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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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  • Up in the night to finish some deadline work, hopefully, and some laundry.

Kids to camp.

Work at office.

Make car appointment.

Probably have to review/edit some legal mumbo jumbo regarding an easement the city wants on our property.

What am I forgetting?

It's my turn to pick the Friday night restaurant.

Watch our old shows after dinner?

Kids to bed.

Probably sleep.

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  • Client appointments cancelled because of illness and this gives me a day off.

Catch up professional reading

Finish several reports

Edit and submit today's reports

Prepare for Saturday clients

Walk dog


Actually cook something for dinner

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Good morning!


morning school with kids ✅

van emissions test ✅

van rwgistration renewed ✅

claim 2 tables at the pool ✅

call mom done ✅


make picnic dinner

Bingo night at the pool with friends

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Good morning!



•boys are taking their pre-calculus and calculus finals

•help dd make a study plan to prepare for her Japanese final 

•big pasture is getting mowed today

•clean off my desk

•get bank deposits and mail ready

•bathe horses if it's not thunderstorming

•refill hummingbird feeder

•make homemade dog food

•order dog food bins

•make menu plan and shopping list

•go to bank and post office

•get groceries


•get Japanese takeout for dinner

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I got curriculum ordered...finally.


Sitting at my office trying to figure out what to do next.   I come a few hours before I see clients to get stuff done but then it's so quiet here I just sit and forget what I'm supposed to do.  LOL! 


- Submit fee schedule to billing service

- Maybe work on client binder handouts

- Client appointment

- Grocery errands: pick up stuff for dinner and the weekend

- Try to get hubby to take me out on a date tonight.  :smilielol5:

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I woke up after a solid 7 1/2 hours of sleep still shaking from exhaustion.  So rest is a real priority today.  But so is getting things done.  ;)  Fortunately dh is picking ds up from work tonight and they are going straight on to Men's Bible study so I don't have to feed them.  Or interrupt anything for chauffeur duty. 


So far:

dd to camp done

ds to camp done

pet care done

human care done well enough for a day when I'm going to play hermit

medical care done


Next:  a leisurely clean up of the kitchen


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It is already after 2:30 and I'm just logging on.  I should probably only include stuff I've done and not the things I haven't to make it look like I've been super productive.  We have a baseball tournament starting tomorrow (ugh, yuck, but at least it is close to home) that lasts all next week.  I will be washing white baseball pants at least daily for the next 8 days.



-spend from 8 am to noon on family "fun" day at camp with youngest (grrrrr.....there goes my day.  And seriously, whoever thought it was a good idea for moms to run around doing sporty stuff with their children in FLORIDA in the SUMMER at NOON needs to have their head examined)


-summer work with oldest


-eyelash appointment at 4

-cook dinner

-collapse on couch


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Late start for me, as well!


Spent lot of time last night into a.m. organizing folders for dd's school work.  I need to run to Target to pick up some more. Everything is color-coded, so hopefully that will help.


To do:

coffee in hand, thanks to ds

Target for folders, almond milk for smoothies

beauty supply store for spray conditioner...can't find it anywhere

find my dining room table amidst the sea of papers, folders, other misc. garbage

pizza for dinner

keep water intake going, track points on ww app (we ate our way through our vacation...and I don't regret a minute of it)


Have a great day!

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