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GRRRR!!!!!!!! Can I still eat this?


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I am so irritated.  


A week ago I told DH to get Salmon at Costco.  He promptly brought it home and put it in the basement refrigerator.  I didn't know.


When I get salmon, I either buy it already frozen, bring it home and promptly freeze it, OR put it directly in the upstairs fridge for immediate use.


I went downstairs today to get a gallon of milk out of the basement fridge and what do I see?  A $22 Salmon that has a "best by June 13th" date on the front!!!!!!!!!


It doesn't smell bad.


Can I still cook it up and eat it?  



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Ugh, would not eat it.


Stuff like this is why I always out the groceries away myself. (Well, that and the fact that some people in my house put stuff where it sort of fit, rather than where it belongs). And also, I know that a needed ingredient wasn't bought, rather than being surprised that we don't have any chicken on chicken night but nobody told me.


Normally, I make the list and DH shops, and I usually cook, so I do need to know what was missing.


If I may share my misery, I am defrosting my downstairs freezer. Seriously, you could film the Star Wars Hoth scenes in there... I took out some GF pizza crusts, GF cheesecake, and a strawberry confetti cake and set them on a chair while I shuttled other frozen items upstairs and stuffed them in the upstairs freezer. And then I forgot about them :( They're just thawed, not ruined, but we still have half of a Boston cream pie, so we're in dessert overload.

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