are puzzle-solving as part of a treasure hunt. In a similar vein is Mr. Lemoncello's Library. There are tons of mystery books for that she at the library, but without being able to flip through I'm not sure they won't have death or injury...
  14. The teaching is all in the textbooks. Those are also the "fun" part - comic book format, written to the student. The workbooks sometimes need those in order to explain the approach. I wouldn't bother with only half the program.
  15. What about having them write a letter everyday that you read for clarity before sending? Pick a topic, write about it to 2 or 3 people, leave a note for Dad, etc. Explain upfront that you've noticed their handwriting is getting difficult to read and send to need some remediation. Maybe at the end of each week of successful writing you could have a small celebration or reward.
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