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If you rented a camper, what would you expect


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to find inside?  As in, how fully stocked/equipped?

I know renting a camper is a somewhat less familiar concept, but we are getting ready to join RVshare to list our camper for rent.  It is pretty fully stocked with what we use, but I'm curious what renters would think or expect.  


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Maybe fitted sheets, especially if the beds are an usual size?

Silverware, a few pots and pans?


Blocks or whatever you need for set-up?  Would you include a few chairs, if you generally keep them in storage?  (My parents keep their camp chairs in the under-camper storage, so they'd probably just leave them.)

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I would expect clean and everything works.

unless otherwise stated, I wouldn't expect food stuffs of any sort, utensils, paper products, etc.

I also wouldn't expect bedding unless stated otherwise.  some places we've looked at had different options for bedding that could be rented.

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Not inside, but included --

Sewer hose

Fresh water hose

Electrical connectors (i.e., if your camper is a 30 amp then I'd include a 30-to-50 amp connector in case the person renting it gets stuck with a 50 amp site)

Leveling blocks


Water spigot connector thingie (where you can hook two hoses to one spigot)

Coaxial cable (assuming your camper has a cable ready TV)

Probably not necessary, but I would include disposable plastic gloves for use when dumping tanks


I would be more concerned about ^^those^^ things since they're mostly RV specific and not things people commonly have.


Inside --

Basic dishes, silverware and utensils

Very basic pots and pans

If you're picky about that special RV toilet paper (we aren't, we use Charmin) I'd include a four pack of that

Tank treatment chemical (the individual pack kind)


I'd sort of try to include what you'd expect to find in a hotel room with a kitchenette, as much as possible.


Sheets--maybe? Or for an optional fee? Some RV beds are tricky. Of course people can always use larger than necessary sheets and tuck in the extra. Or use sleeping bags.

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