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To early to post, but who is ready...

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the first week, my mother and her husband were visiting, so we did lots of field trips, the second week we were traveling.


I can't find my motivation to begin again, so I guess, yes, I'm ready for summer break. maybe it's because I'm so homesick for family (that we just saw) and summer will be the next time I get to see them.


still, math and Bible are getting done, so it's not like we're not doing anything...

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I'm definitely not ready yet. Not because I don't want to finish school, but because summer means the baby will be here. The crib is still in pieces down in the basement. I need to buy a new car seat and wash baby clothes not to mention either move or rearrange my office. Picking out a name would probably be a good idea too. Personally, I'm hoping the next few months go by slowly since I have so much to get done.

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