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Are there any new books on tape your children have enjoyed

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My kids have enjoyed Bud, Not Buddy, Charlotte's Web, The BFG, Mr. Popper's Penguins. If your kids all like different books, try the digital audiobooks...if you can find them. They are called Playaway in our local library and are preloaded...just plug in the headphones and go! That way everyone gets what they want!

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The Door in the Wall

The Wizard of Oz (all of L. Frank Baum's books)

The Hobbit

Winnie the Pooh

The Tale of Despereaux

Story of the World

Wind in the Willows

Redwall series

Marguerite Henry's books

Magic Tree House

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

Christopher Churchmouse

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

Chronicles of Narnia

Lord of the Rings

Story of Doctor Doolittle

Our Island Story

Your Story Hour

Peter and the Starcatchers and other Dave Barry books

Peter Pan

D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths

Tales from the Odyssey

Tales from My Father's Dragon


and a bunch from www.librivox.org


also anything by

Jim Weiss

Naxos audio CDs

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We have enjoyed The Tale of Desparo and The Mysterious Journey of Edward Tulane; we also love the Ramona series. I like the Harry Potter series as well.


We really liked Desparo & Edward Tulane also. Another recent favorite was Marley & Me (the version for kids). Right now, we're listening to James & the Giant Peach.


I wish our library had a bigger selection!

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If you're willing to order from Amazon.uk (although you could check Amazon here, too), there's a whole series that we have thoroughly enjoyed: Just William by Richmal Crompton narrated by Martin Jarvis (who is just excellent with voices). These were written in the 1920s/30s, I think, and are stories of the exploits of William Brown and his friends (the Outlaws). They're sort of Dennis-the-Menace scrapes crossed with Seinfeldian tie-up-all-the-loose-ends-in-a-funny-way type stories. The boys are about 11-12 yrs old, but there's also a younger female character (Violet Elizabeth Bott) who frequently enters in. Ds has loved these since he was 6 - and he still likes listening to them. His friends usually ask for "those William" stories when they're in the car with us, too.


ETA: they're also on iTunes.

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We just got : Marley CD: A Dog Like No Other from the library and my son was rolling on the floor with laughter. It is a children's version of the adult book with all the adult material taken out. Don't compare it with the movie which was not appropriate for children-the movie was based on the adult book.

The CD link has no reviews but is:



The book link with reviews is:




Like most dog stories some of the humor revolves around poop and the dog does die at the end after a long and happy life.




ds (8)

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