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Where to find free lids for pet food cans?


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Do you know any sources for getting free plastic lids for cat and dog food cans?  Mine are starting to fall apart.  I know the vet has free ones from the prescription food manufacturers that we've gotten in the past when we bought from them.  Would they be willing to just give me a few lids if I stopped by, do you think? 


Also, if you've discovered that any other lid fits well from another product (e.g, yogurt container, etc.), please share.  I'm going to start checking every product lid before I recycle it to see if it fits!

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I haven't tried this, but here's an offer for free lids:



I got rid of a bunch of them when I moved. I wish I would have known you would need them! :)


Definitely ask at the vet. I once got one free at an independent pet store, too.

I also need some dog food can kids. Wonder if this site is legit??

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Yup, your vet will likely be more than happy to give you a handful. We own a vet hospital . . . the food manufacturers GLADLY ship us huge boxes of lids, totally free, upon request at any time. They like the free advertising on the lids. :) So, you're really doing NO harm to your vet by asking. Certainly, at our hospital, we'd cheerfully give them to any client that asked. 

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