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Happy story (just in case someone needs one)

Amber in SJ

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Aww, thanks for sharing. I can't imagine what that discovery means to her. 

I am really happy to hear that the community is working together. I always hear about FEMA and big organizations, but I know that local people can be a huge help when an effort like this can be organized. After historic flooding in my home state, these sorts of efforts really made a difference in getting people back on their feet.



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Amber, that story is a mixture of so sad and so lovely.

When communities come together in times of need it gives us renewed faith in humanity.


About 6 years ago we had devastating floods in our part of the world (Queensland, Australia). Houses were completely submerged, lives were lost. It was truly devastating.


I got involved in our local relief centre and my role was to match up offers of help with needs of help. Someone might come in and say they had a spare fridge. Someone else may have come in and said they just lost all their appliances. Someone else would come in and say they have a ute and muscles and what can they do to help. I'd match up the ute guy with the fridge donation guy and get that fridge to the people who lost theirs. 

Or a group would roll up with buckets, mops, brooms, gloves, boots and say 'where can we help?'  I'd give them an address that needed more helpers. Or people would turn up with sandwiches and I'd send them off to a group of helpers who hadn't had food yet.

The community cohesion was incredible and I still tear up a bit thinking about it all.


Our area lost homes, power, outside access (all roads cut off). All shops were lost too, so people were looking for everything from nappies for their baby to a shoulder to cry on. 


The moments of gold were like your banjo moment eg a lost pet getting reunited with its owner.


Thanks so much for sharing your story, Amber.


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