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Friday Tacklers, let's get it done! 9.1.23


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Good morning!

So far

  • saw dh off to school (last day with no kids)
  • started a load of laundry
  • coffee


  • 1 Zoom session soon
  • laundry in dryer and do another load
  • tidy house
  • go to lunch with my friend who lost her mom
  • quite a bit of grading
  • 1 in-person student
  • possible phone call to schedule some tutoring
  • figure out dinner
  • maybe go to football game with dh
  • watch something and relax
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Happy Friday!

Stressing again about work.  I have a conference call in a little over an hour, and I have a bunch of things I need to do before the call.  Hopefully quick things, but still.

When I'm stressed, I have a harder time getting myself going on work.  So I'm battling that.

In other news, the maid is coming today, my kid has a midday health appointment, and I need to run a load of laundry (wash, dry, fold) before my kids leave for their band gig.

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Good morning! 

Today I have:

...get to work on working ahead -- at a minimum I want to get all of September prepped before  next week; ideally, I'll be able to prep through Thanksgiving....???? ha. (not likely) (not just today, but over the upcoming 3-day weekend).  And hey, we only meet 2 wks after that, so if I make Thanksgiving, just get the whole semester done.... (a girl can dream)
....make sure I have all the stuff ready for the PreK kiddos - one is today, one is Tuesday
...go tutor the kiddos today (these are the g'g'daughters of my good friend, the one I've been working with since she was 4, is now in 2nd grade, and now I get the cousin too)
...come back, finish working on the work ahead stuff
...oh, time out for DS's next dietitian appt - make sure he logs on on time, etc, be around for questions 
...make sure the kids are all on track with their college assignments (maybe make them a schedule? this is DS 1st foray into cc, as dual credit, and then the sibling that's with him is the one that struggles with time management/breaking the big stuff into small chunks, so we help with that)
...keep working
...DH, Middle & I have an appt this afternoon, so stop and go do that
...come home....dinner???? talk DH into us picking something up??? Think of something quick to put in the crockpot??? No clue....

I think that's all. The guys are doing video games tonight, so I'll get to veg out after dinner. 

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Good morning!

I slept late and just took my morning medication. I’ve sent a text and culled my inbox. Dd comes home for the weekend this afternoon! 🎉❤️


Online class ✔️ 

Have my guys move the furniture. ✔️ 

Wash sheets and tidy the room for Dd. ✔️ 

Make soup and salad, then deliver to a church family who have had a medical crisis. Need to buy a large tupperware. ✔️ 

Make dinner for us? 

Enjoy my Dd being home! 


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School this morning

walked dog

finalized grocery list for tonight

Still need to work with DS16 on comp--he has done nothing this week and it's due Monday  =P


pay bills

Dinner is leftovers


So grateful to be home today--I have been gone so much and it's hard on all of us. 

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Got another set of K stuff done - that finishes up September for K. Took a short nap. Grabbing something to eat, then time to go to the next appt. 

Maybe "finish September" will be the goal, and then once/month I do this prep session for the next month. I  have one more week of 1st, and I think 2 more weeks of 2nd to do. 

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@ScoutTN, so glad your dd is coming home! What was the online class for? 

@TheReader, dh really likes peanut butter in oatmeal if that would be an option. 

@cintinative, so glad you can be home and have things getting back to normal. We have leftovers, too. 

@SKL, don't you do accounting? A client not wanting to tell me something I want to know would be alarming as well as stressful! 

@Arcadia, enjoy your company! 

@LifeLovePassion, it sounds like you are near the end. I would love to see before and after pictures. 

I've done the grading, recording, and emailing for Alg 1 and some for Alg 2. More to go and some for Geometry and Pre-Alg. 

Got the phone call done, and I start tutoring next week. The goal is to get her caught up and ready to do a middle school math class with me next year. This really helps financially. I lost a new student from the Alg 1 class after the first week because of her anxiety on Zoom, and now this student will be more income since it is private tutoring. And it helps feed future classes if she comes into that schedule next year. 

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@mom31257 -- yes, that's exactly what she suggested. PB on his waffle (he swapped from syrup to jelly/fruit spread, so she suggested PB on one, jelly on the other; but yes, for mixed in oatmeal, too, etc.). 


We had our other appt, it was eye-opening. Lots to process. We swapped our couples one next week to Middle going in our place, and we'll take the one after. Oof. 

Dinner, then not doing work until tomorrow. 

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Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory was good. Big servings! To go boxes in the fridge.

Dd and Ds are watching TV together. I love it when they share music and tv/movies bc Dd is a much more sophisticated and discerning listener/viewer and he learns things from her. Homeschool mom, always looking for the education aspect. 😉

I am going to read and head to bed. 

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@TheReader We also like the Justin’s brand chocolate hazelnut spread on waffles. Nuttier and far less sweet than Nutella. 

My kids like to take a couple blocks of cream cheese, let them sit out to soften, then divide each one in half to add flavoring to. Mashed strawberries, maple syrup, cinnamon sugar, and pumpkin are their faves.

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