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  1. Yeah, 7 is impossible. Two rooms are a must. Seven people (most of which are adult or near-adult size) in one room is not a pleasant time for us.
  2. When we travel, we get two hotel rooms, preferably with a connecting door. IWe wouldn't vacation if we were crammed in one room because we would be miserable. I love road trips with my clan. I try to find interesting, off-the-beaten path type of things to do along the way.
  3. Ditto. Separating is inefficient and annoying in my world. We do line dry everything but towels and sheets. Dh's preference, not mine.
  4. My dc uses sertraline. It's effective with no side effects. Been on it for thee years? I dont remember when he started, but I do remember how awful life was before the meds.
  5. Teens are near-adults with near-adult price tags. I don't view our Christmas presents as lavish or plentiful, but they are expensive. I don't know how I would "cut down" the OP's budget for teens. What is OP's husband thinking they should receive for gifts that would be under $50 each? I can't buy a pair of quality shoes for my kids that age for under $50 unless I buy from a thrift shop. We will be spending $350 on our 14yo from our Christmas budget. It adds up quickly in dollars but not in quantity: $250 Wireless Beats headphones from Santa $50ish clothes from a sibling $10ish movie gift card for St Nick's Day $15ish gift for Epiphany $25ish stocking items My 12yo wants an xBox, and Christmas is the only time we would consider buying such a large item. He's going to share it with his 9yo brother, but that present approaches $500 for just the console, extra controller, and two games. If we weren't an xbox family, my 12yo would be asking for Lego train sets which are pricey as well. Our Christmas budget is $1800 this year all-in, but I can see that we will need to increase it as the kids hit the teen years. Five years ago our budget only needed to afford little kid wants. If we were in the position to not be able to afford higher dollar gifts, we would go without. I do wonder how other families buy the more expensive stuff if they have smaller Christmas budgets. When do kids receive Xboxes, phones, etc? Large ticket items are kept for birthdays and Christmas in our family, but we also don't buy needs for Christmas. Sporting gear, bikes, etc are purchased throughout the year. Birthdays and Christmas are for wants.
  6. I think you need to use the next year to develop resume content. Join organizations, volunteer for big things and take leadership positions. I would expect homeschooling to be viewed as an interesting hobby, except perhaps in an educational setting. Employers want to know what you did/do outside of your family.
  7. I'm taking my oldest two to Paris and London this summer for their first trip to Europe. I won't take my other kids until they are older, and I definitely wouldn't take littles. I took my oldest two to Canada last year. They had an amazing trip, and honestly, it wouldn't have been as good of an experience for them if the youngers had gone. The youngers will get their turn as well. We do a ton of family time all together, including vacations, but bigger trips are only for older kids.
  8. Hugs. We have this with 9th grade girls. I tell my kids that jr high/high school is about survival and they will find true friends in college. I hope it gives them hope. My jr high/high school kids seem to be in the top half of the pecking order. My heart goes out to those dealing with even more than we deal with, and I hate social media too. We partake, but I still hate it.
  9. Yeah, I vote food buffet as the main attraction for boys. My teen girl uses minute to win it games for her parties, and those are a big hit.
  10. I agree with the others, the CMA isn't worth much. I have it, and I see it as just a way to show that I'm a little better than the competition in a "I am willing to do more than you" way. I don't know anyone else who has the CMA, and it's never talked about in any of the companies I have worked for. Definitely get the MBA and sit (and pass) for the CPA exam. That will take him much further than the CMA.
  11. My husband is an attorney, and he says, "what you call Facebook, I call evidence." People do a lot of dumb stuff via Facebook and texting.
  12. My 14yo and 12yo have phones, and their texting is unbelievably boring. Like others said, texting is not where their action occurs. Their action happens on apps like Snapchat that don't keep messages or pictures. No way of checking that. I believe our best defense against bad things happening is to keep the channels of communication open with our teens. We do have Family Base with Verizon so we can see who they are calling and texting and when their activity happens. We can block contacts and stop their data. We receive notifications from Verizon when they are using their phones during night time hours, and we receive a weekly report of their top contacts. I also follow them and their friends on their social media accounts - Instagram, Facebook, etc - but I don't check their texts. I see enough of what they are doing online and we talk enough that I am confident I know what my kids are doing. With different kids I may have a different approach.
  13. Can you unlink an account later? I wouldn't want to linky kids' email to mine forever. They will grow up and want it unlinked at some point.
  14. This is exactly how I would handle such situations, and it has been a very effective approach for me.
  15. I wonder this too, and it's one reason why I like our schools. Our parochial school where I have K, 3rd, 4th is K-8 and our public school is PK3-12 where I have 7th and 9th. I especially like the parochial model where all the kids mix at recess, lunch, etc. it's very familial.
  16. I haven't experienced any of this in my kids' public school social circles at 12yo and 14yo, but kids like this wouldn't hang with my kids for very long. My public schooled kids would have no tolerance for this behavior.
  17. We aren't homeschooling anymore, so I don't know what my kids would be like if we were. I do know that my public schooled kids are great kids as are their friends. I don't see any of the negative stereotypes mentioned in this thread within my kids' social groups. Here's the thing, though. I do see those negative stereotypes in kids in other social groups. Usually those other kids have families with different values than we have. My experience is that my kids are well-behaved, polite, kind, inclusive, etc no matter where they are schooled b/c of our family influence, and my kids would gravitate to kids like themselves regardless of schooling location.
  18. My oldest will be a freshman in public high school this year too. I am wondering what you didn't like about the close high school? I ask because the thing I LOVE about our high school is that it is close. My dd goes in early many days, stays late, returns to the school at night for sporting events, etc. Her friends are close by since they go to the close school too. A school across town would have to be almost magical for me to commit driving there every day, sometimes twice a day. Then if your other kids go to the same school, I can guarantee they will be in activities in different schedules. Our high school isn't anything special, but they have plenty to offer the students, whether it's activities, sports, advanced classes, friends. I can't see not attending the close school unless it was dangerous. The physical proximity images a huge difference in our lives. BTW, public school has worked out well for us. I don't live everything about it, but I didn't live everything about homeschool either. My kids are thriving in their schools. I prefer to homeschool, but that has not been our things worked out for us.
  19. Agree with this. My five public/private schooled kids have friends of varying ages, usually +/- 2 years. Their social circles definitely overlap, but they don't share friends. It's kinda like an inner circle and an outer circle. Each kid has a unique inner circle of their own. Each kid also has an outer circle, and these do overlap. Often inner circle friends from one kid overlap with outer circle friends from another kid. Sometimes there's no overlap too. My kids struggle without their unique inner circles. Those inner circles are very important for their self-confidence. When they try to share friends in inner circles, it doesn't work out for anyone.
  20. Am I reading this correctly that your sons are only allowed to have friends from your congregation? That will probably be part of the problem here, especially if dss doesn't fit into whatever mold the congregation is. Like others have posted, I don't expect my kids to have the same group of friends. In fact, I encourage them to have different friends. They all need to have separate outlets. I have had step sibs, and you will fail miserably if expect they should be friends or act like brothers. Both of them will resent living under those expectations.
  21. My 14yo teen and friends love the Minute to Win It games
  22. We are just getting our savings back to my minimum required balance after new siding, windows, porch, and roof last fall. Probably shouldn't have dug so deep into the savings, but the outside of our house looks amazing. This fall will be a new bathroom in the basement, gutting our main bathroom, and decorating the kids' bedrooms; I think I have enough saved for that already. Fall 2017 will be patio and landscaping. After that we have dreams of a new garage, converting our existing garage to living space, and kitchen remodel. Those probably won't happen with college sneaking up on us. We are just starting to save for college which I am so excited about. Otherwise, longer-term savings include retirement at 15% of income (non-negotiable) and replacement vehicle. Short-term savings include private school tuition for three kids, Christmas, vacations (small budget), etc. Hoping to add additional savings for more vacation and bigger home improvement projects, but dh will have to bring in more income for that to happen.

