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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Not necessarily in this order ....

  • Church.
  • Bring home kid's gym suit for washing.
  • Drop off check for horse lease.
  • Drop off library books.
  • Get cash.
  • Ask kids' friend's mom if he can come over on Monday?
  • Organize and "wrap" extended family gifts.
  • Print photos and assemble & address Christmas cards.
  • Mail Christmas cards.
  • Clean out critter cages and pack their food & stuff.
  • Find & pack the pinewood derby car kits and past cars.
  • Pack up the car and drive to the folks' house.
  • (Might need a stop at a store or two.)
  • Hand off critters to sister for babysitting.
  • Exchange extended family Christmas gifts.
  • See if Dad is able and willing to shape the pinewood derby cars while we are on vacation.
  • Kids (and maybe me) watch Pride and Prejudice movie with my mom.
  • Drive back home.
  • Laundry.
  • Bills.
  • Work.
  • Continuing professional education (legal and accounting) - document what I've done and take online courses to catch up.
  • Some housework and whatever else gets done toward Christmas / travel.
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Good morning!

-make grocery list for Christmas meal and get to Publix when it opens at 8 (such is my plan....)
-make french silk pies for Christmas
-pick up beef tenderloin from butcher
-order shore excursions for Alaska cruise and call these Christmas presents
-make sure DH paypaled his sister for our share of gifts to MIL/FIL
-figure out what in the heck to get my parents
-figure out what to get my niece
-just sort of relax and enjoy the day


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Good morning!

  • do my usual tidying up, vacuum main floor, make sure the bathrooms are clean, gather up any laundry
  • outside/barn chores - need to top off the big water tank but I left the hose outside and it is now frozen solid (oops), so have to bring it in and let it thaw out first
  • finish up wrapping presents
  • order a gift card for one kid
  • write back to an Etsy seller about my order, which was apparently lost by the USPS
  • go out to lunch - kids want to go to Red Robin
  • pick up a new manure fork at farm supply store
  • stop at Natural Grocers to get produce and snacky stuff for Christmas
  • dinner: veggie burgers & oven fries
  • watch a movie tonight
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Morning, all!  

coffee, shower, prep for the day

church, breakfast out

pick up last minute items, wrap

shop for Christmas breakfast, dinner, baking items

put together cash ornaments for kids (clear ornaments with the dollar bills/Pinterest idea)


watch Outlander, read, wrap gifts, relax

Have a great day!

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We've been to church and had lunch. 

I'm halfway through making mushroom casseroles. 

After that some pumpkin bread and icing for the gingerbread cookies.

Then prepping the salad for tomorrow. 

A library run sometime before 4:30.

Dinner is tbd. Nothing that takes much work! Possibly take-out. 

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Cookies iced.

Pumpkin bread in the oven.

Reset the table. 

Kitchen/table linens washed and in the dryer.

Called a friend.

Sent dh and dd out to pick up ds from a friend's house and dinner from Pei Wei. Wish they'd get home soon. I'm hungry!

Tonight: Watch the end of LOTR with kids, read Christmas books. 

Write out a list for tomorrow, which will be a crazy busy day! 

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