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  1. I have the HotAW guide, no obvious test forms in there. Maybe it is a typo in the description. The beginning of the study guide suggests three different ways you could use the book, including one that suggests an essay test. I've never seen anyone mention putting together tests for those books. My high schoolers have completed the first two books and are in the middle of the third. History is not a subject where i care to see a lot of rote learning. I'm looking for comprehension, connections and patterns. I suppose they could demonstrate those with essay tests, but we find it more enjoyab
  2. Studs can sometimes not be in convenient locations. If that is the case you could also use lag-bolts. They would need some disguising, but they should be comparable to screws into studs.
  3. I am. It is close enough to us that I could probably just find a Big Box parking lot somewhere to hang out in, so I'm not feeling the pressure to make reservations. Last time, the friends we visited for the day had a sheet out on the ground and we could see the solar snakes. Easy to do, so I highly recommend it. I pitched my solar viewer after a few months of taking up space in the garage, so I'll keep an eye out for pieces for another one of those. What else am I missing? Any other cool things to do? Maybe buy/borrow a welder's mask?
  4. For high school i tend to think more in terms of Carnegie Units, which define a credit in terms of hours, with the hours for a credit ranging between 120-150-180. For an interest driven elective I shoot for 120 hours, whereas a science class or writing with literature component comes in cluster to 180. 180 hours works out to an hour each school day of 36 week school year. Mostly I try to estimate hours of content and effort because I worry about overwhelming my dc with the firehouse of knowledge and wisdom. 😄
  5. I found another possible Spanish learner show on YouTube, Buena Gente by Spanish Playground. Actually, their channel has specific topic videos in addition to some mini series type videos. Might be fun to poke around.
  6. Sounds like a lot of concentration! I'm still plotting along in German. I think my steak is up to 720 days. I listen to Spanish language podcasts a few days a week, but I am not progressing, just hoping not to fall back. I recently added some Italian to my social media feed. That is my true interest, i just don't have time to dedicate to it. Yes! I have a picky approach to slowly rolling up each section to level 5 as i go, but it then takes forever to get to a new check point. I'm teetering on 5 currently. Have you tried listening to News in Slow Spanish? I'm not sure what is a
  7. For me a day includes, at bare minimum math and writing. After that I'm more able to flex if a need arises, like puke or in-real-life friends or something marginally educational. Legally, my only requirement is 180 days, but that just barely seems like enough time to do all the interesting or necessary things. We do things over the summer, but I count that as enrichment and keep it confined to half days. Lest I sound like a fearfully strict task master, we do have scheduled breaks where no work is done, no matter what all is going on with math. ETA I'm speaking from a middle school
  8. I have one little warning to toss out for you. It seems that we all learn left vs right as children, but we do not fully internalize the distinction until we start driving. Nothing like mom banging on the passenger window shrieking "to the right! This is the right! This side of the concrete divider! Eeee! ... Phew. Sorry about that, just needed to be clear there." to really solidify the difference in your head. 😳
  9. Both my twins got their permits, now I'm knee deep in being driven around and around for ONE HUNDRED HOURS during a pandemic that has meant we have nowhere to go. I have been totally hands-off. I don't have room for that on my plate, and it isn't critical to me that they get their licenses soon, so they can be in charge. I think they should have them before they move out, so if that were looming I might step up my participation. As far as the permit test goes, it was pretty painless. If you take the test and fail you can just walk out of the license branch, they don't need to see you
  10. I'm very close to a couple that went through this 10ish years ago. Parents were insistent that disabled brother, "Frank", not go to a group home. When the parents moved to an assisted living home a few options were tried. First, the other three brothers rotated him from house to house a season at a time. It was hard and Frank began to have some additional medical issues during that time due to age. After a year or two of that, Frank moved in full-time with oldest brother, Roger. Roger's wife was never confident this was a good idea, and after a few years they came close to divorcing. Roger mov
  11. As a functioning adult in today's society I feel empowered to make some decisions about what things have been useful in my life, and that guides some of my teaching decisions. For instance, I love to read, but as an adult I have never needed to write anything more creative than a letter, so creative writing is not a priority in our school day. That said, my dd has decided that she wants to take creative writing as a high school elective next year. She will rock it because she has already learned grammar, spelling, sentence structure, paragraph construction, and all the basics of good writing,
  12. Part of our property has a scraggly, tiny wooded area. Neighborhood kids play in the often. But they don't build anything more complicated than lean-tos. I wouldn't worry about anything more unless something similar reoccurs. Tween boys are not famous for thinking things through. I'm happy to hear that they offered to take it down, and then (mostly) did.
  13. Cool. I'm in the hold queue for this. How people pay for these trips is always a dominant question in my mind, in conjunction with How much does it cost?? I'm too uptight to enjoy a completely unplanned trip, but i don't mind doing it vicariously! I'm in the middle of Piranesi, by Susanna Clarke, which was a recent birthday gift. I'm enjoying it and thinking I'll probably have to read Jonathan Norrell and Mr. Strange. For read aloud we are doing the second Thursday Next book. That series could really fill up my reading list with all its allusions.
  14. After we moved in I needed to get some more paint for touch ups, so i called the paint store on the paint can that was left behind to find out if they were still open. After a confusing conversation I discovered i had called A Guy, at His House, early on a Saturday morning, who used to apply the paint to the walls. 🤭 Once we figured out what was going on he was friendly and gave me some background info on the house. Would have saved myself some embarrassment with that "Here's an Actual Paint Store" app. 😂
  15. I am leery of group lessons of any kind because the group, by its nature, includes a variety of skill levels. Often the group time focuses on those farther behind AND my dc and others tend to check out unless the focus is on them. You have a lot of teaching experience, so perhaps this isn't a problem in your classes! I like individual lessons with occasional group lessons. DS has continued online lessons primarily for Covid safety reasons but also because both he and i are really enjoying not having to commute (10 minutes) to his lessons! Perhaps you will have similarly motivated stu
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