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  1. Have you looked at the Roy Speed Shakespeare classes? I've heard good things on the forum, but I haven't directly asked. It doesn't make sense for us to do them before 10th grade, so I've put it on a back burner for now.
  2. SusanC

    Grrrrr!!!! 3rd-5th please.

    I was going to suggest a Harry Houdini theme where you put them all in straight jackets and see who can escape first, but you've already gotten some way better ideas.
  3. SusanC

    Writing with Skill

    We did WWE and started WWS in 6th. I don't think it needs much specific preparation so much as an ability to follow directions. In retrospect I would have started at the end of 5th and just slowly worked through it, taking breaks occasionally for easier things like a week of Killgallon or a two-week Shakespeare play study or a writing project in another subject. We've been able to keep up as long as I double the time allocated for the independent writing projects. We will do the series over 4 years, finishing freshman year. This wasn't my original plan (of course) but I'm super satisfied with how things are turning out, and the writing abilities they have acquired. It is one of the few writing programs I've seen with a logical progression and a clear goal.
  4. Great idea! Might justify a treadmill for us!
  5. SusanC


  6. SusanC

    Ughh what a way to start the day...

    When I was a kid we got this service. ½ gallon glass bottles. I vividly remember a full one shattering in the entryway. I don't remember if it was me or my brother. Spectacular
  7. SusanC


  8. I should emphasize that I have no actual high school experience yet! What I posted is my paper and pencil plan. I am hoping/expecting that as they start off they will develop their own opinions and interests (and perhaps areas of excellence and less-than excellence) so things will change. We will still accomplish basic college entrance requirements, but perhaps not exactly as I have them sketched out at the moment.
  9. SusanC

    12-yr old build nuclear reactor in bedroom

    How do you follow that up, I wonder?
  10. Do you mean what classes should they take over the high school years? As my dc enter high school we are aiming for 4 credits each - English Math History/social studies Science Foreign Language Electives Where a credit is 150-180 hours, with some classes taking more (like sciences with a lab component) and some classes being on the light end (electives) and some work being done on their own time (like reading). I plan to make these classes challenging for them regardless of whether they are "average" students or "high achieving" The top of the High School board has some linked threads with lots of good information about home schooling high school, including some "how to get started" posts. Have you had a chance to look at those recently?
  11. SusanC

    Guys help...

    Switch to browsing ravelry until you decide what to do with the yarn? Although that could also lead to unintentional purchases... Start a streak in Duolingo in whatever language strikes your fancy!
  12. SusanC


    I know! And don't lawyers talk amongst themselves? He doesn't pay them either, does he?
  13. When I was a kid beets tasted like dirt! As a mature, refined adult with sophisticated tastes beets taste like earth - so I'll eat them. I can't imagine craving them, I'll probably die before I get that sophisticated and refined.
  14. SusanC

    Talk to me about cutting machines

    Thank you, @Catwoman! I wouldn't have thought about HSN, great idea. Now i just need to get around me self-imposed "no new appliances" ban. I think that might have been just for the kitchen.... 😊
  15. SusanC

    Talk to me about cutting machines

    I've looked at these idly, thinking about t-shirt/sweatshirt you're applications. @Catwoman, as a self-reported addict, can you tell me what types of things you use them for? And how do they work??