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  1. This is heartbreaking. I think the principal and anyone else dealing with gossip mongers needs to know as many details as the two of you feel able. I will also say that as a person who has no anti-police sentiment as someone above mentioned, I would still feel very unsure with knowing what your son, who is part of a family totally new to them, said, because tragic things have happened too numerous to mention. And the things said by your son are serious sounding. I would not blame parents for worrying after hearing those type statements, but certainly for the abhorrent way they chose to behave. Knowing the circumstances, as much as you felt able to tell, that led to this would totally change my feelings, and certainly I'd feel crappy knowing I'd shared in the dirty gossip. And hopefully the parents are decent enough to squelch this themselves. I'm sorry, I'm having trouble finding a way to express a parent's fear while condemning them for such nasty, nasty behavior.
  2. It seems to me the same mentality that claims a poor person in the US will often become lazy and then their kids will grow up lazy because they get free food, section 8 free housing and free healthcare.
  3. I've searched your stuff about math, just because I love math, and also because I read you are in NY. Then I found a couple other people from NY, and much closer to me than NYC!
  4. Well, I know Reddit is just a 100,000 opinions, but I read several times that that didn't happen. I think the mods there have been amazing at keeping the kooks at bay, and even the posters are clamping down on the fringe weirdos. It's actually a fairly empathetic , extremely large group of decent people in the one I have been following.
  5. No, your timeline is correct
  6. No. The body was found yestsrday. And it wasn't just a pic of the van, but rather a long video taken it 6pm on the 27th. His parents announced him missing prior to yesterday's discovery of a body 900 feet or so from where the van was parked on the 27th
  7. Oh, I know that feeling of studying the summary of charges page. It's akin to googling a symptom and then freaking out over all the horrible ailments that it brings up. I hope the insurance adjustment arrives soon and lessens your worry.
  8. In NY all immunizations of kids under 19 are automatically uploaded to a state immunization registry. For those over 19, they will ask for verbal or written consent. I'm not certain if those same laws have been modified for Covid. When my husband thought he lost his covid card, we googled and read that there's a state place to call to get a copy. I am glad he found it because it probably would have taken months or more to receive another one.
  9. That's certainly not what we experienced. My husband had his vaccine at the Corning CC and it was extremely efficient. I had mine done at the Riverside Convention Center in Rochester and it was exceptional. Everywhere I see now the places say walk ins welcome. I can not imagine it still being a wild west scenario, unless you are commenting on the incompetence of health care givers in your part of the Southern Tier?
  10. The couple that saw her van on the 27th have 10,000 followers( Red White and Bethune). Their little boy died in a car accident and they devote Septembers to paying good deeds forward in his memory. His birthday was today. They called the LEO yesterday about seeing the van, but didn't feel like the person they spoke to was interested enough, I think she said, so early today they released the video to their followers in case any of their fellow campers saw it on the campground. They also are not making any money off of it, according to their livestream, though they do fundraise for some type of mental health organization
  11. I try to stick with independent news stations. My favorite had a piece on this when it debuted
  12. I hope that the main reason her case became widespread was not due to her skin color but I think though that perhaps a majority of people that travel+hike+camp and follow others on social media that do the same are young and white. We all like to solve things. How many times here have all of you written your opinion on what something is or why someone acted a certain way? It's human nature. And with the ease of social media the hiking-van life community got involved, along with every other wannabe Columbo. I actually think some of these people contributed greatly. One told LEO and they FBI about seeing her van along a creek and then posted the video. I am fairly certain, from other's sleuthing, that the FBI found her remains .2 miles from that spot. So with an entire National Park to search, I believe her family is very, very grateful for that couple to become enterested enough to tell authorities. Come on, we all know anything can become viral. I bet plenty of you even watched the slow motion car chase with OJ on TV years ago. People can feel sorry for more than one murdered person. Yes, it's a shame most are ignored, but that doesnt take away from the horror. Complaining about it on a board devoted to the minutiae of lives here, mixed in with a bit of serious stuff, with everyone wanting to give their take on things, seems a bit off putting.
  13. Deleted because this is a JAWM thread about the insanity of her situation. I will take my anger at stupid people who have made light of this pandemic and then complain when it comes back to bite them to a more appropriate thread. I'm sorry, OP that your kids are being affected due to such widespread incompetence.
  14. Prisma are wonderful. I prefer Prisma when they're feeling artsy and Crayola for school work.
  15. New England Aquarium in Boston. We've been going there for over 20 years. How I never knew they had a penguin cam is a mystery https://www.neaq.org/visit/at-home-events-and-activities/webcams/penguin-colony-webcam/
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