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  1. I have not idea why you keep complaining about putting someone under surveillance, no one has even said that. They've written about home cameras that people point, legally, towards their own mailbox or driveway. Homes are often built really close, so the cam can see partially in another's yard. They don't point it at the neighbor's home on purpose. If someone said that, I'd appreciate you pointing it out because i've skimmed the thread twice and can't find that. Someone said the cams can have sound and if someone's yelling at may be able to pick them up. So yes, I'd be leery if a person who zoomed their porch cam right on my place, or pointed one obviously in my direction. But you keep arguing something that hasn't been said, as far a I can tell. I'm assuming that when someone says security camera are needed, they're talking about protecting the OP's house, not directed at the neighbor. Are you assuming differently?
  2. I'm going to guess it's an area where there are multiple Home Depots,Targets and Walmarts, groceries, so ask which specific location they prefer. Sports for kids, are there rec teams or is it hard core competitive? Does the area have flooded roads, prone to hurricane paths or tornadoes? If you feel comfortable enough, maybe ask about churches? Which insurance companies do they prefer? Doctor clinics? Best bbq restaurant?
  3. If he is trained and doesn't usually dart out of a door, then perhaps it's your family that needs to be retaught on how to be aware if the dog is near the door. Teach their friends, too, or contain the dog in one space when company is at your home. Since this seems to be a one time accident, it shouldn't be tough to reinforce rules that they probably already do. And definitely ask for any physical proof of attack. Make the man give details now so he won't be able to conveniently add them later.
  4. The author is on Twitter and very vocal. I've asked her questions a couple times in the past before she announced about Netflix and she did answer them. I've only read the book, as I'm usually disappointed with film versions of books.
  5. Do you know if this trail was searched when they initially went out, or was it flooded by then? I looked on the reddit site but it's nuts there.
  6. If it's human remains and items he would be associated with, on a trail his parents said he traveled, and the water has receded enough after flooding- did they search this trail before, or was it flooded by then?- then I'd guess it's him. People keep saying he was too cocky for suicide. But I think in the case of murder, it's a coward's way out and he seemed just like that.
  7. I'd try things like turmeric or cayenne or coq10. If you were to see the Dr again, could you ask about gabapentin? I don't know much about its safety but I do have a distant relative that took it for one month after having severe muscle pains after covid. According to her FB page, it worked.
  8. Oh, snowflakes are boring! Moose seem so much cooler.
  9. Then your pairing sounds excellent! The colors coordinate, it's Christmas-ey enough for the relative, they'll wear them at home and the shirt can be worn other places. Sounds at least like a quadruple win!
  10. When the man was standing in this own yard screaming, was he saying threatening things about you and your family, or just expletives about the dog? If this was only the second time in 5 years, and he didn't terrify you much the first time, why are you this terrified now? Have you ever spoken to him in those 5 years? Has he seem unhinged before? Do dogs run loose there? Maybe it happens a lot and your dog was the last straw that caused his rage? Is he known amongst your neighbors as the kooky one to avoid? Youve had the dog at least 5 years but are ready to rehome it after this one accident? That seems like you're not all that invested in the dog, unless the dog has some history you do not want to talk about, because if I feared for my family's safety in my own home then I'd certainly want a dog barking at the front door to alert me to the man I feared. A poorly trained or young Aussie can be hyper and barky and run circles around a person. Did the dog think it was protecting your kids? Why would it bolt across the street to a stranger? Was it barking happily or more in anger? Those are the the questions I'd be asking myself if it happened to me. I've had both unstable neighbors and also unstable dogs so this is not foreign to me.
  11. https://www.epi.org/publication/raising-the-federal-minimum-wage-to-15-by-2025-would-lift-the-pay-of-32-million-workers/ Figure A shows both nominal and real min wages alongside productivity minimum.
  12. Ok, brainstorming here, so bear with me. You don't want second hand definitely? What if you looked at FB marketplace for ektorp and found one for $150 or so that had no doggish odors, and you took those cushions and put them on your own couch, then sold the smelly one for extra cheap, or gave it away. Then you could wait however long it took for Ikea to get back to normal, for probably less than $200 I suppose it would also depend on whether you had a truck for transport. If not, then I'd go with the $50 rental fee and suck the heck out of the cushions! Maybe your area is different, but I have found beautiful, clean furniture on Marketplace. Not Craigslist, it's full of kooks. I check the background of the pics they post to see if their floor and other stuff looks clean. Then I snoop around and find their address to see what the house looks like. I also look at their FB page to see if they're too much of a lunatic for me. Weird, but it works!
  13. I'd bring her home. In my opinion, public middle school or junior high is a waste of time academically. Math classes seem to be repetitive, unless you are in a great district. Literature classes felt measly. It's as if the schools put the students in a holding pattern while waiting for them to mature a bit, lol.
  14. I'm sure you are aware that presidents don't have much control over gas prices. It's every easy to google and read about why they do increase or decrease. But I have seen ignorant memes frequently about the cost being due to one party over the other. Same with taxes. It gets tiresome, and does nothing to further the discussion towards more meaningful ideas.
  15. Have you looked at lindakale.com? They've got halfway decent prices on Ikea covers
  16. Grits, oatmeal, malt o meal, cream of wheat, they all can be topped with sweet or savory. Same with rice, my grandma would put raisins and sugar in rice for us a kids. For us it just depended on the time of day we ate it, lol.
  17. Thank you, @Pam in CT I want to think about this much more tonight once I'm finished with everything. I know next to nothing of Judaism and Islam, and I needed to start with baby steps so I got Bruce Feiler's book, Abraham. Your talk of metaphor plays well with his views. Yes, it seems we have always turned on each other, even though we have so much to offer and recieve.
  18. I was being snarky. Sorry. Seems like people keep mentioning safety and forget the H part of it.
  19. I've owned solo kittens my entire life, never had trouble with behavior. May be true, may be bunk. Reminds me of the of the 'can an only child be happy' type debates.
  20. We've had Flexsteel sofas since the mid 90's. They last for years. My latest one is called Tenley( or Benly? I can't remember). I prefer more classic or casual, rolled arm types, not the modern styles or leather reclining ones. I like the height of the back, lower ones that are very popular now tend to be uncomfortable for my neck.
  21. It's certaiy not uncommon, that's why airlines have reserve and ready reserve crews. The pilot would normally be there at least an hour before takeoff or else the ready reserve one would be called from where he'd been hanging around in their lounge. I certainly hope he'd be given grace, as you say, if he was in an auto accident! Sometimes its just due to not setting their alarm clock, lol, or getting sick at the very last minute and having to get the ready reserve set up.
  22. Well your neighbor obviously has the wimpy lowland zebra, as the mountain ones at the Smithsonian Zoo love the cold. I foresee some of Md' s youth sport teams renaming themselves as the Dazzles
  23. Once when I was selling girl scout cookies at an apartment complex, back when parents just let kids run around unaccompanied, a JW woman started screaming at me that she was a JW and it was against their religion to approve of girl scouts, then from there she just became more irate. I stood there frozen, too dumb to leave. A couple of weeks later when I finally told my dad why I was scared, he took me to a JW church and we talked to an elderly couple, then sat and listened to their service. They treated me like a princess and explained how the lady was wrong, not me. Even now whenever they knock, I just take their pamphlets and say thanks.
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