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Dr. Hive: possible broken toe?

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BabyBaby (15) got her foot stepped on by one of the larger adults at Judo this past Thursday.


This is left foot, toe next to the big toe. It was slightly, but noticeably, swollen Thursday evening and through Friday. Bruising down the toe, from below the toenail to where it attaches to foot.


Iced, ibuprofen, and taped. She says it's feeling better, it still hurts a little. Feels fine if taped to next toe, and if she's wearing sneakers. Today, bruising is almost gone, barely any noticeable swelling.


This is my child with a high pain tolerance, and we also have dancers who are always injuring toes so I did some 'tests' to try to determine her pain levels/injury.


Just sitting or standing doing nothing, almost no perceptible pain. Slight discomfort walking, does not appear to be limping.


When I push her toe straight in or pull gently straight out, minimal discomfort.

When I push her toe up or down, minimal discomfort.

Scrunching her toes like a tight fist, slight discomfort at the tightest clenching.

When she uses her toe to push up against resistance (my finger), slight discomfort.

When she uses her toe to push down against resistance (my finger), more discomfort, but not wincing in pain... that's just what hurts the most.


Soooooo my question is, Should I have her checked out at the orthopedist/foot specialist? We don't need preapproval, and regular Dr. or quickie med place would just send her there anyway.


Dr. Google has me worried about improper healing, future arthritis, and other assorted stuff, so I'm seeking a second opinion, LOL!


Also, she trains 10-15 hours/week in three different martial arts. So a barefoot sport with a lot of footwork. I don't want to drag her to the Dr. for every little scrape, but I also don't want to ignore something that means she needs to take time off for proper healing.



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If it was my own toe, I probably wouldn't bother with a doctor. I have broken more than one toe and self treated the last two time.

If it was my kid, I probably would try to take her in. When my DD broke a toe at 14 or 15 the dr didn't do much but e-ray it, except that she was restricted from physical activity for 6 weeks, so no PE or TKD for 6 weeks.

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I broke that toe and was told by my doctor that unless it is displaced, the best treatment is to tape it (as you have already done) and wait.  


Hope your girl is feeling better soon.


DD has broken most of her toes, some more than once. I took her in for the first few. After that we just buddy taped it and moved on.

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Well, the decision has sort of been made... I can't get into any of the doctors who take our insurance until next week. She is at class tonight, not the most intense one. If it's any worse, tomorrow after 5pm I will take her to the after-hours children's urgent care (a cross between an ER and an urgent care, all pediatric) since it takes our insurance.


If it's the same or slightly better, I probably won't bother.

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I've broken baby toes several times. My dad was a doctor, and he just buddy taped it the first time. Several years ago, I broke my second toe. I waited a day, and did go to have it checked out because it was so sore. There was nothing they could do other than tape it, though. It is permanently crooked now.

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