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  1. Do you have a window screen you can slide up from underneath as you gradually pull the picture away? If it is a flying creature you could try catching it with a teabag over the hole (slide the screen back down with the garbage bag tapped around the hole. OR can you enlarge the outside hole and then reseal it? Seems easier in the long run. Or leave some mouse traps and go on vacation.
  2. It is, but you have to email and ask, they don't advertise it.
  3. You might check out the American Chemical Society's free middle school lesson plans. You could add the pricier Mel Chemistry set which is nice equipment with cool experiments.
  4. Rootann has me worried now, can you tell me what kind of proofs DO uses? I have been naively skipping along assuming that ds will continue from mom-graded algebra I into mom-graded geometry, but now I'm wondering if I can cut it! I think 2-column proofs would be ok, but paragraph format would be a challenge for both of us. Are there a lot of proofs? Separately, he and I have been wondering how to keep his algebra skills "fresh" does DO have any review of those topics over the course of the year?
  5. You could try MEP student pages. I seem to remember every 5th day was more review-ish (and it is free for the printing)
  6. I always suggest GSWL first, although I prefer when it can be fine orally so that it isn't so much about the writing. It may not matter to her, or she could split the lessons in half, or she could do half, check them, and decide if she needs to do the rest. After GSWL we move to the Big Book of Lively Latin (BBoLL). I bought the pdf and print chapters as we go. A motivated 6th grade could probably do it on her own. There is a separate pdf with answers for checking.
  7. I am usually in favour of a good lint-trap cleaning, but in this case I'm worried you will be taking away the raw stuffs that it is using to produce these gifts.
  8. There is a workbook series called The Story of the U.S.A. That we have used as a spine in the past. It is a little below your students, but they could use it faster and add in other things as appropriate. There are 4 books, but we only used 1-3. 4 was a lot more choppy and we covered modern history with library books.
  9. Unless that class is a lot cheaper than I think it is I think you should at least give the provider a heads-up that you are dissatisfied (although it is awesome that your child is able to rise above!) I would think they could disable chat and whiteboard without much hassle. Do what is right for you, though, I just find that class disruption to be so frustrating!
  10. My twin not in BA did MM also. 😁
  11. I got together with two other moms last year to lay the ground work for a group. Ice it was organized we opened it up to other people. We three all have middle grade kids, elementary kids, and they have preschoolers too. They belong to the same church which offered us the facility use for free. We have a nursery group, pre-k, lower elementary, upper elementary, and middle grade classes. We do 2 hours of classes and an hour after of free time. We meet the first three Thursdays of the month, September to May. Keep it as simple as possible. If you have a core group of families on board I think you will be fine. As my older two move into high school next year, I don't think they will participate. We carry a strong academic load and I don't want to take away 2-3 hours a week for co-op.
  12. We've used Ray Leven for three years and he is top-notch. The class is all business, and my dc have had 4-5 hours worth of work outside of the 1 hour weekly discussion since they started. That makes the per-hour cost very cheap. It was important to me that they have enough learning work outside of class for at least an hour a day so that I didn't pay a lot of money and then feel like I had to supplement all the time. He labels his upper classes as Honors, and from the syllabus and homework comparisons I've done they seem worthy of that title. The biggest potential drawback is that he can be brusque. We have encountered this with other teachers who are very good at what they do and don't have much patience for repeated errors. He also does not announce his full schedule ahead of the school-year starting. This has never been a hardship for us since all the activities and classes that we are in have their own schedule so they are never all quiet at once except for the major holidays. Classes are arranged at the beginning of the year depending on the availabilities of the students and this has worked out surprisingly well.
  13. You have probably already looked at HSA's high school syllabus. That will help with scope and pacing for the year.
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