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  1. Duo has some grammar if he reads the "tips" for each lesson group. However, it wouldn't be easy to use that grammar teaching to directly supplement a class because it is often broken up into bits for each group of lessons. I wonder if you could afford/find a few sessions with a on a service like italki specifically to review grammar? Alternatively you could check for a used text book or something like this French grammar workbook. Maybe the BBC French materials online, they have a grammar section here. I agree with @Maize that practice is what makes it stick. If it were my dc I would probably sit with them and choose supplemental material and then schedule out time to work on it, maybe with you if that is an option or else on his/her own.
  2. Is it his first year studying the language? What language is it? What, specifically is he struggling with? Are you asking to try to help him do better this year, or are you thinking about making a change for next year? I'm all questions today, aren't I? (But really, I think we need a bit more info to help you out)
  3. I've been using The Illustrated Guide with reasonable success this year. The .PDF of the book is free, but I had to buy the paper version. The labs are written in a very step-by-step manner. We won't have time to do every lab in the book, but most of them. ETA: I see you eliminated this, just thought I would add my experience in case you reconsider at some point.
  4. Seems likely since the system will try to blow hour air through those vents, and isn't set up for the water resistance. This is presuming that the actual system is above water? Yikes the situation sounds bad. Do you know where the water is coming from? Perhaps you should turn off power to the house? Ohhh, Monday mornings can be hard!
  5. Double check that the thread is still correctly threaded. With one project I had it seemed to come out of one of the threading points. I'm explaining awkwardly but 1) it cost me$to find out that 2) I was overlooking an obvious problem that 3) was surely, somehow, my fault. 🤫😄
  6. So cute! Is he a pet, than? Will he have free run off your garden plot in the off-season to "when" the soil? When we had chickens I was disappointed to discover that they didn't restrict their foraging to pests, but we're happy to sample the produce also.
  7. Quill, thanks for all the great travel pictures! You are really fueling my aspirational travel plans!
  8. We are hardiness neighbors. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Seed starting is such an optimistic process!
  9. Well, unfortunately, if you've developed an allergy to deodorant you're going to have to stop using it if you want to stop reacting to it. In previous threads some people have talked about success using Milk of Magnesia as a deodorant - one you get used to it. Maybe it isn't a depositante allergy? You said you weren't sold on that. Your description really sounds like it, but do you think it might be something else specifically?
  10. You could, perhaps, photocopy those passages that need underlining?
  11. It is on my "to be read" pile -although write a ways down. Glad to hear such glowing reviews.
  12. I'm loving your pictures, @Quill! I have to say, that no longer looks like Trier. 😀 jI am jealous of your trip, it looks fabulous!!
  13. We also liked the ancillary awards - most creative decoration, most patriotic, I can't remember what else. More winners that way. If everybody has the same block of wood you could limit modifications to what can be done at camp and level the playing field that way. There is a lot of educational potential in the projects (friction, momentum, air resistance, friction again, weight distribution). The trick is keeping the playing field level. If you have somebody who owns and can run a drill press and a table scroll saw the kids could get more creative with their designs - but that also takes more time, maybe more than you care to devote.
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