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  1. Maybe in your maturity you have a better intuitive sense of return on investment. You could do a lot more digging, but you are unlikely to turn up a rate that is significantly better, and your time is more valuable than that!
  2. Yes, or at rental car returns - but the fence here makes that not an option. We are assuming that you pay more for "no block-in" spots! Is everyone getting on a train? Maybe that slot is for the 5:43 return train. But then what if someone suddenly has to work late?
  3. I think perhaps the salt is working GREAT! Perhaps too well! Our softener regenerates over night, about once a week. The following morning I can always tell because it feels like I will never get all the soap off. I use a teeny amount of shampoo, conditioner, soap - like a single black bean sized amount. Make sure he got the correct salt, but you can also adjust the hardness setting on the softener. Maybe tell it the water is less hard than it currently thinks.
  4. I've been using this one from NPR with my 10yo. It is a wide enough age range to last us a while, since she has other reading for history and book club that often fill the not-fluff slot. In previous years I've also looked at the Mensa lists.
  5. Hmmm, can you export the cropped image to a new file name and then import that? I often have to super zoom in on Paint to crop at the cursed pixel level, then when I zoom out to normal size it looks better. Even better if I can shrink the picture in Word. I find these projects fiddly and super-frustrating, but usually with it when I'm done. Sorry for carrying along all my baggage here! 😂
  6. I agree with your sentiment about not double-dipping, but if a regular credit is about 150 hours, that leaves 650 hours of work for the Eagle Project. Definitely worth finding a way to acknowledge that!
  7. If the pay you are trying to remove is all white, that might help. You might be able to open it (or import it) to a free web-based drawing program and then turn that later to transparent. I don't remember any program names though! My dd has self-taught GIMP, so that might work. You can do this (crazy, stupid, frustrating, small but important) task!
  8. It sounds like you are trying to crop into a shape that is not rectangular? I've had to do that in another program, like Paint (if you don't mind brute forcing it) and then posted that back into Word.
  9. Here is the Dried Fruit Stuffing (seems like dressing would be more appropriate) that we use every year. My kids request it outside of Thanksgiving also. I make it and freeze it in 9x9 pans for non-holiday consumption.
  10. My dc just look at my master schedule for the week and then do the next thing. There are some subjects we do together, but they know which those are. The others they can do in whatever order they want as long as they get covered in the day. Perhaps my 5th grader doesn't have as many completely independent subjects as other middle grade students.
  11. I had the opposite happen one time. The appliance guy (who we had used before and liked) came and diagnosed the problem but then didn't schedule, didn't schedule, didn't schedule the repair. I finally pinned him down on the phone and was like I NEED the refrigerator working, what's going on? And it turned out he didn't have the funds to get the part ordered. I wrote a check and we got the process moving.
  12. All my dc have gone through this. Isn't it strange? I can never get a solid reason why not. Eventually they come around, but it is weird to me.
  13. I live deviled eggs, but trying to get them peeled without shredding the egg makes me crazy.
  14. Potato salad balls are fun. Mash 3 large potatoes (a little lumpy is ok), add 1/3 c. Mayo, 1 T lemon juice, 1/4 t. sugar, then gold in 1/2 c. cooked frozen vegetables. Firm into 1" balls and chill in the refrigerator. Obviously the recipe is very flexible! This is just to give you the idea.
  15. Yes, but your people are clearly much more mature than my people! 🙄 Thanks for this. I was feeling like a bit of a litter-training failure (albeit at an acceptable level), but I guess we are in the range of normal.
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