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    Anyone want to make an offer? It's headed to the thrift store otherwise. For Sale: From Sea to Shining Sea: The Story of America - Catholic Textbook Project's 5th grade American history textbook, teacher manual, and workbook CD in good used condition for $60ppd (media mail). The textbook is hard-bound, the teacher manual is comb-bound, and the DVD comes in a paper envelope. These materials are used in CHC's 5th grade lesson plans....which I happen to have available to sell as well. The CHC lesson plans include a hand-on study guide described as, "This guide includes a suggested schedule and hands-on activities to accompany the text From Sea to Shining Sea. To increase the student's understanding and retention of American history, the study guide provides a wealth of enhancement activities from which to choose, including "Dress-Up Fun," "Food," "Map," "Field Trip," "Craft," "Music," and much more!" We are a pet-free, smoke-free home. I will ship within 24 hours of receiving payment via PayPal. Thanks for looking!


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    For sale: Logic of English Teacher's Manual - very good condition Logic of English Spelling Journal - new, never used Logic of English Basic Phonogram Flash Cards - very good condition with lesson # written in lower left corner of each card in black marker Logic of English Spelling Rule Flash Cards - new, never used I'm asking $70ppd media mail...or best offer. We are a pet-free, smoke-free home. I prefer Paypal. Thanks!


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