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  1. I know this has been said, but we would never leave the house if we had to wait for everyone to be well. We haven't had fever, but someone has been sick in my house with a cough since the beginning of December. However, my youngest still hasn't gotten sick. I hope he stays well now that I said that.
  2. She is beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing.
  3. I had mine out at 31. It was not fun. The one thing that surprised me is that frozen stuff (ice cream, popsicles, milkshakes) hurt a lot. I needed warm salty food, so mostly soups. I think this was mentioned earlier, but she will need to drink constantly. You don't want the area to get dried out. So have her drink A LOT!
  4. I have no problem with this as long as the item is returned unused (or in the condition it was bought). I oftern do this with clothing for my boys. I will buy more than one size and see which one fits. I will return the ones that don't fit. Often I will then buy a second pair of the ones that did fit, so we have a spare. Only one of my three sons will clothes shop without grumbling the whole time.
  5. I definitely want to play more games this year. We have several card games in addition to board games. I have no doubt we need to purge some too.
  6. We eat Chinese buffet on Christmas Eve. My mom cooks Christmas dinner. It will most likely be ham with a lot of sides (almost a Thanksgiving repeat). On New Year's Day, we always eat appetizer type food. It varies from year to year.
  7. Praying for your husband and your whole family SWB.
  8. My mom bought my kids an elf when they first came out. We moved him around that first year, but that thing is creepy. I didn't pull him out the next year, and the kids never asked about him. I threw him away. I am glad that I got rid of him before all of the elaborate elf on the shelf stuff became popular.
  9. She is precious! Thank you for sharing.
  10. My dd was 14 when she started seeing a counselor/therapist. It may vary by state, but she had to give permission for her therapist to tell me anything. The therapist would give me a vague idea of what they had talked about and encouraged my dd to share. My dd would almost never share. There were a couple of times that the therapist would meet with just me and tell me some things that she was hearing and her suggestions for helping my dd. It took about10 months, but we are on the upswing for sure. It will most likely take more time than you would like.
  11. My dd loves the Prismacolor markers. They are pricey, but I found a set online at Blick Art Materials for a little less than other places.
  12. All of my boys are on swim team. I know you said that is no one's first choice, but it is flexible (in our town) as far as the days. Mine have practice offered 6 days a week. We pick the 3-4 that work for us. The meets are often Fri-Sun, but we have the option to only swim Saturday or only swim Sunday.
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